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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 raychel Lessons

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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:11 am

Thank you, First Girl. This one will get it done as soon as possible.

Done. Smile ~12/18 10:02am
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:36 am

great job raychel
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:37 am

Thank you, Mistress
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:50 am

great job sister -huggles- keep up the great work
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:44 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers keep up the good work raychel cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:58 pm

Thank you, Mistress.

This one has completed the following Lessons:

16- Three Pillars of Gor
17- Slave Defense
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PostSubject: LAWS   Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:55 pm

New city laws for Oasis two Scimitars
1. This one knows and fully grasps that this and below are law. She notes that Ubar and Ubara are the rulers of this city and that the Admin, and High Council are those in direct charge just below Ubar and Ubara.
2. This one agrees and will follow all direction of High Council, and feels that this will benefit the fair city, keeping feuds, disagreements, and misunderstandings straight. Having a council make the choices of the city will benefit A/all.
3. This one believes and supports the need for a High Council, and agrees with the decision to keep said meetings apart from city rooms, keeping city business private and well handled.
4. This one knows that it is not the business of a kajira to know the goings on in said council rooms, unless service is needed or required. If needed, she will remain silent on the matters discussed, only available and responsive to serves required of her.
5. This one will keep in her mind that if she is privileged to serve at said meetings, she will be swift, quiet, and will remember she is only there to serve the needs of the Free, as is her position at all times.
6. This girl knows that just because she may not be in the city at a given time, she is a reflection of the city, and will conduct herself as such. Those who own her need to always be reflected by her actions, that is, positive and respectful.
7. This one knows that she is always to be pleasing and never to make any Free Woman uncomfortable with her conduct. Slaves are to be caged and have thirty days of a probationary period upon first entrance to the city, and feels this is an excellent way to keep girls honest of their desires for this city.
8. This girl knows that Free Women and slaves are different. She holds this knowledge close. This girl is always, as is her role and bred nature, prepared to serve the Free to the best of her ability.
9. This one knows there are several city rooms, each designated to any specific Free and His/Her caste, as well as any rooms they decide to own.
10. This girl knows that Free are allowed to own 3 of their own personals, one of their choosing restricted to only that who owns them. She understands that no slave may be claimed at all until after the first 20 days of her probation. Keeping new slaves to Free who do not yet have any property is a wise choice.
11. This one understands that having a First Girl and Second Girl for each Master/Mistress is redundant, and that only two are necessary for an entire city.
12. This one knows that all Free are to be treated with kindness and respect, including visitors not of the Oasis. This law is very important to the girls of the city, as we are a reflection of the city, and as such reflect on Gorean as a whole.
13. This girl agrees that keeping ooc short and minimal is necessary to commit to the role play at hand. She will, even in ooc, strive to remain respectful at all times.
14. This girl agrees that keeping mixing from the role play is not only necessary for the role play, but one of the most important attributes to this city. Not taking things personally as they are toward a character, not a real life person behind the computer, can only be done if there is no mixing involved. This law is most important to this girl. She also agrees that her full attention needs to be in the room, and will comply.
15. This one knows and respects the hierarchy of the city, and keeps the list of said order close to her, showing her respect to each position. She will be sure to check back often so no one is disrespected. She will greet in order, and will follow her turns as instructed as shown by the blatant forum list. This one will also be sure to keep the knowledge of said phrase close, so she may not disrespect non-goreans.
16. This girl understands the importance of this law, and agrees the essay for new children, as well as training, will help them understand the laws of the Oasis, no matter their assumed station as they age.
17. This one knows the strength of the city she is privileged to be owned in, and understands that this law is pertinent to the defense of said city.
18. This one agrees fully to this very important law, as passing gossip of the city only weakens its structure, and causes unnecessary drama, passing disrespect of where a girl is owned.
19. This girl feels the importance of this law is evident. The forum is pertinent to the structure of the city, and the Free in it. Showing the responsibility one has to the city, shows dedication.
20. This one agrees that all members of the city must be in city rooms, and agrees that it shows again, dedication to the people, Free and slave alike, of the Oasis. Posting numbers are very simple to do, when not away, and solidifies the commitment members have to the city.
21. This girl feels that ooc rooms for things not of the room are not only a good idea, but occasionally necessary.
22. This girl knows that Assassins are permitted in the city, and knows of their code, providing they state their business and be given appropriate posting time.
23. This one knows that the words of her Ubar and Ubara are final. She also understands and respects that the High Council is also to be respected, as extensions of her Ubar and Ubara.
24. This one feels this law is advantageous to all Free, so that each are equally sharing in the profits of the city.
25. This one feels this law is important. She does not wish for any Free Women who are in attendance at any given time to be disrespected by furring between a Master/Mistress and girls.
26. This one agrees that this law is for the safety of all the members of the city, and knows how to appropriately handle situations that may arise if she is needed for travel.
27. This girl knows and understands that, unless previously approved, absence for more than ten days is not allowed. She agrees that voting a member back in is a wise choice, allowing the Free to express their opinions on said individuals.
28. This girl knows that an Administrator for any extended cities is as necessary as the extensions themselves.
29. This girl feels that interviews, by the Free to any newly collared slaves, are important for the stability of the Oasis.
30. This girl feels that this law is necessary. The Ubar and Ubara have final say on all matters, and this law should not in any way be different. Free, companion or otherwise, should all be held under the same laws when it comes to joining.
31. This girl understands that a period of time for Free to know one another when courting is extremely important for the strength of a possible and eventual Companionship, if and when it occurs.
32. In order to keep the strength of this family, having members on their friends list is important and necessary. This girl agrees fully with this law.
33. In order to posses a well trained slave of the Oasis, it is necessary and smart to train slaves for the Oasis, IN the Oasis. This girl understand and respects the assistance of any Free who are willing to give opinion on her duties, even if not of the city, and will absorb all constructive criticism with respect.
34. Free Men standing for Free Women shows incredible respect in the Oasis, and this one feels this law is wonderful. (She's always loved this one. ^.~)
35. This girl feels that this law is necessary for peace and respect, she understands that any personal released will undergo another thirty day probationary period.
36. This one feels that this law is necessary, in order to keep laws the same in all rooms of the Oasis. Labels for these rooms makes sure this is done properly.
37. This one feels that this law is necessary to keep all Free on the same page when it comes to any changes.
38. This one feels that rules and steps outlined and available for any Free Candidates are important, for proper citizenship.


