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 sadi's slave wine and exam

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PostSubject: sadi's slave wine and exam    Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:40 pm

KilikHalfEar: ~ seeing the girl enter the room he dries his hands on a clean cloth ~ are you ready girl ?
Sadique: Sadi comes as summoned Master.
Sadique: Yes, Master.
KilikHalfEar: ~ he turns laying a warm fur across the exam table and pats the table for the girl to have a seat ~
Sadique: -She makes her way to the table and sits as commanded and a bit nervous-
KilikHalfEar: ~ going over the tools he would need he checks each for cleaniess and setirlty before slipping his hands into a pair of gloves ~
Sadique: SHe watched him prepare his things and wonders if she should undress for the exam.
KilikHalfEar: yes undress girl
KilikHalfEar: ~ taking some paper and something to write with he settels himself on his stool ~ first some infomration what is your age ?
Sadique: Yes Master
Sadique: Sadi does not know in Gorean years but she was 24 leaving Earth 2gorean years ago.
KilikHalfEar: are there any illnesses or injuries that you are aware of now or in the past?
Sadique: No, Master. Not since I was brought here
KilikHalfEar: any major injuries before being brought here ?
Sadique: No, Master. None at all.
KilikHalfEar: he writes down her words quickly ~
KilikHalfEar: grabbing a small light from the table he rises to eye level with the girl ~ open your mouth please
Sadique: -She obeys opening her mouth and squinted her eyes at his light as it hits her eyes-
KilikHalfEar: shining the light he checks her teeth and throar making notes of what he finds ~ thank you you can close
Sadique: She closed and stay quiet as she looked around the things in the room.
KilikHalfEar: going back to his paper he looks up at the girl ~ have you ever been breed girl ?
Sadique: No, Master never -she visibly shuddered-
KilikHalfEar: from our talk last night you have been used?
Sadique: No, Master -blushes and looks down- girl has been good.
KilikHalfEar: youve never been fured ?
Sadique: Yes Master. i have.
KilikHalfEar: my fault i misworded my question girl
KilikHalfEar: seeting the paper aside he reaches for and grabs his stehascope lay back girl i need to listen to your lungs ~
Sadique: Yes master, -she laid back onto the table and her beathing deepened-
KilikHalfEar: ~ placing the peices in his ears he places the oppisite end aginst the grl and listens ~ deep breaths girl in and out twice please
Sadique: She obeyed taking in a deep breath and releases then repeates
KilikHalfEar: very good thank you
KilikHalfEar: setting the scope aside he makes some notes on his paper and moves back tothe girl placeing his hands on teh girls neck and palpates ~ any pain ?
Sadique: No Master. -She looks up to him , her breathes heaving with every breath-
KilikHalfEar: ~ moving down to her belly he presses into her abdomen ~ any pain here ?
Sadique: No, Master, none.
KilikHalfEar: noding his hands moves towards the girls womb and overies feeling all he can as the girl fureed with out her slavewine he needed to be good and sure ~ any pain here ?
Sadique: -her breathing quickened with his hand nearing her heat and spoke softly- no, Master, no pain.
KilikHalfEar: ~ noteing all of his findings he offers the girl his hand to help her sit up ~
Sadique: She takes his hand and rises to his command
KilikHalfEar: this part you wont like he siad as he moves to a syringe and a bottle of clear fluid on his table ~
Sadique: -she shook at the sight if the needle and regarded him as he moved toward her and gulped- Yes Master -she obeyed
KilikHalfEar: pouring a small bit of cleasning fluid onto a soft guaze he wipes the space on teh girls back before drawingteh fluid into teh syring and placeing a hand on her back to lean her forward a bit before taking the needle and sticking it deepinto the girls back injecting the fluid quickly before pulling the needle away and placing a soft dry gauze over the tiny hole ~ this will be red for a few days and it will burn dont it it or touch it if the burn lasts more then a day or two come see me
KilikHalfEar: dont itch*
Sadique: She wimpered feeling the needle enter her and her muscles tenced at the feel of the fluid being pushed into her
KilikHalfEar: you will need two more of these shots over the next two day so come and find me
Sadique: Yes Master sadi will
KilikHalfEar: ~ placingthe syringe in its proper place he takes detailed notes of the date and time before taking a cup fillied with slave wine and handing it to the girl ~ now this ... not only do I keep the record - you to must post on your ovulation thread so there be NO discrepencies
KilikHalfEar: when we are done here i expect to see the date on your ovulation thread and i will be checking
Sadique: Sadi will do it quickly Master. -she smelled the black liquid making a face then looked at him- Did Master give this one the right cup?
KilikHalfEar: oh yes slave wine isnt a pleasnt thing
Sadique: She nodded and closed her eyed and drank the bitter liquid. It pooled in her mouth and almost gagged but she swollowed hard taking it in and looked to him opening her mouth to show the deed was done, and the disgust showed in her face.
KilikHalfEar: very good
KilikHalfEar: takeing another syring inhand he grabs a leather strap and sterile gauze tying it on teh girls arm and swabbing the now bulging vein ~
KilikHalfEar: about halfway done sadi
Sadique: she lifts her arm to his with a raised brow and wondered what this shot was
KilikHalfEar: ~ peirces the girls arm with the syringe relasing the strap letting the blood flowi flow into the stoppered vial before takeing another guaze and holding it over the needle and remvoing it swiftly
KilikHalfEar: the first shot was the stablizion sereum this is to make sure the sereum takes well in your blood
Sadique: Master? -she flinched- What is it, What does it do?
KilikHalfEar: the sereum keeps you young gor i think of it as the pincale of Gorean medience
KilikHalfEar: ~ he would bend her arm at the elbow ~ hold this here for a few minutes ~ and with that he moved to take notes and fetch teh small cup ~ i need you to pee in this cup and set it on that tray there when your done and head over the that table there ~ with that he stepped away to change his gloves and prepare for the finale part of the exam
Sadique: -She blushed- Yes Master
Sadique: -She obeyed stepping off from the table and doing as told, peeing in the cup and bringing it too him and stood before him-
KilikHalfEar: here )
Sadique: (-blushes fircely- such a vulnerable pose)
KilikHalfEar: ~gathering the nesscary euipment he settles into a stool taking the girls feet and placeing them into the stirups and srpeading her thighs wide to expose her heat ~
KilikHalfEar: its ok im a doctor lol )
Sadique: She blushes her face burning as she spread her legs for him and awaits her next command.
KilikHalfEar: ~ he makes notes about what he sees before begining~
KilikHalfEar: this will be over quikcly girl and with that he taes the small tube and slips it deepinto her canal before leaning in and shinging his light noting the slave is infact open and anything else he may notices before pulling the tube out and setting it aside tobe cleaned then hands the girl a soft cloth to wipe herslef clean with ~ before tuggin off his gloves and finshing his notes
Sadique: she moaned softly as she was examined his tool invading her heat and his watchul eye. She was glad it was over rather quickly for she did not want to offend him as being in such vulnerable positions causes fire in her belly. as he withdrew she closed her legs and waited his next cmmand
KilikHalfEar: all done girl my results will be posted in my records you may return to the main hall when your ready
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sadi's slave wine and exam
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