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 Dedication of the Canal

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PostSubject: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 4:54 pm

UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( love would you start )
KilikHalfEar: Yes Ubara )
KingViktorDarkblade: yes love sure
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( take a spot on water edge Suz)
raychlOasisScimitars: Are there more?))
KingViktorDarkblade: -holding my FC hand we move towards the canal-
KingViktorDarkblade: ( all of u pls come closer to it)
raychlOasisScimitars: *Following behind her Ubar and Ubara, she smiles at the sight of the canal, eyes bright.*
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~holds his hand moves with him to the edge ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to mine~
TenrikNiels: -Watching, standing close to First Girl, he waits and listens..-
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (juicy claw said someone save the log for the celabartion)
doveOasisScimitars: *steps foward to the very edge of the river and smiles bright*
LilSuzanneRodriguez: dolly
KilikHalfEar: ~ stepping forward his eyes scan the canal quite impressed ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ok )
TenrikNiels: ~smiles~
LilithLevana11: the girl stands watching the water, mesmerized
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( its so hot i feel like diving in for a swim hehe )
raychlOasisScimitars: *She returns the smile to her Ubara, glancing at the others.*
LilSuzanneRodriguez: -giggles-
TenrikNiels: -Looks up and down the canal. most impressed with the job done, knowing the meaning of the water he nods approvingly-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Seems the plans and work came of exact what we had wished for ~smiles to eris ~
TenrikNiels: *Archs a brow at Ubara.. He looks to the length of the drop to the water. shakes his head as he gorlws lowly-
KingViktorDarkblade: - as he reaches the edge, leaving her hand he gets on his knees n then extends his both hands into the water. He then makes a cup using his palm n fills it water n then again gets up. he first clears his throat n in his loud and clear voice he says as he looks to the water held in his hands " We all know that waster is the basis of life. with out water no life sustains... till now we have been thriving for every drop of water but today coz of the blessing of the PK we have a canal to our oasis we have a new life, much prosperus then bfore -
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles as she hears her Ubara*.. Yes My Ubara..we have the victory..
KingViktorDarkblade: ( oh god my comp is so slow)
doveOasisScimitars: *her heart fills with pride while listening to the Ubar speaking*
KilikHalfEar: ~ nods approvingly hearing the Ubar's words ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~watches my FC with a tear in my eye of such happiness to see such grand amount of water blessed upon us ~
TenrikNiels: _Looks upon his eris, proudly he smiles at her nodding as her and the Ubara speak of the success of the canal... he Listens as Ubar addresses the family-
KingViktorDarkblade: " this water is a symbol of our prosperity.... we all can see our soul into it" he then Looks at the Physician " Kilik Water serves as the First medicine to any living form"
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles as I turn a tilt to the Physican upon my Loves words ~
raychlOasisScimitars: *She smiles as her Ubar speaks, kneeling beside them both, listening softly. Her eyes watch the water as it moves, and her heart is pleased.*
KilikHalfEar: ~ bows his head in teh direction of the Ubar and Ubara ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (bliss take a dot on edge of water )
LilithLevana11: (thank you Little Mistress)
TenrikNiels: *He takes one haind of the girl beside him and steps closer to the edge,. They watch as the water moves, flows, ... A great day for the Oasis -
phoenyxblissSchendi: Yes Ubara
TenrikNiels: -looking down upon her as she kneels at his side, her eyes glaeming as she smiles widely,,,- "Well done mine"
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (your welcome girl)
erisOasisScimitars: **takes her Maulans hand.. moves closer to the edge*
KingViktorDarkblade: - then shifting his gaze towards the FS of the city " Ur warrior and the first code of warrior is to fight for honour, to protect the life of others... water signifies the same ... it is the most powerfull weapon all over the Universe as it can not only give the life but can also take the life . if u hold it it bring the drought... loose it it will bring the devastation by flood... let it flow it will give life "
LilSuzanneRodriguez: -watches water flow passing her-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~holds back tears of such words of beauty and meaning I look to the FS then to my Love ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( come to dot by water edge Daughter)
doveOasisScimitars: *she feels the power of the Ubars words as her gaze stays fixed on the flowly water in the canal*
TalinaofGor: ((dont see one.))
raychlOasisScimitars: *His words to the Free are inspiring, and she looks to him and her Ubara with wonder. They were truly great rulers for this city.*
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( down by bliss)
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (one by me i think)
TenrikNiels: -He looks to Ubar, feeling the passion in his words, the truth as he speaks....-
TenrikNiels: -Nods-
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles to Second Girl as she approaches the edge of the water.. *.. whispers.. tal sister
TenrikNiels: Tal Talina..
TalinaofGor: ((fixing dots?))
TalinaofGor: Tal-as she says as she smiles-
