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 Lesson #8 Exiting the Oasis of Two Scimitars

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PostSubject: Lesson #8 Exiting the Oasis of Two Scimitars   Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:29 am

Lesson #8 - Exiting the Oasis of Two Scimitars Hall

Exiting the room for an extended time and leaving for a short time (15 minutes or less)

Purpose:It is required of all slaves to ask permission to leave before they leave the room. Upon receiving permission, thank the O/one giving you the permission, then wish well to A/all individually before exiting (unless having to leave in an r/l emergency..then a “well wishes A/all” would be acceptable).


1. show a post asking to "be right back" (less than 15 minutes away) and state the procedure.
2. show post asking to return from being gone less than 15 minutes
3. show a post asking to "exit the room" (more than 15 minutes or leaving for the day/night, etc

Topic Information:
Covered extensively in Oasis of Two Scimitars Laws section of this Forum

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Lesson #8 Exiting the Oasis of Two Scimitars
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