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 slave sadi's interview

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PostSubject: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:25 am

erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*... Ready for your interview?
Sadique: I am -bites her bottom lip-
erisOasisScimitars: *grins*
erisOasisScimitars: How long you been in IMVU or other Gor?
Sadique: On imvu for three years now. Gor a much shorter time. Only months and that was off and on as my owner required.
erisOasisScimitars: Who was your last owner, why did you leave and were you officially released?
Sadique: My last Owner was Master Rakim. Son of the Ubar of the Ngao Canal, Master Keyo. I left because i was abandoned. I have not seen my owner in over a Month. Even his account has just diassapered. I cannot ever send a message any longer and he is gone from my FL. Keyo took me as one of his Free first I rped a FM for his city than a FW. I left there because it felt very unnatual for me to own anyone. I just left i was never officially released.
erisOasisScimitars: *agreeis it's hard to be something you're not.. especially if you know a submissive is who you really are..
erisOasisScimitars: What do you know of Oasis Two Scimitars or have heard of Oasis Two Scimitars?
Sadique: No, mistress. I have not. not until I wondered in the Hall. I know nothin except that it is in the desert. But i have downloaded the book and i will begin to read it to get an idea.
Sadique: nothing^
erisOasisScimitars: there's lots of information in our forums as well
Sadique: Yes, mistress. -giggles- I have much reading to do.
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a slave in general?
Sadique: It is what i am. i was discuraged when my Owner left. I tried to own. I could not see the joy in it. I would sit on Master Keyo's throne and look at him and envy the girls at his feet. it pleases me to please others. it is where i get my joy. i hope i do not sound stupid, but it is how i fel. i have a slaves heard i think. Even RL.
Sadique: feel^
Sadique: heart^
erisOasisScimitars: *grins*.. this one know s the feeling...she loves to serve others
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a Oasis Two Scimitars slave?
Sadique: -smiles-
Sadique: Because from what i see, the Rp is constant. Many people come and go. I never sit alone long. There are many girls, Many Free men and Women. It is not like this in other places. In the Canal I would sit hours sometimes by myself waiting for my Owner or others to come rp. It is not like this here.
Sadique: honestly, i have watched the room for a long time.
Sadique: I have wanted to come in a long time. but traveling was not permitted.
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*.. the hardest part is getting in.. it's full a lot
Sadique: yes it is
erisOasisScimitars: Do you have any other IMVU avatars? If so, what are they and explain?
Sadique: I do. The FM i had created for Keyo. and the FW of the Canal.
Sadique: would you like to see?
Sadique: wait,
erisOasisScimitars: no it's not necessary.. Ubara may if she sees the need
Sadique: avatars or accounts?
erisOasisScimitars: accounts.. separate from this one
Sadique: oh no
erisOasisScimitars: ok
erisOasisScimitars: How much time do you generally devote to IMVU daily and weekly?
Sadique: this is the only one. Only multiple avi
erisOasisScimitars: yes sister
Sadique: When I have the time. But i come often. daily maybe 8 hours off and on mutiplied by 5 lol
Sadique: the weekends are iffy
erisOasisScimitars: hahaha
erisOasisScimitars: there could be worse things to be addicted to.. *grins*
erisOasisScimitars: What is your time zone?
Sadique: Indeed lol
Sadique: GMC +4
Sadique: 10 hours ahead of est
erisOasisScimitars: so it's 5 am there?
Sadique: yes
erisOasisScimitars: ok
erisOasisScimitars: What does being a kajira mean to you?
Sadique: to serve, to please, to be as beautiful as possible and obidiant to your Owners wishes. to hide nothing from him. TO be owned is a joy to me as is to please and serve wholeheartedly.
erisOasisScimitars: What don't you like about being a kajira?
Sadique: A bad Owner and the little choice you have to serve him.
Sadique: there are many
erisOasisScimitars: yes indeed there are..
erisOasisScimitars: How do you feel about someone else having authority over you?
Sadique: It is needed in my life -blushes a bit- i cannot help the feeling. I feel lost without it.
erisOasisScimitars: Are you looking for a Master or Mistress?
Sadique: A Master I will admit but I would serve a Mistress as well. -plays with the hem of her camisk nervously at her answer- As long as the woman is a Dominant figure, and beautiful. I would enjoy her guidence.
erisOasisScimitars: Is being a Oasis Two Scimitars city slave acceptable to you?
Sadique: It is, mistress.
erisOasisScimitars: Why should we consider you for the coveted role of a Oasis Two Scimitars slut?
Sadique: I could not answer that. It would not be up to me in any way...
erisOasisScimitars: Do you like to rp or just chat?
Sadique: I like to do both. Rp is fun, it relaxes and it brings to life a fantasy. but I also like to get to know the people I rp with. Free or slave.
erisOasisScimitars: On a scale of 1-10.. how would you rate yourself as a kajira?
Sadique: -giggles- Is it right for a slave to evaluate thier own worth? If I had to say I would say a 7. I do not know how to dance.
erisOasisScimitars: as a slave it's her duty we always try to improve our skills, so you have to know where you are to know what skill you need to perfect
erisOasisScimitars: tal sadi.. we were almost finished Sad
Sadique: Forgive me. The net is bad here
erisOasisScimitars: it's ok
erisOasisScimitars: What questions do you have for me?
Sadique: I have no further questions. They have been answered.
erisOasisScimitars: After you have passed the 30 days probation and your ceremony has been conducted you will be required to change your name.. either by Your Master or Mistress or by Ubara.. but the name chosen will end in either Scimitars or OasisScimitars, pending on the first name length
Sadique: -smiles- thank you again, mistress
erisOasisScimitars: you're welcome
Sadique: This is required?
erisOasisScimitars: Ubara likes for it to be done.. but if there is a reason you cant. she understands
Sadique: well only that I like my name. i dont wish it to be stolen -bites her bottom lips and looks down.- Master gave it to me. It holds some meaning.
Sadique: but if it is required, i will change.
erisOasisScimitars: it could be the Free that owns you would give you a new name
erisOasisScimitars: as a slave we own nothing .. not even our name
erisOasisScimitars: That concludes the interview - Thank you sister. -smiles warmly- I look forward to getting to know you sadi
Sadique: -smiles- and i you, mistress.
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:06 pm

Well done FG
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:35 pm

welcome sister
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:43 pm

Well done Moonlight aka sadi look forward to seeing you .
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:53 pm

Congratulations to you sister sadi...welcome home!
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:18 pm

congrats sadi......Very Happy well done welcome again to the Oasis
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:37 pm

Congratulations and welcome sister
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:14 pm

very nice sadi
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PostSubject: Re: slave sadi's interview   

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slave sadi's interview
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