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 jo's exam and slave wine

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PostSubject: jo's exam and slave wine    Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:04 pm

Guest_DarkWings8: Tal Master
KilikHalfEar: ~ he finshes washing his hands as teh boy enters ~ tal jo are you ready
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: hop up on teh table here boy
KilikHalfEar: alright boy we will start with a few questions
KilikHalfEar: grabbing his paper he sits on his stool ~ how old are you boy ( rp wise)
Guest_DarkWings8: This one is 22 ( and going to 23 in april 1st XD )
KilikHalfEar: very good
KilikHalfEar: any illness or injury now or in teh past you are aware of ?
Guest_DarkWings8: the blunt strike at the back of This one's head has caused some memory loss
Guest_DarkWings8: but my body is fit
KilikHalfEar: ~ writing down the information quickly he looks back up ~ has the boy ever been used ?
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: have you ever been used as a breeder ?
Guest_DarkWings8: only once Master
KilikHalfEar: was the child healthy that you are aware of ?
Guest_DarkWings8: The Child Died along Before birth as well as his mother because of the raid
KilikHalfEar: i see
KilikHalfEar: writing teh infomration in his note pad he sets it aside
Guest_DarkWings8: -He bows his head -
KilikHalfEar: grabbing a small light from the table he rises to eye level with the boy ~ open your mouth please
Guest_DarkWings8: -Yes Master, ahh
KilikHalfEar: shining the light he checks his teeth and throat making notes of what he finds ~ thank you you can close
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: makeing notes on his findings he looks up at the boys face once and goes back to his writing ~
KilikHalfEar: seting the paper aside he reaches for and grabs his stehascope~ lay back boy i need to listen to your lungs
Guest_DarkWings8: -He lays back- Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: ~ placing the peices in his ears he places the oppisite end aginst the boys chest and listens ~ deep breaths boy in and out twice please
Guest_DarkWings8: -He takes a Beep breath then lest go as he takes the next deep breath-
KilikHalfEar: very good thank you
Guest_DarkWings8: -Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: setting the scope aside he makes some notes on his paper and moves back tothe boy placeing his hands on teh boys neck and palpates ~ any pain ?
Guest_DarkWings8: No Master
KilikHalfEar: ~ moving down to his belly he presses into his abdomen ~ any pain here ?
Guest_DarkWings8: ( it tickles XD )
Guest_DarkWings8: No Master
KilikHalfEar: offering the boy his hand to help him sit up ~ all good so far have you ever been giving teh stablization serum ?
Guest_DarkWings8: -He grabs his hand as he pulls up to sit- No Master
Guest_DarkWings8: what is it for If this one may ask?
KilikHalfEar: it is the in my oppion penical of gorean medicne the serum slows the aging process and in some cases stops it entirely
KilikHalfEar: it sppeds up celuar rejuvination
Guest_DarkWings8: This one has not recieved that serum Master
KilikHalfEar: ah well this is going to be unpleasnt then
Guest_DarkWings8: Is it anal?
KilikHalfEar: today will be your first in a series of 4 shots
KilikHalfEar: no
Guest_DarkWings8: phew
Guest_DarkWings8: got this one sweating Master
KilikHalfEar: its needle in your lower back
Guest_DarkWings8: -He lays head down- This one is ready Master
KilikHalfEar: pouring a small bit of cleasning fluid onto a soft guaze he wipes the space on teh boys back before drawing teh fluid into teh syring and placeing a hand on his back to lean him forward a bit before taking the needle and sticking it deepinto the boys back injecting the fluid quickly before pulling the needle away and placing a soft dry gauze over the tiny hole ~ this will be red for a few days and it will burn dont it it or touch it if the burn lasts more then a day or two come see me
KilikHalfEar: dont itch*
KilikHalfEar: and youll need three more shots over the next three days
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: ~ placing the syringe in its proper place he hands the boy his first dose of slave wine ~ see me for this once a month you obviously done ovulate so you dont have to keep a recod for ovulation or if you do we have a more serious problem
Guest_DarkWings8: -He chukles- Yes Master, But what will this cause on me Master?
Guest_DarkWings8: -He takes the Slave Wine as he pours it on a bowl and drinks from it-
KilikHalfEar: its a contraceptive
KilikHalfEar: i trut you know what that is ?
Guest_DarkWings8: Memory Loss
KilikHalfEar: right
KilikHalfEar: i forget that part
Guest_DarkWings8: does it stimulates to increase the fertility
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: actually the exact oppiste
Guest_DarkWings8: I've been sterelized 0.0
KilikHalfEar: it nothing that cant be revsered if you are required to breed
Guest_DarkWings8: ah
Guest_DarkWings8: This one understands Master
KilikHalfEar: good
Guest_DarkWings8: -thinks to self- { so that whats that strange liquid he got before }
KilikHalfEar: now ill need a blood sample to to compare to teh one i will take in three days ~ he takes a leather cord and a seconmd syringe from his table ~ hold out your arm
Guest_DarkWings8: -He exposes his right arm-
KilikHalfEar: tying the cord around his arm he takes one of the sterile guzae and cleasn the now bulging vein `
Guest_DarkWings8: -He opends and closes his right hand forcing the blood out-
KilikHalfEar: ~ slipping the needle into teh boys arm he relases the cord and watches the blood fill teh vial before placeing a dry gauze over the needle and pulls it free bending the boys arm at the elbow ~
KilikHalfEar: hold your arm like this for a moment ~
Guest_DarkWings8: -He holds his whrist close to his shoulder- Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: ~ slipping off his gloves and placing teh blood and used syring in there place he looks to the boy and points out a small cup ~ pee in that cup and bring it back here and place it on teh try you got it from
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master This one has been holding it cince this morning - he undoes his Cloth as he grabs the cup and Dips his manhood in the cup as he pulls it out slowly fnearly fills the cup-
KilikHalfEar: seeing the cup filling he jots down all hes learned in his paper work ~ this is the not fun part for me
KilikHalfEar: ready to finsh this up ?
KilikHalfEar: i got thankfully
DarkWings8: -Smiles-
KilikHalfEar: KilikHalfEar: leave your cloth off and hop back on teh table i need to have a look
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: just lay back this will only take a moment ~ he turns and slips on another pair of gloves ~
Guest_DarkWings8: -He holds his right wrist close to his shoulder as he Lays Back-
KilikHalfEar: scanning he makes mental notes before take the boys peice in his hand and lifts to look under it inspecting and makiing sure he saw no signs of deisne or imeptitude ~ realsing the boy he steps away again removing his gloves and washing his hands ~ alright jo your free to go and can let your arm down and ill see you tommrow
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Master -He picks up his Cloth and ties it on his weist-
KilikHalfEar: not so bad right
KilikHalfEar: this will be posted in my vault
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jo's exam and slave wine
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