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 eris Lessons

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PostSubject: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:57 am

Transfer finished lessons here.
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:44 pm

Weekly Lesson #1 - Entrance

on Tue 19 Jun - 8:34

~before jogging up the stairs she stops briefly to dust the grains of sand from the bottom of her tiny feet, eager to see who she may serve she turns quickly to make her way to the entrance...a small mist that blows through the air from the sea dampens her thin camisk making it cling to the form of her light bronzed skin...the waves of her silky raven hair bouncing against her back as she climbs each step...as she tops the stairs her sable eyes dancing in her head as she turns slowly taking in the beauty of her surroundings... she gathers herself as she hears voices coming from the deck which leads to the Grand Hall...the guard nudges her on her shoulder then allows her to move to the entrance of the deck...gracefully she lowers herself to her knees bending her tiny waist with her hands outstretched over her head crossing at the wrist...the light breeze blowing against her damp skin causes tiny chill bumps to raise on her soft skin...the sound of her soft voice echoes across the air as she speaks..~ "may this one enter if it pleases the Free?"
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:49 pm

Weekly Lesson #2 (Greets)

on Sun 24 Jun - 8:49

Greetings to Master of our Home
her ears perked in response to Master deep voice saying " you may enter". she stood to her feet stretching her sleek frame tall allowing her silks to fall to the form of her rounded hips. with each step the heel and ball of her tiny feet kissing the cool marble tile. as she approached the Master she knelt before Him through obedience with her glistening bronzed thighs spread the width of her shoulders and her hips resting on her heels and her eyes to the floor...she leaned close to His feet to press her supple lips against His worn boots to deliver a lingering kiss to each one.. first the right then then left..she sat back on her heels with her back straight and her delicate hand resting palms up on her thighs.. her voice soft but seductive as she spoke..."Greetings Master" "how may this girl serve you?"

Greetings to Visiting Mistress

the slave pillow held her as she sat resting on her heels with her back straight and her inner thighs together and palms down.. she turned her head towards the visiting Mistress whose face was veiled in the matching color of her royal blue garments. girls melodic voice spoke softly... "Greetings Mistress" ...may this one offer you a cool and refreshing drink?"

Proper Order of Greet

slave's Personal Owner (Only if personal slave of a Free)
Ubar / Ubara (Ubar first)
Black Masters on Council
Free Women on Council
Schendi Masters
Schendi Free Women
Visiting Masters
Visiting Mistresses
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:53 pm

Weekly Lesson #3 (Be Right Back, exit, return)

on Fri 29 Jun - 17:40

1) Please show a post in asking to be right back and tell the procedure for brb

(May this one be excused for few ehn due to real life someone is at her door) ~girl moves to a block~ aftergiven permission to do so... (Thank You Master/Mistress). (If Master/Mistress are preoccupied and girl has waited and no response then she would move quietly after making her post)

When a slave needs to leave the room temporarily (due to a real life situation of 15 minutes or less) and plans to leave her character in the room afk… she needs to do the following; Ask the Free if you may be excused due to (real life work, call, children, etc)… use the ( ) to designate OOC, then wait until they say you may and then thank them and go AFK (use an "AFK" or "BRB" sign) and then move to a block. You are not to just say afk or brb… call or must go for a few, etc. (*slaves must be respectful and polite and not use familiar forms such as abbreviations or casual language*

2) Show post of the asking to leave and post the example of an exit post

(May this one be excused for the evening Master? she must get ready for real life work)

After hearing "yes you may" ... "Thank You Master/Mistress. Well wishes Master/Mistress. well wishes sisters." -she shifts her position to rise gracefully to her feet~.. her feet kissing the cool tile as they glide across the floor through the kitchen...she skips down the back steps...making her way to the kennel

3) Show post asking to return and post an example of returning post

(May this one return please?) (Thank You Master/Mistress) ~girl returns to Masters side~
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:57 pm

on Thu 5 Jul - 14:20
Weekly Lesson #4 (Vessels of Gor)


There are a variety of drinking vessels used on Gor. Some examples of these drinking vessels are: cups, brass cups, glasses, bowls, goblets, metal goblets, a silver goblet studded with rubies, a golden goblet, and a kantharos, wineskins or botas made from verrskin leather, bottles so large they must be supported by a shoulder sling, bronze vessels with a similar strap, a hydria or water vessel, as well as bottles, sealed with the insignia of the brewer.

Amphora: Is a two handled, narrow necked vessel with a narrow, pointed base; it is commonly buried overnight in the earth in a storage hole with only its neck left above the surface; to cool certain beverages. Each Amphora would hold several gallons of liquid, and are generally used to transport and store wines.
I assumed, in an amphora, buried to the neck in the cool earth. Sometimes Earth girls, first brought to Gor, do not understand why so many of these two-handled, narrow-necked vessels have such a narrow, usually pointed base, for they cannot stand upright on such a base.(Mercenaries of Gor, page 257)

Bazi Tea cups: The Bazi tea ceremony is carried out using three small cups, as dictated by ritual. These three cups can be made of various materials from precious metals cups of sivler or gold to plain enameled cups. The three cups could be part of a set, specifically for the tea ceremony or individual cups.

