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 Visit and block order of Aetus

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PostSubject: Visit and block order of Aetus   Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:17 pm

ShanessaRhiRhi: -she looks to the FM- Tal stranger
LilithLevana11: thank you Master, may girl go to the blocks
YingfaLee: -backing away gently and moving to kneel with closed thighs before Mistress Scribe, bowing deeply and kissing Her feet gently- Tal Mistress, girl hopes you are well
ShanessaRhiRhi: you may lilith since it seems your Master is a bit busy
YingfaLee: towerdown
ShanessaRhiRhi: Tal ying I am well yes thank you
ShanessaRhiRhi: how are you hun?
LilithLevana11: thank you Mistress Scribe
YingfaLee: this one is well thank you Mistress
ShanessaRhiRhi: your welcome lilith
ShanessaRhiRhi: -she smiles- that is wonderful you may continue ying
TenrikNiels: Looks to the entryway-
YingfaLee: thank you Mistress
Aetus: The man's eyes drifted toward the one who addressed him, nodding in her direction. "Thank you. I am a Free person, and as such--I should ask if I may have a seat, as it is polite amongst strangers."
TenrikNiels: This is a Gorean RP room, we ask that all who enter rp and act accordingly."
YingfaLee: -moves before Mistress Banker kneeling and bowing deeply placing soft kisses upon Her feet- Tal Mistress girl hopes today finds you well
TenrikNiels: Aye you may stranger..
ShanessaRhiRhi: -she noded to the FM-
raychlOasisScimitars: *glances to the Free Man.*
YingfaLee: -moves to a pillow and awaits to greet the visiting Master-
TenrikNiels: ~Needs a secretary today~
raychlOasisScimitars: *giggles*
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: hmmm
ShanessaRhiRhi: (who does)
Guest_DarkWings8: ( Mistress Banker Did this one Greeted You? )
TenrikNiels: (I do)
TenrikNiels: hehehe
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: no
ShanessaRhiRhi: (what you need filing)
LilithLevana11: (girl can be your secritary ;p)
Guest_DarkWings8: ( this one apologizes )
ShanessaRhiRhi: (winks)
raychlOasisScimitars: *smiles brightly*
raychlOasisScimitars: This one can write, Master, if it is needed. *smirks*
YingfaLee: tal sister ray
YingfaLee: tal brother
raychlOasisScimitars: Tal sister. *smiles*
LilithLevana11: may this one return please
Aetus: "Thank you." He smiled and took his place amongst the others, taking a seat. "You may call me Sir Aetus, if you like. Or Sir Asshole. Either one works." Was that a grin? Yes, yes, it was. [ I'd need a secretary...too bad it mostly ends up with me pounding her against the desk, of course. ]
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: yes lily
ShanessaRhiRhi: you may
YingfaLee: this one is able to write also
Guest_DarkWings8: -He rizes as he walks towards Mistress Banker as he Bows down and places a soft kiss before her feets as he greets her- Tal Mistress Banker, How are you?
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: tal boy how are you
YingfaLee: tal sister lilith
ShanessaRhiRhi: (O.O)
raychlOasisScimitars: *She rises from her kneel on the pillow to move toward the visiting Master. Kneeling before him quielty, legs firmly closed, she nods* Tal, Master. And welcome to the Oasis.
ShanessaRhiRhi: (hmmm looks like all our secretaries have gone to break)
TenrikNiels: Where have you travelled from Aetus?
Guest_DarkWings8: Smiles- this one is well Mistress Banker, Thank You Mistress Banker
Aetus: [ Disappoint. ]
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: you may go on
TenrikNiels: ok, I am in two chats right now, if I open another window I will crash
ShanessaRhiRhi: (better luck in the next city you come across)
Guest_DarkWings8: Tal Sister
TenrikNiels: If pounding the girls here is what you are after you have came to the wrong place..
Aetus: He clears his throat, eyes descending upon the girl that approached him. "Thank you. And what may I refer to you as?" He sliced that gaze upon the other free man.
LilithLevana11: 0.0
Aetus: [ I was kidding. ]
raychlOasisScimitars: *she nods gently* This one is called raychel, Master.
TenrikNiels: [I was not]
Aetus: [ Noted. ]
TenrikNiels: [Indeed]
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: -listens to the conversation closely thinking-
TenrikNiels: Again I ask, where have you travelled from to be among us today ?
LilithLevana11: *smiles to her Master*
ShanessaRhiRhi: -she listen quietly-
Aetus: "I coem from Venus to ransack all your girls and ravage your boys.." He said this blandly. "It was a pleasure meeting you, raychel. Your Master is very lucky to have you." And then he was rising from his seat, nodding to raychel on his way out. Asshole.
YingfaLee: (goodness)
LilithLevana11: 0.0
raychlOasisScimitars: *She raises a brow, shaking her head and returning to the pillow*
Guest_DarkWings8: -He crunches his fingers- you can try
LilithLevana11: aww brother our protector *smiles softly to him*
ShanessaRhiRhi: smh really
ShanessaRhiRhi: he just want to call my love a asshole
raychlOasisScimitars: *sighs*
ShanessaRhiRhi: bring his butt right back in here I have some words for him)
Guest_DarkWings8: hes to much of an asswhole he upgraded to prick
raychlOasisScimitars: :/))
TenrikNiels: leave him be
raychlOasisScimitars: I suspect if we invited him, he'd decline.))
TenrikNiels: he is beneath our words or actions
Guest_DarkWings8: Most likely
TenrikNiels: post his visit and a block order per me
raychlOasisScimitars: *she brushes her hands across her silk, saying nothing, only shaking her head a bit.*
raychlOasisScimitars: Yes, Master

It is ordered by Master First Sword to block this man. ~Raychel
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PostSubject: Re: Visit and block order of Aetus   Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:42 am

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PostSubject: Re: Visit and block order of Aetus   Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:20 am

some just have a one track mind
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PostSubject: Re: Visit and block order of Aetus   Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:58 am

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PostSubject: Re: Visit and block order of Aetus   Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:21 pm

very sick and disturbing
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PostSubject: Re: Visit and block order of Aetus   Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Visit and block order of Aetus   

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Visit and block order of Aetus
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