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 Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics)

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Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics) Empty
PostSubject: Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics)   Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 12:14 am

Lesson #14 - Serving Drinks and Food (The Basics)

Purpose: It is important for every slave to know how to properly serve a Free by the books and by Schendi Law.


There are several basic steps to a serve, from beginning to end. Please list each step and explain it.
Give an example of a drink serve.
Give an example of a food serve.

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Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics) Empty
PostSubject: Lesson 14   Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2012 2:27 am

There are several basic steps to a serve, from beginning to end. Please list each step and explain it.
Give an example of a drink serve.
Give an example of a food serve.

• rise to feet •
depending on silk status, you may be kneeling on the serving furs, with a Master, or before a Master when offering to serve (~"She rose to her feet, her head down, backed away a step or two, and then turned..." Mercenaries of Gor page 343.~). Sometimes, a Master will simply enter, see that you are not busy, and command you to serve without offering. After acknowledging His request, you will need to get to your feet to get to the servery. this, of course, is an OPTION! if you prefer, you may remain on your knees, and do your entire serve in this way, but, you will find it difficult to get a goblet from the shelves
something to remember while serving, is that you are painting a picture of both your physical self, and your emotional state of mind.
in rising to your feet, pay close attention to how your body moves. your knees straightening, your bare feet on the hard floor, the muscles being used in the effort to stand, and, most importantly, your eyes. do not ever, as a white silk in training, meet the eyes of any Free Person!

• walking to the servery •
here, is where you get to strut your stuff, so to speak!
within the limits of your silk status, you can show off your body's curves, express your emotional state while sauntering across the Great Room and slipping into the servery. Concentrate your efforts on letting E/evryone Wwho may be watching how you look and feel. remember that you are painting a picture with your words, so use that imagination (and thesaurus) to let U/us SEE you!

• selecting the vessel •
you know what beverage He/She wants to drink - now you must make sure to choose the right vessel in which to serve it. Try to incorporate the things you know about the One you are serving. What's Their favorite color, does He/She have a preferred mug, goblet or bowl? How can you incorporate His/Her Caste? Is the Visitor from the Wagon Peoples, Who prefer tankards or horns to drink from? How can you, while serving, honor the One you serve, with a little something personal?
oh! - and don't forget to s-t-r-e-t-c-h that body out while reaching for that vessel on the high shelf!!!

• testing the rim •
it is important that you check the rim for chips or flaws of any sort. you wouldn't want the One you are serving to cut the lips that may end up kissing you, now would you?
didn't think so!
~wiggling eyebrows playfully~
you have many sensitive body parts, use them, making sure that you don't violate your silk status, of course.
from the tender flesh of your exposed throat, your inner wrists, the underside of a bared breast, to your inner thigh (if you really want to tease One!)...make use of being able to show off a little part of your body!

• clean/polish the vessel •
~ "I watched her carefully wipe the goblet. Woe to the slave who would dare serve paga or wine in a dirty goblet!"
Vagabonds of Gor page 20.
Although the Inn maintains a high standard of cleanliness, it's always a good idea to show your dedication to the One you serve, by going that extra step, and adding a brilliant sheen to the vessel He/She is about to take a sip from. Soft polishing cloths are always available right on the servery counter for your convenience!
And the well trained girl will note how the Central Fire light filtering through the windows, or the flames from the firepit will reflect in a rainbow of color off the now shiny goblet!

• filling the vessel •
'He then said to me,' she said. '"Pour the wine into the goblet. Fill it precisely to the second ring." There were five rings on the outside of the goblet. I poured the wine, as he had asked, and then placed the goblet on the coffee table.'"
Fighting Slave of Gor page 18.
the next step in serving is to actually get the now perfect vessel filled with the beverage asked for!
Make sure you know WHERE the beverage is stored!
And retrieve it accordingly.
Things to make note of in this part of your serve; the chill of the cold room, the color of the caske, the fullness of the bota, the warmth of the firepit, anything associated with the WHERE of the beverage is applicable to this part of your serve.

• return to the One you serve •
"Slowly, alone, a paga slave, naked and collared, she approached my table."
Explorers of Gor page 172.
now that you have beautifully preformed the selection, cleaning and filling of that vessel, you need to return to the One Who requested your service at the start of it all!
Again, this part of the serve gives you opportunity to be descriptive about that the slave within, and without. Utilize your creativity to fully display your body, heart, mind and soul as you simply walk back to and kneel before Him/Her.
And again, remember your silk limitations!