Book 10: Tribesmen of Gor, page 38; Book 12: Beasts of Gor, pages 206, 209 and 212

BlackWine Vessels
Can be served in a variety of containers; a silver cup, small red or black enameled cup, thick clay bowls or mug

Brass Cups: Some of the plainer women are sold for as little as a brass cup;
Some of the plainer women are sold for as little as a brass cup; a really beautiful girl, particularly if of free birth and high caste, might bring as much as forty pieces of gold; such are, however, seldom sold; (Nomads of Gor, Chapter 2)

Botas: A bag with a reclosable stopper or cork, commonly made of verrskin leather; used to transport liquids. Often utilized by serving slave girls, especially in the camps. Bota's are 'generally' used for traveling only
They were passing about a bota of paga and, between dancing and trying to hold one another up, managed to weave unsteadily by. One of them looked at me and from his eyes I judged he may have seen at least three of me and offered me a swig of the bota, which I took.(Asassins of Gor)

Bottle: There are two types of bottles, very large ones, similar to jugs, that are used to refill bowls and goblets, and smaller sizes that are more like large wine bottles, they come with a corked top, like a wine bottle. Some are so large they must be supported by a shoulder sling
For all his uproarious stomping about the wagon last night, Paga bottle in hand, singing gusty Tuchuk songs, half frightening Miss Cardwell to death, he seemed in good spirits, looking about, whistling, occasionally pounding a little rhythm on the side of his saddle.

Bowl: From bowls for eating to bowls holding the oils for the lamps, to a shallow fire bowl. Dinner bowl is 6 inches across and flat on the bottom. Paga bowl is 5 inches across and footed. Slave bowl is 4 inches and shallow. Wine bowl or crater 3-4 inches across and is flat on the bottom. very heavy and very deep.
A gesture from the proprietor, the grimy man in the tunic of white and gold, one of the serving slaves, with a flash of ankle bells, hurried to the Assassin and set before him a bowl, which she trembling filled from the flask held over her right forearm. Then, with a furtive glance at the girl chained at the side of the room, the serving slave hurried away (Assassins of Gor)

Cup: As I entered the room the men rose to their feet and shouted and lifted their cups in salute. (Outlaw of Gor, chapter 4)
Drinking Horns: Are made from the horns of animals, are often decorated with precious metals or jewels and can be found hanging beside the shelves in the servery. Some Freepersons carry their own Drinking Horns and may prefer to use them to the ones in the establishment. Drinking horns are most often used to hold mead.
Flasks: "There were flasks of wine there, and bottles of the brew called paga; stores of salt, grains, dried meats and vegetables; tunics, cloths and blankets; too, there were tools and utensils, and threads and needles; I found some perfumes and jewelries." "Slave Girl" page 50

Glasses / Goblets : There are many references to glasses and goblets of all sizes. Small, heavy, curved glass was nearby, on a flat box, which would hold some two ounces of the tea. Bazi tea is drunk in tiny glasses, usually three at a time, carefully measured. (Tribesman of Gor chapter Cool

Hydria: Described as a high handled water vessel, something similar is used by slave girls to dip paga from simmering kettles.
There were perhaps a hundred men, here and there, within the enclosure, and some fifteen or twenty girls. The girls filled their vessels, which, like the hydria, or water vessel, are high-handled, for dipping, in a large kettle hung simmering over a fire near the entrance to the enclosure. Warm paga makes one drunk quicker, it is thought. I usually do not like my paga heated, except sometimes on cold nights (Vagabonds of Gor, page 16)
Jars:"Fetch your wine and return," said Ute. I dipped the wine vessel into the great stone jar, again filling it." Captive of Gor" page 326

Kantharos: This is basically just a pitcher used to store various beverages. She knelt near the table, put the tray on the floor, unbidden performed obeisance and then, as though submissively, put to the tray on the table, and put the paga, in a small kantharos, and the bread on its trencher, before me. Then she put the bowl of porridge, with a spoon, before me. (Renegades of Gor)

Kegs/barrels: Are not exactly drinking vessel but they are used to store some of the beverages that you will be serving . Do not allow the contents to foam too much.

Kettle: Used for heating water or cooking in
Pitchers: "Tribesman of Gor" page
"One of them carried a large pitcher of the diluted Ka-la-na wine and stepped behind us, climbing the two steps to the broad wooden dais on which our tables were set."
"Assassin of Gor" page 88

Plate: A plate is a foot to 18 inches across, think dinner plate
"With a serving prong she placed narrow strips of roast bosk and fried sul on my plate." Guardsman of Gor, page 234
Rence Beer Serving Vessel:
Rence beer is served in a guord or flagon that it is poured into.
Book 6: Raiders of Gor, pages 18 and 44

Tankards: "The Forkbeard himself now, from a wooden keg, poured a great tankard of ale, which must have been of the measure of five gallons. Over this he then closed his fist. It was the sign of the hammer, the sign of Thor. The tankard then, with two great bronze handles, was passed from hands to hands among the rowers. The men threw back their heads and, the liquid spilling down their bodies, drank ale. It was the victory ale." "Maraurders of Gor" page 82
Tiny glasses: Like many strong liquors on urth are served in tiny glasses like shot glasses.

