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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 caging on consetta

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PostSubject: caging on consetta   caging on consetta Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2013 11:45 pm

: you too girl
xXxConnsettaxXx has joined the chat
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TalinaofGorTalinaofGor Whisper: ((Rhi you back?))
xXxConnsettaxXx: -looks around a little-May this girl have permittance to your room? i was hoping to find somewhere maybe or maybe you could direct me so i could learn about gor and how to become a kajira please? im so sorry for interupting-kneels down soflty with her head tilted down to not make eye contact
TalinaofGor: ((Night you here? or someone.))
scarletwulf: *looks at the girl*
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: yes)
TalinaofGor: ((hold on a second girl as i cant help much.))
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: yes girl come in and kneel before me
xXxConnsettaxXx: Yes Sir -nods walkin in slowly-
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: (Mistress)
xXxConnsettaxXx: i mean Miss , my apologize -turns red -
scarletwulf: (its happened to me but other way round called miss by mistake)
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (BRB)
TalinaofGor: ((well you do have a women name lol))
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: Mistress girl and in front of me not on a pillow
faridaOasisScimitars: watches~
xXxConnsettaxXx: -nods- y-yes Mistress, and girl is very sorry
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: Tell me girl why do you want to be a slave in gor?=she sits up to listen to the girl intently-
scarletwulf: (sounded better more norse)
Loner8488BlackSun has left the chat
xXxConnsettaxXx: well Mistress girl has been in bdsm for awhile in real and as well as here, and its just not as good as it used to be Mistress and well my friend told me about Gor, i tend to like strickness, i have a love for being owned and letting someone own me and control it, where i can pretty much put my life in there hands and know im safe.while making them happy or at least close enough to happy Mistress.
scarletwulf: sounds familiar love *smiles at his fc to be*
faridaOasisScimitars: listens to the girl speak and nods~
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: -nods as she looks to the girl and smiles a little-Then girl you have come to the right place....
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: but there are some things that you will have to go thru before you would be a considered a slave here in the Oasis of scimitras
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: *scimitars
xXxConnsettaxXx: -nods- girl is understanding of it and prepared for any kinda training Mistress -smiles softly- girl likes to learn so there would be no issues
scarletwulf: *slowly rise going to the cage and opening it*
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: first you will need to undress and be in the cage over there for three days. You will be watched and asked to join in to see how you fit in with us. After that time period...you will be released and collared for a thirty (30) day time period...again to get to know us...as well as becoming part of the forum in which you would do assignments and have to meet requirements for the Oasis. Is that something that you would want to do?
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: Also during this time you will not fur nor will you be allowed to fur nor claimed by any master or mistress within our walls..
TalinaofGor: "We will remove the Pets feature from our 3D Chat on February 25th, 2013."))
xXxConnsettaxXx: aye Mistress -nods softly peeling her clothes off slowly - girl shall and will if this is the way of learning.
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: (yes but they are making up for that with daily credits..50, 100, 150, 200 and 250)
TalinaofGor: ((ya))
scarletwulf: (got a panda fromit
scarletwulf: 0
xXxConnsettaxXx: should i got tothe cage now Mistress? -tilts her head some-
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: yes girl
scarletwulf: alsoallclothes to be removed
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: )awwww)
xXxConnsettaxXx: yes Mistress- walks over slowly as she had already removed her clothing and looks back and around slowly with her head tilted and climbs into the cage-
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PostSubject: Re: caging on consetta   caging on consetta Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 10:02 am

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caging on consetta
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