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 collaring of moon

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PostSubject: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 2:45 am

TenrikNiels: -Motions to the guard, nodding so he may unlock the door and let the girl come before him-
faridaOasisScimitars: she would rise and move to a free pillow~
TenrikNiels: -Do you have the collar already girl ?
doveOasisScimitars: *looks to her sister* Tal Trainer
phoenyxblissSchendi: -waits for her sisters to respond to Master First Sword-
MagikalMoon: ~she hear's His words.. and watches as the guard slowly walks towards the cage.. lifting the key from His belt.. unlocking the door.. she steps out.. peeking around the corner.. and does a cartwheel~
Tmane318: -hand music for moon
Tmane318: -haha
MagikalMoon: ~then sways towards Master First Sword with a huge grin~
faridaOasisScimitars: Tal Second Girl, Tal Trainer Tal sisters
Zandua: *moves to her Master and kneels kissing his feet* Tal Master, this one did not come for real life reasons, she remained there to have a peace of mind
faridaOasisScimitars: girl was summond by her Mistress
MagikalMoon: `she would kneel before Him her smooth thighs parted.. her eye's to the floor~
phoenyxblissSchendi: tal sister Farida
TenrikNiels: Then from now on as per law, you need to message one of the free in the room and let them know why you are not here
TenrikNiels: Understood?
Zandua: Yes Master
faridaOasisScimitars: yes Master girl understands
TenrikNiels: Make it so
TenrikNiels: If it happens again there will be punishment
faridaOasisScimitars: yes Master
Zandua: *she moves to young Mistress and kisses her feet* Yes Master....Tal young Mistress
TalinaofGor: -she looks down at the girl as she says- Tal girl.
LilithLevana11: sits quietly and listens
TenrikNiels: ~Looking upon the girl at his feet, he nods as she kneels respectively~
MagikalMoon: ~she crawl's over in front of the Master First Sword.. leaning down.. her red hair dangling down hiding her face as she smooshes her thick berry stained lips against His boot~
Zandua: *moves away quietly looking to the other Master not knowing if he is visiting or apart of the Oasis* Tal Master
TenrikNiels: are you still in the other room moon ?
MagikalMoon: no.. not for some time Master
TenrikNiels: He is visiting..
TenrikNiels: Good.
phoenyxblissSchendi: May thisone have an ehn ?
TalinaofGor: you may
TenrikNiels: Tonight is a important night for you moon.
MagikalMoon: ~she nod's her little heart thumping in her chest~
Tmane318: (any one been to the fair???)
TenrikNiels: Tonight you will be collared to the city..
MagikalMoon: aye Master
TenrikNiels: Owned, property of the Ubara and Ubar.
Zandua: (not I)
doveOasisScimitars: *she smiles as she watches another sister getting collared*
TenrikNiels: You will be held in consideration for thirty days,
MagikalMoon: aye Master ~she glances up.. her emerald eye's sparkling like jewels~
phoenyxblissSchendi: thank you Mistress [[need a glass of wine ]]
Zandua: Tal Second girl, Tal Trainer, Tal sister
TenrikNiels: at the end of which you will be branded and if claimed given to a Master /Mistress as their personal
phoenyxblissSchendi: tal sister zan
doveOasisScimitars: *smiles to her sister zan* Tal sister
MagikalMoon: aye Master girl understands
TenrikNiels: -do you have the collar already moon?-
MagikalMoon: aye Master
MagikalMoon: ~she reaches around.. pulling her hair to one side.. guiding it down over her shouler
TenrikNiels: As per order of Ubar and Ubara of The Oasis Of Two Scimitars I will place the collar of the city upon your slave throat.
TenrikNiels: This collar... ~Reaches into the pouch and removes the golden collar of the Oasis~ has four purposes.
MagikalMoon: aye Master
MagikalMoon: ~she listen's.. as her eye's gaze over the beautiful collar~
TenrikNiels: 1. It will visibly designate you as a slave.
TenrikNiels: 2. It will impress the city and your master/Mistress' slavery upon you.
TenrikNiels: (meaning you belong to them as me'shan)
TenrikNiels: -me'shan = slave-
TenrikNiels: 3. It will identify your master/Mistress
TenrikNiels: 4. and finally, I will make you easier to leash.
MagikalMoon: aye Master
TenrikNiels: Now girl, repeat after me...
MagikalMoon: ~she looks up.. listening~
TenrikNiels: I magikalmoon hereby submit myself, totally, completely in all things to the city know as Oasis Of Two Scimitars"
MagikalMoon: i magikalmoon hereby submit myself, totally, and completely in all things to the city know as Oasis of Two Scimitars
TenrikNiels: "A city girl, a city slave. An article of property, the city's to do with as it pleases"
MagikalMoon: A city girl, a city slave. An article of property for the city to do with as it pleases
TenrikNiels: ~Lifts the collar in his hand, turns it and reads the engraving "Oasis Scimitars" Making sure she understands what it says and what that means~
LilithLevana11: smiles to the sister
MagikalMoon: aye Master.. girl understands
TenrikNiels: -nods-
MagikalMoon: ~her bottom lip start's to quiver as she feel's the nerves in her tummy~