"I shared breakfast with Elizabeth who informed me that it was better than the porridge below in the trough in the feeding room for female staff slaves,..." Assassin of Gor, pages 106-107
This quote mentions the use of a ladle, and bowls... "The slender blond girl, who had been giving men water from the skin bag, was now given the work of filling small bowls from the large wooden bowl, for the bond-maids. She used a bronze ladle...The girls, including the slender blondish girl, emptied their bowls, even to licking them, that no grain be left..." Marauders of Gor, pages 64-65 ~*~

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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:01 pm

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #5 (Serve)

on Wed 11 Jul - 9:06

Steps to Onyx Serve for Her Mistress:

1.knelt before Her Mistress.. offering her serve
2.verified the meal and how she wanted her wine before leaving the room
3.cleaned her hands
4.cleaned each item used to serve Her Mistress
5.checked each for imperfections (twice)
6.placed her serve on a tray
7.brought the bottle of wine to where (Free) Mistress could see it opened
8. asked Mistress if she could now serve her
9.kissed it and held it to her heart to show her love and gratitude to serve Her Mistress
10.waited to be dismissed

onyx: she knelt before her Mistress in tower position... her knees pressed firmly together, as she rested her firm hips on her heels...she stretched back tall as her hands rested on her curving bronzed thighs her palms up....she spoke in a mellow tone to Her Mistress...”Mistress the hour is near for Your evening meal, may this one offer You anything to eat or drink?”

Mistress: yes mine serve me baked bosk, a salad of katch and palm wine

onyx: yes her Mistress...~gracefully she stood to her feet..and before leaving her side~ she asked her Mistress...baked bosk and ketch salad.. Mistress will the palm wine be chilled, hot or room temperature?

Mistress: yes mine and serve the wine at room temperature

onyx: yes her Mistress..~she turns and walks to the kitchen...her tiny feet gliding quickly across the floor... her long strides showing off her shapely thighs as they brushed through her silks...her back slightly arched forward...with each stride the waves of her raven hair flowing across her petite shoulders as she enters the kitchen...reaching the basin she poured warm water from the vase over her tiny hands then added a scented soap...and scrubbed them before walking to the cabinet to remove all that she needed to serve Her Mistress..a white porcelain plate trimmed in gold, a long stem crystal goblet and the appropriate silverware and a napkin for her lap...

she filled the two small barrels with warm water.. adding soap flakes to only one... careful not to chip the plate or goblet, she washed, rinsed and dried them first before cleansing the silverware she wiped each one until she could see her reflection...to check the dinnerware for imperfections she extended her slender arm... placing the rim of the plate on the tenderness of her wrist .. turning it slowly on her wrist, checking it for cracks and chips...she did the same for the goblet and neither were found to be damaged... girl wiped the plate and goblet once again with a rep cloth the set them aside...she held the silverware between a folded rep cloth and began to polished it then wiped the silver tray, each piece of silver sparkled like the brightest stars in the sky...when all are polished she set it on the cupboard counter...

onyx: ~she walks to the wine rack~.. she stretched her sleek body to place her tiny hands around the neck of the bottle of Palm wine.. it was closer to the top of the rack..pulling forth the first bottle as she stood on her tippy toes..she decided to pull another ….her round hips swaying back and forth from the waist as she moved about the kitchen...she took a clean rep cloth and wiped down each bottle before setting them on the tray...girl grabbed two thick rep cloths before opening the oven.. the heat of the oven hitting her in the face as she leaned in to place the thick rep cloths at the edge of the pan holding the bosk... with a firm grip she pulled it out of the oven and sets it on top of the stove...she removed the lid of the roasting pan and was pleased that the bosk had cooked to it's tenderness... she sliced a nice serving then place it on the plate for her Mistress... girl ran down to the cool storage room to get some of the fresh katch that she had picked from the garden for dinner... she broke it and placed neatly on the plate.. topping with freshly baked croutons.. and a nice semi sweet mixture over the broken ketch...she place the plate, goblet, napkin and bottle of wine on the silver tray....before leaving the kitchen she placed the remaining bosk back in the oven to remain warm...

her slender fingers wrapped around the edge of the tray as she lifted it and turned on her heels.. heading to the dining area to where Her Mistress had moved...she entered the room beaming a smile on her sweet lips.. her long legs moving her gracefully across the floor to where she knelt to the side of Her Mistress in tower position.. placing the tray on the floor.. then spoke softly.. “Mistress may this one serve You?”

Mistress:.. she looked down at her as she spoke.. “yes mine, you may serve me”

onyx:she brushed her long raven hair across her shoulders then lifted the plate kissed the rim..she then held it to her heart for three beats and offered it to Her Mistress.. she repeated her motions with the silverware...

