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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 interview of slave star

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PostSubject: interview of slave star   interview of slave star Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 11:41 pm

doveOasisScimitars: Tal sister come to the pillows near the big fireplace and girl will do your interview, once done girl will explain the basics you need till you learn more
KanashiruStarlight: ok
doveOasisScimitars: is the room loading okay?
KanashiruStarlight: yes
doveOasisScimitars: okay, girl will begin if you are ready
KanashiruStarlight: yes
doveOasisScimitars: 1. how long have you been in IMVU or other Gor?
KanashiruStarlight: gor-almost 2 years
KanashiruStarlight: and ive been back on imvu going on 3 years
doveOasisScimitars: okay, very good
doveOasisScimitars: 2. Who was your last owner, why did you leave and were you officially released?
KanashiruStarlight: i dont remember my last owners name i logged in one day to find his imvu account disabled and this was 1yr ago
doveOasisScimitars: oh wow
doveOasisScimitars: okay
doveOasisScimitars: 3. what do you know of the Oasis of Two Scimitars or have you heard of Oasis Scimitars?
KanashiruStarlight: ive never heard of it till i entered the room
doveOasisScimitars: okay
doveOasisScimitars: 4. why do you want to be a slave in general?
KanashiruStarlight: i was trainned as a sub in bdsm but i find it to be not as satisfiying as i once did so im going back to what short time of trainning i had in gor and i wjust wish to start over so to speak
doveOasisScimitars: ohhh, okay, very nice
doveOasisScimitars: 5. why do you want to be an Oasis Two Scimitars slave?
KanashiruStarlight: Because in the time that i have been observing how everything is ran i feel that i can gain much knowlege and that my thirst for that knowlege will be quenched
doveOasisScimitars: definitely lots of things to learn and knowledge you will gain
doveOasisScimitars: 6. do you have any other IMVU avatars? If so, what are they and explain
KanashiruStarlight: what do you mean? as in other characters or other accounts?
doveOasisScimitars: yes
doveOasisScimitars: other avi's
doveOasisScimitars: some people have more than one account, so that is what that question is about
KanashiruStarlight: ah ok
KanashiruStarlight: i have two others
KanashiruStarlight: one is a 5yr old child non ap
KanashiruStarlight: the other is an unowned submissive non ap
doveOasisScimitars: okay
KanashiruStarlight: i dont use them much tho
doveOasisScimitars: *nods* very good
doveOasisScimitars: 7. how much time do you generally devote to IMVU daily and weekly?
KanashiruStarlight: daily with alot of hw-4-5hrs sometimes 6 if i cant sleep
KanashiruStarlight: friday-6-7hrs or more
doveOasisScimitars: ooo, okay
KanashiruStarlight: saturday 6-7hrs or more
doveOasisScimitars: very good
doveOasisScimitars: okay
KanashiruStarlight: sunday-4-5hrs
doveOasisScimitars: very nice
KanashiruStarlight: if i dont have alot of hw then about 6-7hrs 8 tops
doveOasisScimitars: okay
doveOasisScimitars: 8. what does being a kajira mean to you?
KanashiruStarlight: being a kajira means being able to better myself by being useful to the ones i serve.it means giving all that i am to gain knowlege as well as to know that by being useful im able to bring someone else happiness
doveOasisScimitars: *smiles* very nice sister
doveOasisScimitars: 9. what don't you like about being a kajira?
KanashiruStarlight: on occassion the attire.....makes me feel so.....exposed and unpleasing especially when one doesnt feel presentable
doveOasisScimitars: clothes are definitely revealing *giggles*
doveOasisScimitars: you will be very pleasing for the Free girl is sure sister
KanashiruStarlight: now if its for the one who owns me thats a different story XD
KanashiruStarlight: this one was trainned being a white silk so this one just mostly hopes to find one who wont abuse that
doveOasisScimitars: *nods*
doveOasisScimitars: the Oasis Free dont' abuse their slaves sister, no worries there
doveOasisScimitars: 10. how do you feel about someone else having authority over you?
KanashiruStarlight: honestly i enjoy it.long as it doesnt interfere with my rl as far as school and obligations i have here its perfectly fine
doveOasisScimitars: very good
doveOasisScimitars: 11. are you looking for a Master or Mistress?
KanashiruStarlight: either ive learned not to be picky
doveOasisScimitars: very nice
doveOasisScimitars: 12. is being an Oasis Two Scimitars city slave acceptable to you?
KanashiruStarlight: for now yes
doveOasisScimitars: okay
doveOasisScimitars: 13. why should we consider you for the coveted role of an Oasis Two Scimitars slut?
KanashiruStarlight: what do you mean slut?
doveOasisScimitars: slut is a phrase that kajira/slave may be called
KanashiruStarlight: oh ok
doveOasisScimitars: as well as beast sometimes, just part of the question
KanashiruStarlight: ah ok
KanashiruStarlight: this one only wishes to learn and grow as a kajira so that if one day this one becomes free again she may be able to return the same trainning and kindness to another kajira
doveOasisScimitars: you were a FRee previously sister?
KanashiruStarlight: Yes when my Master left imvu i became free i no longer took on an owner untill now
doveOasisScimitars: ohh, okay
KanashiruStarlight: he later texted me in RL and released me officall
KanashiruStarlight: offically*
doveOasisScimitars: okay
KanashiruStarlight: but it was rp wise offical when he left
doveOasisScimitars: very good
doveOasisScimitars: 14. do you like to role play or just chat?
KanashiruStarlight: both
KanashiruStarlight: im currently writting a book so my rp actually helps me to develop my characters and story line
doveOasisScimitars: oh very cool
KanashiruStarlight: ty
doveOasisScimitars: big reader here
doveOasisScimitars: 15. on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a kajira?
KanashiruStarlight: 6
KanashiruStarlight: i know i have alot of room to grow
doveOasisScimitars: very good
doveOasisScimitars: 16. after you have passed the 30 days probation and your ceremony has been conducted you will be given a new name either by your Master or Mistress or by the Ubara. but the name chose will end in either Scimitars or OasisSimitars, depending on the length of your first name you are given....will it be a problem for you to change your name?
KanashiruStarlight: well i just changed my name so atm yes
KanashiruStarlight: this new name ive choosen is in memoroy of my father who passed feb 8th
KanashiruStarlight: he was the one who inspired me to write my book
KanashiruStarlight: my first chara he helped me create was darkangel
doveOasisScimitars: awww, i'm so sorry for your loss, that is very nice you have the name for his memory, makes it special
KanashiruStarlight: ty
doveOasisScimitars: do you have any questions for me?
KanashiruStarlight: are there any Masters or Mistress's who are looking for a kajira
doveOasisScimitars: yes, girl is sure there are, each may have up to 3 and i think some of the Mistress's may not have any yet
KanashiruStarlight: ah ok
doveOasisScimitars: if thats it thats the interview, i will post it in the forums
KanashiruStarlight: ok
doveOasisScimitars: but now we can go over basics like entry and greeting quick to get you by till you read and learn from the forums
KanashiruStarlight: ok
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PostSubject: Re: interview of slave star   interview of slave star Icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 1:30 am

thank you for doing interview Trainer.
good job.
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PostSubject: Re: interview of slave star   interview of slave star Icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 1:37 pm

ooo lovely look forward to seeing her grow with us in the city
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PostSubject: Re: interview of slave star   interview of slave star Icon_minitime

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interview of slave star
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