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 slave jo interview

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PostSubject: slave jo interview   slave jo interview Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 9:53 pm

This interview was done with DarkWings8 , so the name was change to JoSevdaVal

erisOasisScimitars: lets do your interview
erisOasisScimitars: i'll change your name when we're done
JoSevdaVal: Yes
erisOasisScimitars: How long you been in IMVU or other Gor?
JoSevdaVal: In IMVU 6 Nearly 7 years, other gor id have to say if my memory is good about nearly one year
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles to brother jo.. you're an old timer.. *grins*
erisOasisScimitars: Who was your last owner, why did you leave and were you officially released?
erisOasisScimitars: are you here brother?
JoSevdaVal: Wow, well I havent been owned over 4 months when i whent away to study for the Military Test, then i came back and no one from the previous owner not even her have got conected
JoSevdaVal: Posting
JoSevdaVal: ever cinse I returned
erisOasisScimitars: yes brother
erisOasisScimitars: What do you know of Oasis Two Scimitars or have heard of Oasis Two Scimitars?
JoSevdaVal: Nothing from the outside as in no one has mentioned the place
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a slave in general?
JoSevdaVal: Well I Enjoy Having some one to look up to and to show all My creativity
erisOasisScimitars: that's a good answer.
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be an Oasis Two Scimitars slave?
JoSevdaVal: I noticed from my days in the cage that my abilities would be a great adidtion in the Oasis
erisOasisScimitars: that's what this one loves about the cage.. it gives you a chance to observe how we do things
erisOasisScimitars: Do you have any other IMVU avatars? If so, what are they and explain? (other than jo)
JoSevdaVal: um
JoSevdaVal: This one os My Emergency Banned Avatar XD
JoSevdaVal: need to make him look like Jo
JoSevdaVal: oh
JoSevdaVal: and also DarkWings111
erisOasisScimitars: .. will not that it is DarkWings8.. will change your interview name to your JoSevdaVal name
erisOasisScimitars: note*
erisOasisScimitars: How much time do you generally devote to IMVU daily and weekly?
JoSevdaVal: But as for the account Josevdaval he is a Stripper in a club and a Kajirus in the Oasis
JoSevdaVal: Every Day from mostly 2 pm till 11pm
erisOasisScimitars: thank you .. there is multi roleplaying allowed.. just need to know in case some wonders why you aren't present in the room
erisOasisScimitars: What is your time zone?
JoSevdaVal: uhg
JoSevdaVal: I dont know
erisOasisScimitars: where are you from?
JoSevdaVal: I Live in Puerto Rico
erisOasisScimitars: oh what time is it now
JoSevdaVal: we dont have day lught savings time
JoSevdaVal: Light*
JoSevdaVal: it's 7:54 pm
erisOasisScimitars: so you're two hours ahead of Eastern Time Zone
erisOasisScimitars: no one hour
erisOasisScimitars: two hours ahead of CST
erisOasisScimitars: What does being a kajira mean to you?
erisOasisScimitars: kajirus*
JoSevdaVal: It gives me the Meaning that some one with my talents can be used to the fullest at anything that be it Smithing Cooking building or the skills of a silk slave, that I have practiced scinse i Joined the World of Gor
erisOasisScimitars: What don't you like about being a kajirus?
erisOasisScimitars: kajirus*
JoSevdaVal: I dont Like noor Tolerate My own Mistakes, for they could end in me loosing my stay in the World Of Gor
erisOasisScimitars: what do you mean noor?
JoSevdaVal: Neather*
erisOasisScimitars: ok
erisOasisScimitars: How do you feel about someone else having authority over you?
JoSevdaVal: Depends
erisOasisScimitars: on?
JoSevdaVal: If it is some one that Know I will carry out every command, if not, I Dont know how to adress or even know how they like things to please them
erisOasisScimitars: I see
erisOasisScimitars: Are you looking for a Master or Mistress?
JoSevdaVal: I
JoSevdaVal: Im confused
erisOasisScimitars: when you obtain ownership..or after your probation.. do you want to be with a Mistress or Master?
JoSevdaVal: Not to show off but I know I would serve a Mistress Faar Better Than a Master