1. This girl feels that protection for Free women is necessary, for Free Women are due the same respect as Free. She also feels that in order to keep this respect, they are expected to wear garments showing they are Free and not slave.
2. This one understands that Free Women are expected to wear a veil at all times.
3. This one understands that Free Women are NOT slaves, and will not be looked down upon for refusing an Oasis Master who offers sexual relations.
4. This one feels that safety of Free Women is necessary at all times, and feels this law will adequately aide in this feat.
5. This girl knows and understands that a Free Woman may contract herself to a Master, to be a slave, for a period of time stated under the contract. She understands that the Free Woman will at this time, be slave, having no power, and may return to being Free once more when the contract time is up.
6. This one knows and understands that any Free Woman who couches, shows herself as a slave, and becomes owned by the owner of whom she was attempting to couch with.
7. This girl feels that this law also aids in the safety of Free Women, while simultaneously freeing them to do the business they need to do.
8. This one feels diversity in the Free Council is necessary to the stability of the Oasis.
9. This one understands that there is to be no force collaring of a Free Woman, unless she is showing herself as a slave. If Free have a disagreement, a Free Woman cannot be threatened with a collar for having an opinion.

1. This one understands that this law is necessary for the slaver to perform the duties of fetching slaves for the Oasis.
2. This one understands and agrees that it is the duty of the slaver to give girl the marks of the Oasis, and agrees to His/Her duty to file paperwork on any He/She collects.
3. This girl feels that a slave market will be run properly by the Slaver Caste, and understands that any slave may be ordered to man the market if needed.
4. This one understands any Slaver will adhere to the rules of imvu and the Oasis, in order to properly run what is required of Him/Her.
5. This one feels that this law is extremely important, to keep the integrity of the Oasis and the property bought and sold from there.
6. This one understands that it is important for the known quality of any property kept in the city, to be the best and greatest, and this also shows the commitment one has to join.
7. This one feels that making it mandatory for the Slaver to be in the main room is necessary for respect of the Home Stone He/She represents. She feels also, it's important if any slaves come into the main room.
8. Keeping her Ubar and Ubara included in all the Slaver laws is extremely necessary to ensure that each slave entering and collared to the city is kept under the same standard and law.

This girl understands and respects that she is to ALWAYS be pleasing, as she is a representative of her Ubar and Ubara, as well as the city. She vows to follow the orders of the designated First and Second Girl when Free are not present, and she agrees and understands the thirty day rule, feeling it is pertinent to the dedication of any said candidate.