phoenyxblissSchendi: -eye wide with awe, she smiles back at her sister whisper tal sister-
erisOasisScimitars: tal Young Mistress..
KingViktorDarkblade: n the looking to each of the slaves girls of the city " we human calls u slave but this water water has alwasy considered u all as their daughter... with this water u please ur master in serving ... no paga no mean can cherish the soul of a thirsty being except this water. I hope u all will serve water will all ur pride"
LilSuzanneRodriguez: fine I stand by myself Talina :p
TalinaofGor: -she would see eris as she walks over to her as i give her a hug as i smile at her-
phoenyxblissSchendi: Tal A/all she whispers barely heard over the waters rush-
LilithLevana11: smiling the girl feels a deep sense of pride rise in her
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~in awe as I listen i look to each girl with such pride in them ~
erisOasisScimitars: *hugs the Young Mistress as she approaches.. *..
raychlOasisScimitars: *she nods to his words, holding her hands in her kneel. Water, was the one thing they all shared. She feels the pride in her heart raise her spine in straighter kneel. Words whispered across her lips in aknowledgment.* Yes, my Ubar.
erisOasisScimitars: *looking out to the water.. reflections of all that have sacrificed for this day to happen *.. her heart filled with joy
KingViktorDarkblade: - and then lookig at the children of the city" water is best frnd of children as grow up playig around it... no other game can ever be beautifull than plaing in water"
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles looking to each thinking how true the Ubars words are ~
LilSuzanneRodriguez: -listens and thinks-
TenrikNiels: -His hand rests on her shoulder, watching the young ones, the babies, he gives her a squeeze, watching still the flowing water, still listening-
phoenyxblissSchendi: [[this one needs and ehn [[baby]]
TenrikNiels: [[tyt]]
KingViktorDarkblade: " for the entire caste of scribe there is no better teacher than water... world best literature and the poems have been written around water"
TenrikNiels: -nods-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles as i would look to him agreeing fully with his words of wisdom~
KingViktorDarkblade: " Today is the first day when i can say that we are the richest city in the tahari not coz we have gems but coz we have water to drink"
TenrikNiels: Indeed..
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: clap
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: clap
doveOasisScimitars: *her smiles widens and she nods in silent agreement with the Ubar's words*
erisOasisScimitars: ii
raychlOasisScimitars: *Her grin is bright, her artic blue eyes shining as they all listen.*
erisOasisScimitars: *gives praise to her Ubars words*..
erisOasisScimitars: ii
LilSuzanneRodriguez: -claps her hands-
KingViktorDarkblade: - he then moveing his hand to his FC lips " love lets starts with u, take a sip"
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to him as she first whispers you make me so happy i could have filled this canal with tears of joy I love you , takes a small sip as my hands cup under his then moves it to his lips or a sip as my eyes remain in a lock to his I smile~
KilikHalfEar: ~ smiles watching there Ubar and Ubara ~
doveOasisScimitars: *she smiles bright seeing hearing the Ubara, her eyes of her own tearing from the special moment*
phoenyxblissSchendi: [[may this one return?]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (yes wb)
TenrikNiels: -Watching, listening the water flows as they speak to one another-
KingViktorDarkblade: - smiles back at her n then bring his hands towards his hands towards him, but before drinking water he again says in his loud voice " I request u all to come forwads n drink water from the canal n cherish ur soul... water has never discriminated any of us so lets respect water for that "
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (brb)
erisOasisScimitars: Thank You My Ubar...
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles as I watch him drink as the others move to the water ~
TenrikNiels: _Stepping forward, he would lean in towards the water. Dipping his hands in it he would cup them....
TenrikNiels: ... Letting the coldness, the chiil of the water wash over him he fills his hands, making sure to savor and preserve every drop..... Turning he moves to stand before his Ja'lina..-
raychlOasisScimitars: Thank you, my Ubar. *smiles softly, and rises from her kneel. Moving toward the moving waters, she cups her hands beneath the surface. It is cool to the touch, and rushes over the flesh of her hands. Lifting a small handful she brings it to her lips, letting it wash over her mouth, and swallowing. It is smooth and refreshing, as water should be, and wonderful for the Oasis. Pleased, she turns to her Ubar and Ubara, and smiles* May we always have water. *she speaks softly.*
raychlOasisScimitars: ((May this one be excused for a moment?))
KingViktorDarkblade: smiles big as he sees all heading towards the canal to respect the water n drinks the remoianing water from his hands. after he has drank he moves his ahnds in around his Fc shoulder n conitnies to smile seeing the prosterity of his city "
TalinaofGor: ((you may))
phoenyxblissSchendi: -smiles at Ubars words , rising gracefully stepping to the edge she kneels, leaning forward dipping her hands into the cool water , like a small scoop she fills her hands bringing them to her plump lips, sipping the water as it is refreshing to her lips she swallows her eyes close and a soft sigh passes from her lips-
KilikHalfEar: ~ steeping forward he took a knee diping his hands into the flowing water letting his cupped palms fill with the life giving liquid he draws his hands to his mouth drinking teh water ~ truly a marvelous day