Mistress:.. thank you mine

onyx: You're most welcome..she picks up the bottle of Palm Wine with her delicate hands... places it between her knees.. she bends to pull the cork..with one swift pull she hears the bottle pop.. she checks the rim for missing pieces.. running her fingertip around the edge slowly... she finds a small chip at the rim.. she seals the bottle with the cork and sets it aside... she opens a fresh bottle and checks it for missing pieces; and finds to be free of chips or imperfections around the rim...she lifts the bottle to pour, filling Her long stem goblet a little over half full..then sets the bottle of Palm Wind down on the tray... with the tips of her fingers she pushes the cork back into the bottle..she lifts the goblet to her heart, then kisses the side opposite of where she would drink... she gives Her Mistress a soft smile as her eyes briefly meet with Hers...as she raises her arms above her head to off Her Mistress the wine, she quickly averts her eyes down and says.. girl hopes this Palm Wine quenches the thirst of Your lips and refreshes Your spirit...

Mistress: thank you mine, you're dismissed

onyx: Thank You her Mistress ~she rises carefully she grips the neck of the bottle with a chipped rim and places it on the tray.. returning to the kitchen.. ..she brushes her raven hair over her shoulder letting it bounce against her back... her slave bells softly clinging as her feet kiss the floor...upon reaching the kitchen she pours the wine out from the bottle that was chipped.. she tosses the bottle in the trash.. cleans her silver tray and puts it away...
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:04 pm

on Sat 21 Jul - 21:12

Weekly Training Lesson #6 (brush-up on slave laws)

This weeks lesson will be a brush-up on slave laws for rp hoping this will help the new sisters:

When do you come to room? No later than 10 minutes of you sign on time to imvu

What room are you to go to when online? Port of Schendi Grand Hall

When in pc with a Free do you go to a block or leave main room? Go to a block

What do you do when a role play is active? follow the role play and look for an opportunity to join in

Can you just ooc while a role play going on? No.. all ooc should be posted (( ))

Is it ok to nadu in front of a Free Women? Not unless you know she has agreed to it prior to doing so.

What happens if jealousy is shown?One is subject to but not limited to capitol punishment

How do you escape a capture? Show example post
::He lunged toward the girl attempting to grab her wrist::

:: She raised her arm and spun the opposite direction of which he lunged .. letting him fall to the floor...sliding away from her::

*girl copied the chat then

::she turned on the balls of her feet facing the exit*harta*...the long strides of her toned legs moved her quickly out the door::
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:31 pm

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #7 (Information of Schendi)

on Wed 25 Jul - 18:52

While reading through the information of the City of Schendi it brought even more understanding to girl about a city she truly loves. girl found the following information for her essay.

The city of Schendi as we know it is administered by Ubar Ulafi and Ubara Juicy. History shows the city origianally was administered by the Merchant Caste though the identiy of the actual Administrator is never given. The word "Schendi" has no real meaning on its own. It might possibly be a corruption of the inland dialect word "Ushindi" which means "victory." When sailing over Thassa, the first sign you detect that you are nearing Schendi will be found about thirty to forty pasangs out to sea. You will begin to notice brownish stains in the water, traces of sediment from the Kamba and Nyoka rivers, both which exit at Schendi. The first actual land you will reach is Point Schendi, located on a small peninsula. The city of Schendi is then about four pasangs from the Point.

When entering the port, ships must keep a buoy lane on their port side. Ships leaving the port do the same thing. The buoy lines are color coded to lead to certain wharf sections. For example, the buoy line with yellow and white stripes leads to the general merchant wharves. There are more than forty merchant wharves in this area, each which holds four ships to a side. The harbor of Schendi is very large, about eight pasangs wide and up to three pasangs deep. At the eastern end of the harbor, the Nyoka River flows into it. The river's waters are channeled between stone embankments, set about two hundred yards apart. Because the embankments narrow the river at this point, the water enters the harbor much quicker than it would normally flow. If you wish to travel up the Nyoka River from the harbor, there is a bypass that is similar to a lock system. This bypass provides calm waters to allow easy shipping until the natural flow of the Nyoka can be reached. This bypass is more commonly called the "hook."

Schendi has a population of about a million people, most of them blacks, so it is a substantiallly sized city. Gorean is the official language of Schendi and only a small percentage of its people speak the inland dialects of the jungles. Schendi is also the home port to the infamous League of Black Slavers. The League are an organized group of pirates, well known for their cruelty. They generally restrict their pirating and slaving to the waters far from Schendi, not wishing to prey upon their own people. The League generally does not sell their captures in Schendi. They prefer to sell them closer to other slave markets or at the Sardar fairs.

The sign of Schendi is the "shackle and scimitar". The shackle obviously symbolizes slavery and maybe more specifically the League of Black Slavers. The scimitar is a weapon common to the city and is sometimes used as a means of discipline or punishment. The infamous Schendi "scimitar of discipline" may be used to cut off the feet of an errant slave.

Due to its location on the equator, Schendi does not really experience a winter. During what would be winter in the southern hemisphere, it instead has a dry season. It is not really dry during this time but is actually only a season with less rain than the rest of the year. There are thought to be two dry seasons and two rainy seasons each year. The peasants and other farmers do their main planting at the start of the dry season because of the lesser rains. During the rainy season, any seeds planted would likely be washed away by the constant downpours. There are commonly two major rains each day at this time. Because of these heavy rains, a peasant must move his field every two to three seasons as the land gets depleted of minerals and nutriments by the constant rains. Entire villages must move due to this situation. Farmers in this region are more like gardeners than actual farmers. The infertility of the land is a primary reason why large population centers have not developed in the interior regions. The land will not support a large permanent settlement for any substantial length of time. The weather though does aid the Merchant trade as it permits shipping to and from Schendi all year round.