1. This one knows that she is the property of the Oasis, and will vow to be pleasing at all times, following orders she is given without hesitation. She knows that if she is to be found displeasing or offensive, she will be punished.
2. This one grasp fully the process of a slave collaring and knows what a slave is required to do and what she is required to wear at all times.
3. This one believes that the laws assignment and essay are extremely pertinent to show the dedication any has to the city.
4. This one feels that finishing the assignments and exam BEFORE she is given ceremony is important so the slave has full knowledge of that expected of her, in the Oasis. Girl understands slaves are expected to change their name, undergo their whipping, and be branded in the name of the Oasis, before they can be citizens, owned by the Oasis.
5. Slaves reading the laws by their fourteenth probationary day is pertinent to the slaves knowledge of what is expected of her.
6. This one knows that, within ten minutes of her online time, this girl is to be in the Oasis room. She also understands that when she is online, she is to be of service at all times.
7. This one knows what she is to do in order to leave, and will do so to keep integrity and respect for the Free.
8. This one knows that if she is to fur, she is to be gone no more that one hour, as a slave has duties in the city.
9. This girl understands that if she crashes, and returns, she only needs to ask permission to return. If she crashes and cannot return, she is to get a message somehow to a Free, if able.
10. This girl knows that armbands display status of a girl, and knows also that city slaves are for use of all City Free. She understands also, that any girl may be given to a Free from another city, after approval first from a City Free.
11. This one knows that she is to follow all commands given her, as long as it doesn't go against the laws of the Oasis.
12. This one knows she owns nothing, including her name, that anything she has is owned by her owner. She knows that if she is found displeasing, all can be stripped from her.
13. This girl understands that she may be used by any Free, with permission of her owner, and may be used for anything by her Ubar and Ubara, regardless of restriction.
14. This girl understands that no girls are allowed travel within the first ninety days of their citizenship, unless first given express permission by their Master, or the Ubar or Ubara. This girl knows that if she travels and is captured, she will not be retrieved as girls of the Oasis are trained on how to escape capture.
15. This one knows that if given a “time out” by the Free, or if no Free are available to serve, she may retreat to her kennel. She also understands that if she has a kennel room, it is to be accepted by the Free and will have the city name.
16. This one feels the importance of this law is evident, and city business is always to be kept within the city, to keep the Oasis respected.
17. This girl will NEVER use a Free's name and will always address them as the title they require. This one vows to always serve any Free with the fire of an Oasis slave.
18. This one knows that she is always to speak in third person, as she is property and a slave.
19. This one knows that she may be used for breeding.
20. This girl feels that this law is important to keep any pregnancies from happening and so the Free are aware of their slaves health at all times.
21. This girl knows that she is property, and will not allow jealousy into her heart. She understands that she is expected to only be grateful for what she is given, and knows that if she is ever found displeasing, she will be punished.
22. This girl knows that pleasing slaves may wear silks after their thirty day probationary period is over.
23. This one knows and understands that slaves are not allowed to touch weapons at any time. This girl also knows that money is never to be touched, and if given, will carry it appropriately.
24. This one knows that slaves will be branded and collared within a reasonable time. She also understands that all slaves will be bathed before their ceremony so when they are claimed they are clean and pleasing.
25. This one knows the Greetings that are used and expected for Free Citizens and Candidates. She knows also this greeting is only for the Oasis Free. She knows also the orders of greets, and the order in which she is to greet.
26. This one feels this law is important for the quality of the Oasis slaves.
27. This girl understands when long greetings are not needed and she understands the meaning of low protocol.
28. This girl knows she is to be in tower before visiting Free and is to only greet with words, never to kiss their feet as is done with the Oasis Free.
29. This one understands fully that she is NEVER to be paid for her service by any Free unless she is working in a tavern.
30. This girl feels that this law is pertinent to the involvement of slaves for the city, to show that they are knowledgeable of it's goings on.
31. This girl knows that her status in this city, as well as her ownership, is a privilege, and that she is always to be conduction herself in a way that shows the Oasis in a positive light in everything she does. This one is always learning, as all Kajira are, and will adapt herself to knew knowledge as it is given to her by the Free.
32. This girl understands that she is not required to ask permission to enter a room if no Free are present, but must ask before leaving, in respect of who she is with.
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:55 am

awesome sister thank you
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PostSubject: Re: raychel Lessons   

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raychel Lessons
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