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 Lesson #1 Oasis of Two Scimitars slave Basics - What every new slave must know

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Lesson #1 Oasis of Two Scimitars slave Basics - What every new slave must know Empty
PostSubject: Lesson #1 Oasis of Two Scimitars slave Basics - What every new slave must know   Lesson #1 Oasis of Two Scimitars slave Basics - What every new slave must know Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 1:31 am

Lesson #1 - Oasis of Two Scimitars slave Basics - What every new slave must know

Post Guest on Sat 15 Sep - 9:28
Lesson 1 – The Very Basics

Purpose: To teach the very basics that the new slave needs to know to interact in the online Oasis of Two Scimitars room. There is a lot of information in this Lesson so it may take awhile to get through it.

Assignment: Write a brief summary showing that you have read this and understand these basic fundamentals of being a slave in Oasis of Two Scimitars.

Topic Information

Basic Entering - "girl enters the great hall of Oasis of Two Scimitars and drops to the floor… her arms and thighs making contact with the stone floor…and kisses the floor.” Beg to be permitted to enter and greet – “May this slut owned by the city of Oasis of Two Scimitars enter and greet if it please the Free?” Move to the feet of the ranking Free to begin your greetings – With her slave bells jingling softly, she moves to the feet of the Ubara”

Basic greeting - The following is the greeting that slaves are to use when greeting Free Citizens AND Free "Candidates" of Oasis of Two Scimitars, whether there are guests in the room or not. Please note that this applies to Free who are in the room when the slave enter as well as any who arrive after you are there AND this greeting is only for Oasis of Two Scimitars Free and not guests. Please note that slaves are to greet EVERY time a Free comes into the room whether or not the slave has greeted that particular Free earlier that same day and that we are proposing doing away with the exit portion of this. Move to the feet of the Free you are greeting, drop to your knees (nadu for Masters and tower for FW) and kiss their feet with open mouth. Once you have done this you can then greet verbally. You can be creative in your words to be unique but do not remove their boots or shoes. Kissing the feet of the Free is to show respect, submission and your willingness to serve, obey, pleasure and please. “Greetings Mistress. This girl hopes Your day is going well.”

ALL Free of Oasis of Two Scimitars will NOT greet any slave entering until the slave has made an appropriate entrance and greeted that particular Free. The Free may acknowledge the slave by saying something like - "looks to the door and sees the beautiful slave girl cy entering" or something like that but will save their greeting until after the slave has entered and greeted them.

Greet order - Slaves shall use the following Greet order in Oasis of Two Scimitarsrooms:

Slaves shall use the following Greet order in Oasis of Two Scimitars rooms (Please note that the First Girl, Head Trainer, Emissary and Second Girl, greet before any other slaves):

Updated 01-08-12

This is the current Greet Order:

City Administrator (Master Nyx) (greeted directly after Ubara or First if she is not in the room and He is)


Free Men
First Sword (Master Tenrik)
Master Physician (Master Sun)
Master First Spear (Master Kilik)
Master Blacksmith (Master Wulf)

Free Women
Mistress Scribe (daughter of Ubara Mistress Tendite)
Mistress Jules (daughter of Ubara)
Mistress Scribe (Mistress Rhi)
Mistress Merchant (Mistress Syn)
Mistress Merchant Baker (Mistress Ginger)

Visitng Free Men
Visiting Free Women
slaves (FG /SG, first then all others)
Visiting slaves

To keep order, slaves have been assigned to greet in this order after First Girl and Second Girl have greeted:

*Mel has been assigned the first greet by doing the wiping of the feet if she is in the room.. At that time she is to greet. If she is not present (in the room) then the assigned slave of the day should do the foot wiping.

slaves to greet according to how they have been assigned. (greet according to who you follow)

Addressing the Free - All Free persons are to be addressed as Master or Mistress, unless given specific permission by Free to use another title of their choosing. NEVER call or refer to a Free by their name – to do so is very disrespectful.

Basic clothing outfits - slaves may wear any clothing pleasing to the Free, but must never try and conceal their collar, or hide the fact that they are a slave. Traditional styled camisk silks are to be worn until the slave passes her 30 day probationary period and is collared and branded. After that, silks may be worn as approved by the Free

Leaving the room - When a slave needs to leave the room temporarily (due to a real life situation of 15 minutes or less) and plans to leave her character in the room afk… she needs to do the following; Ask the Free if you may be excused due to (real life work, call, children, etc)… use the ( ) to designate OOC, then wait until they say you may and then thank them and go AFK (use an "AFK" or "BRB" sign) and then move to a block. You are not to just say afk or brb… call or must go for a few, etc. It shows respect and position or place to ask first…. When you return…say May this slut return if it please the Free? And then slip back in and thank them. This is one of the few instances where OOC can be used. If a slave needs to be AFK or BRB longer than 15 minutes she begs to be dismissed from the room ....... then closes the room and exits IMVU or indicates in her IMVU status screen that she is away. Do not stay in the room. If a slave goes AFK and is gone longer than 15 minutes, The Free may boot her/him from the room. This is one of the few instances where OOC can be used. If a slave has to exit IMMEDIATELY due to a RL situation, they are to just exit saying nothing, and then explain upon their return. Do not stay in the room.

If a slave crashes and comes back within 15 minutes, she is simply to say ("girl crashed, may she return please"). If she is gone longer than 15 minutes or does not return, she needs to send a message to the Free who were in the room explaining that she crashed and why she did not return.

Courtesy and Respect - when you are online and get called private with a Free, PLEASE notify them upfront if you have any time issues or may be slow responding - for example you are at work and may be responding slow or your child is raising havoc and you may be responding slow or have to close quickly. If you do accept a private chat with a Free, please be respectful of that Free and try NOT to be in other chats that may interfere with that private time. There will be times when you have several Free wanting you at the same time. If you can handle 1-2 chats at the same time and NOT make either Free feel neglected then you may do so. But if you are like me and can't walk and chew gum at the same time, politely decline the 2nd chat or asked to be excused and promising to return another time

Third person speak / Abbreviations- slaves speak in the 3rd person and do not EVER use the first person pronoun in public rooms. There is no "I" "me" or "mine" in a slave’s vocabulary. In addition slaves are not permitted to use abbreviations like "brb", "ty", "yw", "gtg", "lol", "bc" etc.... spell it out.

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Lesson #1 Oasis of Two Scimitars slave Basics - What every new slave must know
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