Schendi is not really a fortress or well-armed city. It does not even have a navy. It is simply a merchant city with little real protection against attack. The major tribes of the jungles could probably capture the city if they truly tried to do so. Despite its lack of defenses, the books do not detail any prior attacks from other cities. Only the jungle tribes seem to pose any true threat to the port. Because of its close proximity to the jungles, Schendi also possesses its own unique odor. Within the city, you can smell pungent spices offset by the smell of the aromatic flowers and rotting vegetation. This offers quite a cacophony of aromas.

Schendi is an important port for Merchants from all over Gor. Many important Merchant houses, from a variety of cities, have offices or agents here. Schendi exports a number of products, some very unique to the city. The city has many Leather Workers engaged in the tooling of kailiauk hide. Kailiauk leather and horns are thus one of the major exports. Spices of all sorts are another such export. Palm wine is exported but there is no description of what this wine is like. We do not know its color or flavor. Small, carefully carved sapphires are also exported. The sapphires are generally a deep blue, thoughs others may be purple, white, or yellow. The sapphires are commonly carved into tiny panthers though other animals may also be carved. Ironically, despite the existence of the League of Black Slavers, slaves do not count as a major export of Schendi because they sell most of their slaves far from the city. The city does though have a number of excellent slave markets such as Ushanga, Mkufu, Utajiri, Dhahabu, Fedha, Marashi, Hariri, Kovu and Ngoma.

Most buildings within the city have been constructed of wood and have wooden ventilation shafts on their rooves. These can be easily opened or closed. An old Schendi trick is to hang strings of dried peas from the ceiling of your home. If someone then walks on the roof, the pressure they exert will release the peas. This is an excellent way to silently detect intruders. At night, small bells can be attached to the strings to wake you from your sleep. Even Tarl Cabot ran afoul of this trick when he was sneaking around Schendi.

A typical Schendi Merchant seamen may wear the following outfit. He may wear an aba to cover his head. An aba is like a hood in that it covers the head and descends down the back some. The aba may be a common article in Schendi due to the heat. Over the aba may be a cap with the two golden tassels of Schendi. He will also wear an ankle-length, loosely sleeved robe, though it may be a "tobe" instead of a robe. A tobe may be a special type of robe but I have yet to find an Earth reference to it. The book mentions the term "tobe" twice but that might be just a spelling error. I'll keep checking on that. The colors of the robe will be white and gold if he is a Merchant or blue and gold if he is a Slaver. Around the robe will be a sash and that might hold a curved dagger.

Lower caste women of Schendi and the jungles, and the white slaves in Schendi, are often taught to carry jars on their heads. This is done without the use of their hands or a towel to act as a base. It is considered to be good exercise for a girl's posture.

Other People of Schendi:

Mamba People: "Mamba" is an inland dialect word that means "tharlarion." It generally refers to the predatory river tharlarion in the region. The Mamba people resemble tharlarion as they are cannibals who file their teeth. These may be the only known cannibals on Gor.

Pygmies: These people are no taller than five feel tall and weigh no more than eighty pounds. Though their features are negroid their skin color is more coppery than dark brown or black. They wear loincloths with vine belts. From the loops on their belts they hang hand knives and small implements. They carry spears and nets, fish, hunt and make cloth. They speak their own language. Tarl Cabot encounters one group of pygmies and it is unclear if other bands of pygmies exist elsewhere in the jungles. These pygmies were the slaves of a band of talunas and had been taught Gorean by them. Due to their small size, the talunas had overpowered them. Tarl showed the pygmies how they could earn their freedom and enslave the talunas. The pygmies were successful.

Talunas: These are white-skinned girls who chose to live in the jungles. They come from various cities to the south of the jungles, some free women, some escaped slaves. They bear some similarities to the panther girls of the northern forests. The word "taluna" is never translated in the books so we cannot say that "taluna" means "panther." Talunas wear brief animal skins, necklaces of claws, and sometimes gold adornments. They live in small thatched huts in small bands. They are not known to have dancing circles like the panther girls. Talunas despise slave girls and this one band that Tarl encountered had enslaved a group of pygmies. There is little indication of how many taluna bands exist and what differences may exist between them.

Schendi Quote:
Schendi was an equatorial free port, well known on Gor.
It is also the home port of the League of Black Slavers.
"In Schendi," said Ulafi, "there are fortunes and there are dangers."
all quotes from Explorers of Gor

on Thassa approaching Schendi
"Do you smell it?" asked Ulafi.
"Yes," I said. "It is cinnamon and cloves, is it not?"
"Yes," said Ulafi, "and other spices, as well."
"How far are we out of Schendi?" I asked.
"Fifty pasangs," said Ulafi.
We could not yet see land.

Items of Schendi:

Here are a few items mentioned in the books that appear indigenous to the city of Schendi.