• test the beverage •
"'Drink,' he said, offering me the cup. I looked at the rim of the cup. I shook with terror. 'A slave girl dares not touch with her lips the rim of that cup which has been touched with the lips of her master,' I whispered. 'Excellent,' said Verna. 'She was trained in the pens of Ko-ro-ba,' said Rask of Treve. He then, from his own cup, poured some wine into a small bowl, which he handed to me. 'Thank you, master,' I breathed."
Captive of Gor page 302.
"Trembling, I extended the goblet to him. He did not take it. I shrank back, confused. I did not know what to do. I realized then that I had , in my confusion and distress, forgotten to place my lips upon the goblet in subservience. I quickly pressed my lips to the goblet, kissing it. Then, suddenly, as I was to hand it to him, I boldly, again, lifted the goblet's side to my lips. Holding it in both hands, I kissed it again, lovingly, delicately, fully, lingering, my eyes closed. I had never kissed a boy on Earth with the helplessness and passion that I bestowed upon the mere goblet of my Gorean captor. I belonged to him. I was him. I loved him! I felt the metal of the cup beneath my full, pressing lips."
Slave Girl of Gor pages 68-9.

"One of the men lifted his cup and I hurried to him. I took the cup and filled it... then I pressed my lips to his cup as I must, as a slave girl, and handed it to him."
Slave Girl of Gor page 89.

"'Now," said he, 'lift the goblet to your lips and kiss it lingeringly.'"
Fighting Slave of Gor page 19.

Although the Inn is a No Kill zone, there is the slight chance that an Assassin has infiltrated Oour realm. it is your responsibility as slave, to sacrifice yourself, in the Free Persons stead, insuring Their safety and well being at all times. Take a sip of that drink, and show that it is safe for Him/Her to enjoy, knowing that no harm will come to One through poisons of any sort. you may wish to test the beverage before filling the vessel in the servery - that choice is yours!

• Offering the Beverage •
"Then again kneeling back on her heels, her knees wide, extending her arms to me, the cup in her hands, she proffered me the drink. 'Your head should be down, between your arms,' I said. She put her head down. Again I saw a small movement in her body, a tremor, subtle. She had put her head down before a man. Another consequence of this position is that the girl's eyes, in the specific act of her serving, do not meet those of the Master. They are lowered before his, as one who submits. This is reminiscent, in an experienced girl, of her training."
Explorers of Gor page 161.
to complete the wonderful serve you just performed, all you need to do is raise the vessel in offering, within easy reach of the Free Person. It should be noted that you may kiss the side of the vessel, to show your dedication, devotion, and love of who and what you are. Make sure that you describe yourself as arms being raised, drink in hand, head dipping forward, and eyes lowered. also, you may top off your serve with a few words of gratitude for having been allowed to serve.

"'Speak,' I said to her. 'Your paga, Master,' she said. But I did not take the paga. 'Do you know other phrases?' I asked. There were many actually, and they tended to vary from tavern to tavern, and from city to city. There was, really, no standardization for such matters. She trembled, head down, proffering me the paga. 'Your girl brings you drink, Master,' she said. 'Any others?' I asked. 'Here is your drink, Master, she said. ' I beg to serve you further in any way I may.' 'Another,' I said sharply. 'Do not forget I come with the price of the cup,' she said. 'Use me as you will, Master.' 'Personalized phrase,' I said. 'Evelyn tenders drink humbly to Master.' she said. 'Evelyn hopes Master will later find her suitable to give him pleasure.' 'Another,' I said. 'I am Evelyn,' she said. 'I serve you, naked and collared. Take me later to the alcove. I beg to be taught my slavery.'"
Explorers of Gor page 161.
And don't forget - do NOT assume that you are released after completing a serve. When given a coin, and told to deposit it, you are released. When serving a Council Member, you will have to wait for His permission to move.

"'Master?' she asked. 'You are dismissed,' I said. 'Yes, Master,' she said. She rose to her feet, her head down, backed away a step or two, and then turned and hurried back to her place with the other girls. The female, I saw, was kept under good discipline."
Mercenaries of Gor page 343.

Give an example of a drink serve.

saruna{GDk} softly whispers...Yes Master...her eyes lowered she leans forward, pressing a gentle kiss to the ground at his feet, backing away three full paces, as she rises crossing her hands above her heart she whispers...thank you Master for allowing this slave the pleasure of serving you...with a sweet smile she turns and hastens to the serving furs

Give an example of a food serve.

The kajira rises and walks to the serving area, smiling at the pleasure of serving, she takes a goblet from the shelf, holds it to the lights admiring it's sparkle and then fills it with ..... she glides back to Master , kneeling thighs apart, back arched and breasts thrust proudly forward, she raises the goblet and tilts it above parted pink lips letting some fall into her mouth. Waiting three beats of her devoted slaves heart she then brings the goblet to her lips and places a sweet kiss on the rim turning it before offering it above her head...lowers her eyes and says... Master ...may the serve and this girl please You this day

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Weekly Lesson #14 Serving Drinks and Foods (The Basics)
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