erisOasisScimitars: *grins*.. thought so but I couldnt answer it for you .. *giggles*
erisOasisScimitars: Why should we consider you for the coveted role of a Oasis Two Scimitars kajirus?
JoSevdaVal: XD
JoSevdaVal: I Over heard the Mistresses saying they needed A male Kajirus for the Mistresses' bath house
erisOasisScimitars: ohh that sounds interesting
erisOasisScimitars: Do you like to rp or just chat?
JoSevdaVal: I would rather RolePlay then to just chat... I get left out, that explains my exploating personalitie
erisOasisScimitars: On a scale of 1-10.. how would you rate yourself as a kajirus?
JoSevdaVal: 0.0 um
JoSevdaVal: wow that one is a surprize
JoSevdaVal: How would you rate me?
erisOasisScimitars: well I have not seen you in action.. so I cant say
JoSevdaVal: hmm
JoSevdaVal: Well I consider my self all out pleasing as in giving the extra 150% but again not to show off it would be a 9
erisOasisScimitars: that's good.. you have confidence
erisOasisScimitars: After you have passed the 30 days probation and your ceremony has been conducted you will be required to change your name.. either by Your Master or Mistress or by Ubara.. but the name chosen will end in either Scimitars or OasisScimitars, pending on the first name length... will that work for you?
JoSevdaVal: um
JoSevdaVal: If I can gather the Money for a Name change I'll try my best to please
erisOasisScimitars: if it's not possible, Ubara will work with you
erisOasisScimitars: Well that concludes the interview - Thank you brother. -smiles warmly-...others may have questions for you later
JoSevdaVal: Yes Sister This one is gracefull and would of wished that he woudnt have got banned
erisOasisScimitars: it's happened to others before.. imvu is getting pretty strict with anything that involves Gor
JoSevdaVal: I did not had anythign gor in the picture
erisOasisScimitars: something you should know.. I'm addressed as First Girl or mistress (lowercase)
JoSevdaVal: o.o oh
erisOasisScimitars: *grins*
JoSevdaVal: This one once was a First Slave
erisOasisScimitars: phoenyx is Second Girl
erisOasisScimitars: and dove is Trainer
erisOasisScimitars: especially in the Main room
JoSevdaVal: ok
erisOasisScimitars: let me show you something if I can find it in our laws
JoSevdaVal: Yes mistress
erisOasisScimitars: this is noted in our laws... 1. Laws for male slave (Kajiru):In case of Kajiru, the male slaves, they will mainly be used for labourious task like the carrying of the good, digging of well, taking care of the Tharlarions of the city etc. They will not be pleasure slave until or unless Ubar or Ubara says so. If the Kajiru found to be offensive either in IC of OOC to any of the member of the city, they could be slaughtered (Char Killing) on the spot by the Free’s or will loose their citizenship. In such acts, the copy of chats should be put in forum in the forum immediately and message has to be sent to the Ubar , Ubara, Administrator and First Sword. Kajiru are not supposed to kiss the feet of any Free during their greets, they can only kiss the floor.
JoSevdaVal: This one Understans
erisOasisScimitars: ok
JoSevdaVal: infact
JoSevdaVal: this one prefers the hard labor over serving drinks anytime XD
JoSevdaVal: to delicate
JoSevdaVal: mistress?
erisOasisScimitars: yes
JoSevdaVal: you did not find that funny, so that means
JoSevdaVal: I have to serve drinks as well
erisOasisScimitars: hehehe
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PostSubject: Re: slave jo interview   slave jo interview Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 11:20 am

well done jo, excellent job eris....Smile
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PostSubject: Re: slave jo interview   slave jo interview Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 11:59 am

Excellent job both eris and jo. Well done.
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PostSubject: Re: slave jo interview   slave jo interview Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 12:02 pm

welcome jo to the oasis....
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PostSubject: Re: slave jo interview   slave jo interview Icon_minitime

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slave jo interview
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