Curved dagger of Schendi: Though this weapon is not described in detail, its name is indicative of its basic shape. It is curved, possibly like a scimitar. These daggers are generally worn in a sash and may be common for Schendi sailors to wield.

Etem: This is the sitting place for a beggar in Schendi. It is a flat, rectangular stone. It is very heavy and maybe a foot high.

Fang ring: This ring is meant to hold poison, often kanda. When you make a fist, you use your thumb to press a switch. The switch makes a fang of hollow steel spring up. The stel will be poisoned so that you can then scratch or pierce someone and get the poison into their blood.

Panga: This is a two-foot long, heavy, curved bush knife. It is most often used in the jungles to clear vegetation when traveling. Like the dagger and scimitar of Schendi, it is another curved blade.

Areas within the City of Schendi

The following locations and places in Schendi are specifically mentioned within the books. Obviously there are many other areas in the city that do exist but that were not mentioned in the books.

Schendi has a Street of Coins and a Street of Tapestries.

The Fish Canal, which leads from the harbor, is adjacent on the south to a large market where river fish are sold. These fish are food for the city and are generally not exported. In the equatorial waters of Thassa, most of the fish are poisonous to eat due to certain seaweeds the fish eat. These seaweeds are not toxic to the fish. River fish are generally safe to eat though. The official name of the Fish canal is the Tangawizi or Ginger canal but is most commonly called the Fish canal.

Utukufu square is a large area near where Kipofu, the Ubar of Beggars, has his chosen spot. Utukufu means "glory."

The Cove of Schendi is a rooming house located near wharf ten. The cove caters to foreign sailors and travelers. The rooms are small but adequate. They commonly possess a mattress on the floor, a sea chest, a low table, a tharlarion oil lamp, a bowl and a pitcher of water. There is also a slave ring on the floor near the mattress. Tarl Cabot stayed here while he was in Schendi.

The Golden Kailiauk is a paga tavern in the city owned by Pembe. At the time of Explorers of Gor, he had not owned a white-skinned kajira in many months. There is also a tavern in the city owned by Filimbi.
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on Mon 6 Aug - 0:01

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #8 (positions)

Post erisSchendi on Mon 30 Jul - 10:50

The slave lays on back on the floor feet to the floor, hands at sides palms open and up, legs are spread widely apart, lift hips off the floor slowly to entice


she lays on her back, her knees drawn up before me. She arched her back. her breasts were lifted beautifully.

I observed their lovely rise and fall, correlated with the respiratory cycle of her small lungs. Then she lay back, her shoulders in the dirt, and pressing against the earth with her small feet, piteously lifted before me, for my examination, and seizure, if I pleased, the belly of her, the sweet cradle of her slave's head.
Page 329. Explorers of Gor.Table

Other Positions:
Gorean Bow:The slave kneels in nadu position, she bends her body backwards, her head to the floor, she places her hands by her head, and pulls up into a back bend. (this position is very painful to maintain for longer than 5 min)

Thigh:(interjection): this command might be given to a female or to the Free person with a female, who is not identified. It essentially means, show your brand.

Walk:The slave walks, moving with grace, feet hardly leaving the floor, in controlled small steps consciously making her body appear seductive (hips sway, breasts movements, etc.)

There are many others but not knowing what assignments the others have.. girl will list these

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Weekly Lesson Lesson #9

Answers Across
2) Lit
4) Larma
6) Ubar
10 )Ar
11) Ehn
12 ) Camisk
15 ) Kajira
17) Free
18) Nadu
19) Blackwine

Answers Down
1) Dina
3) Kalmak
5) Homestone
7) Bara
'8 ) Ahn
9) Schendi
13) Sardar
14) Jarl
15 ) Kef
16) Mul

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Re: Weekly Training Lesson #10 (Dance)

on Thu 16 Aug - 20:16
The Last Dance For Her Master

Songs Used:.. Unchained Melody... & ...Seduces Me

She walks to the middle of the pit waiting for the music to begin.. standing with her left leg straight and the right bent at the knee with her toes in the sand..::she shakes her arms:: relaxing them to her side.. her slender back slightly arched with her head held back..her eye lids hooded over her chocolate sable eyes..while waiting for the music to begin Her Master walked in Her direction..stopping at the pole to wrap a leash at the base then hooking it to His collar that girl now wore...

this one held her chin high taking deep breaths trying to calm her belly which was full of butterflies as she was anxious for this to be her best performance....as she watched Him walk away she could feel her pulse increasing.. thinking this would be her last dance she would surrender to her Master..

her body was tense as the beats began.. her breathing studdering as she inhaled and exhaled pushing her round breast into a small heaving motion.. feeling the rhythm as she listened.... the curves of her hips began to sway back and forth... slowly tossing her head from side to side sending her long silky tresses brushing against the blades of her tiny shoulders...

a soft wanton whimper escaping her cherry red lips as she moves the palms of her delicate hands slowly up under her raven tresses lifting them high above her shoulders... shivering from her anxieties..mixed with the rare.. but cool Schendi breeze blowing gently over her hot flesh...

with closed eyes she laid her head back against the gentle wind thinking of the all the special moments they 'd shared....from ehns to ahns to ven to years...building a treasure of a lifetime... ..slowly spreading her slender arms.. her tresses dangling on her fingertips, falling in a feathering motion slowly against the curves of her back...

