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 Weekly Lesson #18 Introduction to doing chores

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PostSubject: Weekly Lesson #18 Introduction to doing chores   Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:41 pm

Lesson #18 - Introduction to doing chores:

Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to help explain and give an example of a chore, chores are required once a week and due by Monday the following week. These chores can be anything as simple as washing dishes in the main hall to as complicated as making/explaining making something for a Master/Mistress. The chore should express not only how you would do it in as much detail as you can express but how you are feeling while doing the chore, how you react to it. Make if a picture painted with words so the reader can imagine it in their minds.

Assignment: As you are required to do one every week, just show a short paragraph or two of a simple chore here such as washing dishes, cooking a simple meal, cleaning pillows, etc.. Choosing only one. Have fun with it.

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PostSubject: Chore   Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:36 am

She prance her way into the kitchen. Not yet dawn. She wash and dry her tiny hands.Walk to the cold room Pulling the the heavy wooden door open. Walking way deep in side. Where they keep the meats. She start getting
goose pumpers as she walk toward the meats. As she drew nearer she smell raw meats.Picking up this great big hung of bosk. Struggling to picking it up. Carrying it out of the cold room. Closing the door with her butt. She drop it on the counter. Making a loud plop sound. She look at guard to get permission to pick up a knife. She pick up a large one and began to slice through it.
After she slice through it. she talk a large rep cloth and laying in the basket that was beside the counter. Picking up the mean laying in the headed out to the smoke house. She reach the smoke house opening door Walking in this smoking hot steaming room Smell of it is making her mouth water. She set the basket on the table taking 2 big hooks off the wall. carefully working the hook through the meat. Picking the meat by the heavy robe walking over stepping up on the stool. Hanging the meat over bed of coals. Struggling to get them hung
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PostSubject: Re: Weekly Lesson #18 Introduction to doing chores   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:13 am

Chaz walks into the kitchen and stops looking around at the mess that the cooks had left. With a smile on her face she ties her hair back and starts the kindling under the pot to heat the water for the dishes that she must do. As she is waiting for the water to heat she then turns to start collecting all of the dirty dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and tankards as well as the other objects in the kitchen that would need to be washed. As she placed them in the basin and found the powdered soap used for such a thing she smiles and thinks back to how things had been at her old home, the one that her father had sold her from to Master Wulf. Now, even though a slave she still felt free. She had sister slaves and a man that taught her and took care of her making her want to stay with him and take care of him always.
Turning to see that the water was ready she uses pitchers to pour the steaming water into the basin and smiles as the bubbles rise. Adding cool water so that she will not burn her hands from further use and work she picks up a rep cloth and starts to scrub and scour the dishes. Taking the time to make sure that every dish was clean and spotless she smiles as she finally finishes washing and drying all of the dishes that had been left behind. Seeing that all of the dishes are now clean and dry she replaces them to the places that they are supposed to go and with a smile walks out of the kitchen to join her Master Wulf again.
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PostSubject: Re: Weekly Lesson #18 Introduction to doing chores   

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Weekly Lesson #18 Introduction to doing chores
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