TenrikNiels: ~Standing he moves behind the girl, pulling back her hair as he slips the golden collar around her throat,, -leaning in close to her ear he speaks softly- He pulls the key from the chain around his neck~
TenrikNiels: "This collar means you are owned...
TenrikNiels: ...you are a slave, a Kajira...
MagikalMoon: aye Master ~feeling His warm breath on my ear as He whisper's.. turning red as she feel's her nip's harden~
TenrikNiels: ...your name (for right now) is moon."
MagikalMoon: aye Master ~she feel's the cold gold snug asainst her neck.. feelng as Master lock's it on
TenrikNiels: ~closing the collar, making sure the pins are all in place, six locks, one each for each letter of what you will become... KA!JIRA
TenrikNiels: KAJIRA**
doveOasisScimitars: *she smiles bright and claps as she hears the clicks of the locks*
MagikalMoon: ~smiles nervously~
TenrikNiels: Turning the key, he lisens feeling the collar tighten as the locks fall into place one by one with a loud..CLACK...
TenrikNiels: Tonight girl you have begun your journey to become one of the best Kajira in all of Gor..
MagikalMoon: thank You Master.. girl is honored
faridaOasisScimitars: ii
doveOasisScimitars: ii
faridaOasisScimitars: congrats sister and welcome
TenrikNiels: ~He steps to the fron to her and reaches into the bag by his throne, taking the camisk, the arm bands and sits them before the girl~
TenrikNiels: Who are you girl ?
LilithLevana11: ii~ so happy for you
MagikalMoon: this girl is moon.. city girl of the Oasis of Two Schimitar's
TenrikNiels: What are you girl ?
MagikalMoon: i am slave..
TenrikNiels: what is your name girl ?
MagikalMoon: moon Master
TenrikNiels: Welcome Kajira, to the Oasis.
TenrikNiels: ii
doveOasisScimitars: congratulations sister
Zandua: welcome sister
MagikalMoon: ~she slides the arm bands on.. then ties the white one around.. and slips the camisk on pulling at the laces making it fit nice and snug against her body~
TenrikNiels: Mine??
MagikalMoon: thank You Master
MagikalMoon: thank you sisters
LilithLevana11: slips forward and hugs the sister~welcome
TenrikNiels: My pleasure me'shan
MagikalMoon: ~she smiles~
MagikalMoon: ~she lean's down kissing Master's boot~
LilithLevana11: the girl looks to the Master unsure if he spoke to her or sister zandua
TenrikNiels: zan ?
Zandua: *glances up* Yes Master
phoenyxblissSchendi: May this one return ?
MagikalMoon: may this girl be excused.. time for bed
TenrikNiels: ~snaps his fingers loudly, his fore and index spread widely as he points to the space at his side~
TenrikNiels: Aye me'shan, you may
TenrikNiels: Aye phoenyx, you may
Zandua: *she quickly moves to his side in nadu, her thighs spread, palms down upon them*
phoenyxblissSchendi: -the gurads release her she slips to a pillow -
TenrikNiels: Good girl.
MagikalMoon: night night all
phoenyxblissSchendi: night sister congrats
doveOasisScimitars: nite sister, rest well
TenrikNiels: Be well moon, safe travels
MagikalMoon: ~kissing the palm of her hand.. she blow's it around the room~
MagikalMoon: thank You Master.. You as well please
TenrikNiels: -nods-
TenrikNiels: *Rests his hand on the shoulder of the fire haired beauty at his side, he runs his finger deeply into the hair of what is his*
faridaOasisScimitars: sits looking to the floor before her in silence~
TenrikNiels: Mine ?
Zandua: *she nuzzles closer to her Master then looks to her sister*
phoenyxblissSchendi: -hums to herself as eh fiddles with her gown -
LilithLevana11: (may this one return please? this one froze out)
TenrikNiels: (aye, you may)
LilithLevana11: (thank you Master)
doveOasisScimitars: (welcome back sister)
LilithLevana11: returns to the Masters side~ thank you Trainer
phoenyxblissSchendi: [[smiles welcome back -
TenrikNiels: (welcome back lilith)
LilithLevana11: (thank you Master)
LilithLevana11: smiles back to Second Girl
TenrikNiels: you're welcome
TenrikNiels: dove?
doveOasisScimitars: yes Master?
faridaOasisScimitars: looks to Master~
TenrikNiels: will you post the collaring of moon in the forums.
doveOasisScimitars: yes Master, girl will do it right now
TenrikNiels: -winks at farida-
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 3:45 am

Congrats sister! welcome!
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 8:28 am

congrats sister
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:47 am

congrats sister, this one is very happy for you
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:55 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers congrats cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 11:46 am

Congratulation and welcome girl.. Well done.
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:55 pm

congratulations girl
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 1:32 am

congratulations on your collaring sister.
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PostSubject: Re: collaring of moon   collaring of moon Icon_minitime

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collaring of moon
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