she held her hand to the pole.. as the rhythm grew stronger she began to break through the empty feelings of being alone....

the vibrating beat of the drums and the soothing soft sound of the winds kept her thoughts toward Her Master, girl's delicate hands begin to slide in a slow seductive manner along her bronzed satiny skin... rolling her slender fingers along the inner part of her widespread knees slowly lifting her head high continuously bending her back to bow like a willow tree bent in the wind.. the cool metal leash lying against her slender neck and across her hot flesh...

a misty sweat causing her Masters caste colored silks to cling to her form as she circled around the pole..she lifted her delicate hands to the curves of her shoulder tugging and pulling at the knot until she worked it loose, with a simple flick of her wrist it fell slowly from her fingertips, with her back arched, pressing her full breast forward...the royal blue silk, soft to her skin...slowly gliding over her perky raisin size nipples then down the seductive curves of her hips pooling about her feet...

directing the moves of the curves of her sensuous body.. she danced until the leash extended her to Her Masters feet....reaching her long slender arms, she stretched her slender fingers towards Him, yearning to feel the touch of His strong hands once again...she cried out.. “Masterrrrr....pleaseeee don't leave... “

closing her chocolate sable eyes while imagining her touch being replaced by that of her Beloved Master.. the One that owns her, she knew within her heart "The only freedom she would ever desire," would be the freedom to totally be His slave, His kajira...she imagined His strong hands caressing her curving hips His broad fingers holding her at the base of her arched back...His hot wet tongue melting between the valleys of her full melon breast...

she lunged towards the steel like pole as if she were jumping into her the strong arms of her Master wrapping her slender legs around it's form clenching it tight while squeezing her thighs to push herself up then using her dainty hands to pull her way up it's full length. As she reached the top of the pole.. the leash jerked against her neck forcing her moist thighs to slide down it's length..her hardened nipples tracing the cool steel like pole as she slid down...

reaching the base of the pole her lustful eyes never raising past the chest of her Master... her wanton body assumed the lustful position... sula-ki....her tiny feet flat to the ground with her thighs spread wide whipping her curved hips seductively pressing her shoulders in the sand...she rolled to her belly then raised herself up to stand on her feet...backing herself up against the steel then letting her frame slide down once again...

the sweat from her brow slowly rolling down her cheek mixing with the tears from her eyes...He lifted His hand motioning for her to come near....and her chocolate sable eyes briefly caught His gaze... Her breath panting in short rapid breaths while she quickly moved to approach Him..

the attached leash tugging at her collar as she reached His feet.. she followed His caressing eyes as she slid to her knees... her sweaty palms slowly caressing downward over her fiery belly then to the inner part of her creamy thighs pushing them open as wide as she could, exposing herself fully for His view....

she begged to speak and His permission was granted ...as she spoke these words in a tone that was soothing to only His ear... this one exist for You, and it is her desire to please and serve only You. She is much in love with Her Master as any earth girl could be. She gave all of her all only to Him, irreservedly, to hold nothing back, to live for Him, and, if necessary, to die for Him. It is the way of the female in love, for whom no service is too small, no sacrifice too great, offering herself selflessly as an oblation to Her Master...

the music fading softly in the background... this one whimpering softly not wanting to say good-bye... feeling the gaze of His ice blue eyes sweeping over her naked form....inhales deeply to take a deep breath, instinctively yielding her body into submission, leaning over at her slender waist to kiss His boots with open lips, before placing her cheek tenderly to the sand at His feet....relaxing as she closes her eyes, her breathing and heartbeat slowly returning to it's normal pace, while kneeling at the feet of the Master whose collar she wears, the Master that holds her life within His hands, her passion within His grasp, the Master who owns the heart of ….la kajira....
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on Wed 12 Sep - 4:25
Re: Weekly Training Lesson #11

Post erisSchendi on Wed 22 Aug - 2:14

What should you do when traveling? Post an entry stating where you're from, and your owner. Should be in the Schendi Grand Hall in the blocks.. (“BRB” sign on.). Must have received approval prior to traveling. Travel in safe zones. Should Free sign on and you're not in the Grand Hall.. you should return there immediately.
Do you know the law? Slave Law #9) slaves are generally required to spend 100% of their online time in Schendi and still need to report to room within 10 minutes of coming online but may travel as stated herein. slaves who have been in Schendi for 90 days and are in good standing may travel solo outside of Schendi if there are no Schendi Free online. slaves may not travel during their first 90 days. However, they must receive a general approval to travel prior to traveling (from their owner if a personal slave, or a member of Council if a city slave); may only travel to safe zones or pre-approved rooms (to be posted); must return immediately to Schendi (if not already in room with "BRB" sign), should any Schendi Free come online while slave is traveling; slave must post a full log of their travel within one hour of the visit; and finally, any slave captured while traveling, will not be sought after as they should know how to escape a room. Additionally, slaves may NOT travel at all during their probation period. CO