TenrikNiels: _Leaning forward he offers her the water, gently presses in hands to her lips so she may drink-
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (back sorry was phone)
erisOasisScimitars: *rising to her feet.. she steps forward to the edge of the water... cupping her hand she dips it into the water...her eyes filled with tears knowing what it represents.. she brings it to her lips and drinks*... *taking a sip*... a smile covers her face as she remembers her Ubars words... there's more than enough for us..
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles beaming down to the glisten of the water as the casts a rays of sun hit down in the slow movment i lean my head to his shoulder and take the moment to cherrish the sharing of water with all in the ciy as one ~
KingViktorDarkblade: I would like to thanks eris the fg and her teams to make this dream possible"
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~indeed nods and claps to her ~
doveOasisScimitars: *she steps closer and kneels, her body folds and her tiny hands dip into the cool crystal clear water, she scoops up some water and brings it to her lips, taking a sip she felt the pride of being a part of this family. she closed her eyes a moment to savor the crispness of the water then slowly swallowed, her eyes opening with a new awareness to the city and its people*
KingViktorDarkblade: -claps for eris and her entire team-
TenrikNiels: -Lifting his hands up he takes a drink, loooking about he knows what the water, what the canal mean to the city, to the people he smiles turning his eyes towards the Ubar and Ubara.... he nods-
erisOasisScimitars: oh My Ubar.. we thank the City of Whitewater.. without them.. You.. this would not have been possible..
KilikHalfEar: ~ applauds the First girl ~
doveOasisScimitars: *claps happily for the First Girl, knowing she was amazing*
TenrikNiels: Indeed mine, Well done, Impressive, thank you and those that assisted you...
LilSuzanneRodriguez: -claps her hands and smiles-
TenrikNiels: ii
TalinaofGor: -she smiles as she claps as she smiles at eris-
doveOasisScimitars: (sorry, girl has to go for now, but was so happy she got to be here for this and will return in a few hours)
KingViktorDarkblade: disrecpecting water would be considered as biggest crime in the city and will be severly punished
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ok look for new room when you do )
erisOasisScimitars: this one thanks her Ubara and the Men that sacrificed over the years.. to make it happen
phoenyxblissSchendi: [[well wishes Trainer]]
TenrikNiels: Indeed Ubar..
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~nods indeed love well known to us ~
erisOasisScimitars: well wishes sister..
KilikHalfEar: ( be well dove )
doveOasisScimitars: (yes Ubara, girl will, well wishes to everyone)
KingViktorDarkblade: even in the serving no1 is allowed to throw the water... he or she will be punished for that
doveOasisScimitars: (thank you my Master)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~nods understands ~
doveOasisScimitars: *slips away from the edge of the river and quietly steps away*
TenrikNiels: -listens-
KingViktorDarkblade: now we may proceeed to our new room
erisOasisScimitars: *takes another drink*
phoenyxblissSchendi: -smiles - as she rises moving closer to the Ubar and Ubara listening-
KingViktorDarkblade: ( eris those missed the ceremony , for them pls copy this n post it in forum)
TalinaofGor: -she would watch as she looks at everyone as she then would up at eris-
TenrikNiels: ~smiles as he finishes the water in his hands, looking to what is his he nods and draws her to her feet and slides his arm around her waist-
erisOasisScimitars: Yes My Ubar
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: I would like all to join us in the new room with found materials from the canal being dug a beatuful home to cherrish would be formed ,thank you love for the amazing words
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 5:18 pm

*smiles, and dances happily.*
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 5:38 pm

this one is so sorry she missed it, she cant wait to see the new room also
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 5:53 pm

This one is sorry she has missed it Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 7:15 pm

that was so beautiful I hurt that I couldn't be there to witness our city starting its new journey of life....Smile Beautiful read.....Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 7:37 pm

Very beautiful and emotional rp Ubar spoke with Such heartfelt words all who We're able to attend played a grwat part I left the room open if anyone wishes to go and drink from the canal they may do so within 24 hours and then post here the comment
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 7:52 pm

Looks great ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 9:40 pm

Very nice work First girl, great speech Ubar....Sorry this one was not able to attend
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 12:11 pm

Excellent job mine... Ubar spoke from the heart and everyone present gave of themselves and began this new chapter on a positive and promising note as we continue to move forward... Great job everyone..
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 10:42 pm

The celebration of the canal was wonderful..
Thank You My Ubar for the words spoken
and also for the availability of Whitewater
once the canal was finished..

The two cities became one in more than one way
Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Dedication of the Canal   Dedication of the Canal Icon_minitime

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Dedication of the Canal
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