Then what should be in the logs from your travel?
1) what rooms they went to,
2) who they met with
3) and a short recap of what was discussed.
Post the full log of his/her travel which should state the room visited, who you met with, and a brief recap of the visit.

accompanied by the guard Lex from the Port of Schendi....eris riding in the bucket dangling below the tarns neck as they fly north to the city known as the home of Tarl Calbot .... the cool wind frigid against her light brown skin...causing it to feel dry and chafed... her thick raven mane whipping against her back as the fly... nearing the city they fly over the green and rolling hills, located near the mysterious body of water simply known as Thassa, the Sea. , with his wings spread wide they begin to float down with eris swinging back and forth in the bucket they glide down to a smooth landing...at the sound of her tarns squeal, the people in the path below begin to scatter ….the loud sound of the tarns feet thump... thump.. thump...thump sliding in the dirt...forming a small cloud of dust....stopping short of the Ko-ro-ba Grand Hall...eris began to cough as she inhaled taking a deep breath.... waving her hand in front of her to clear her view...the guard takes her hand as she leaped from the bucket, her tiny feet kissing the ground...she ran towards the door then came to a sudden stop...as she balled up her tiny fist and began to knock on the door.....the guard inside pulls the heavy wooden door open wide enough for her to slip inside.. she stepped inside and the door closed behind her.. she kneels bending at the waist..prostrate on the floor.. her knees bent, her arms stretched over her head... her arms crossed at the wrist...~ she speaks in a soft voice~..this girl is erisSchendi from the Port of Schendi.. owned by Her Mistress Bella of Schendi..she begs to enter if it pleases the Free...

Free:.. you may enter

~rising to her feet, her eyes quickly glancing around the room...~again she speaks in a soft voice asking~..... where would you like for her to sit..

Free: you may take a pillow

erisSchendi: Thank You and tal Mistress

~she rises to her feet..her lean feminine structure stretched tall as her long strides conduct the graceful swaying of her hips...as they move seductively from side to side...her feet glide smoothly across the cool marble tiles...she holds her chin up displaying her Schendi collar...her slave bells softly clinging in the rhythm of her movement... she reaches her pillow.. and slowly lowers herself to a tower kneel cradling her hips on her heels...her toned thighs kissing together...her back arched slightly.. pushing her breast out... her chocolate sable eyes averted....~

::after taking her seat the Mistress looked to erisSchendi::

Free:.. girl you have traveled far from your homeland, state your business here in the city of Ko-ro-ba

erisSchendi: may this one approach?

Free: yes girl you may

erisSchendi:.. pushing herself up and balancing on her fingertips, she stood and walked to the Free, extending her arm.. girl has been sent by her UbaraJuicyofSchendi to deliver this scroll to the Administrator of Ko-ro- bo, Master Redbeard

Free:.. He extended His masculine arms to take the scroll. His large hands brushing across her slender fingers as He lifted it from eris's hand..

erisSchendi: her sable eyes watched as His huge hands unroll the scroll... Master Redbeard read it silently, then aloud so all could hear what it said.. “Greetings to the City Administrator of Ko-ro-ba. The Ubar and Ubara of Schendi would like to offer the Ko-ro-ba Administrator the opportunity to market a trade in exchange of Schendi's Palm Wine, Saphires and Spices.

Free:... As administrator of the city of Ko-ro-ba I will consider a trade agreement..to fairly trade our goods.

erisSchendi: her sable eyes dancing as she looks towards the Free~ speaking in a soft voice~... May girl be dismissed if it pleases the Free?

erisSchendi:~in a soft voice she speaks~... *girl wishes you well* ~she shifts herself to a position allowing her to push herself up... she rises to her feet.. stretching her long legs as her silks fall and form around her... she turns and walks slowly to the door.. her back straight and her head held high.. to display her Schendi Collar...her feet glide across the floor... she glances quickly at t he Ko-ro-ba guard giving Him a flirting smile, as she reaches the door.. pulling it open slowly.. seeing the guard Master Lex that accompanied her from the Port of Schendi waiting outside... she turns and waves before closing the door behind her....she walks behind her guard until they reach the tarn that will carry them back home to the south”she climbed into the basket and waited for the command....~

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on Wed 12 Sep - 4:31

Weekly Lesson #12.. Choosing of weapons to write an essay about.. later used for r'p with guards:

Girl chooses the following weapons to be used by the guards in their defense of Schendi.

Shield: Several different types of shields are described in the series. Typically they are round in shape, though they range in size from the huge shield used by the Gor-bound Kurii to the small bucklers wielded by gladiators in the Stadium of Blades in Ar. The most common shield in use upon Gor is the standard warrior's shield of the civilized cities. This is a largish round shield comprised of many concentric overlapping layers of dried shaped leather, probably stretched over a wooden or metal frame, and banded for extra strength with brass or iron bands. It is fitted with a pair of straps whereby it can be worn upon the user's arm, typically the left one, and is worn slung across the back for ease of movement while its user in traveling from place to place. Among the civilized armies of Gor such shields are normally painted boldly and have in-fixed in them some device for identifying the bearer's city. The warriors of the southern city of Turia are known for their usage of distinctive shields which are oval, rather than circular, in shape.

Axe (Battle): This weapon is described as a single-bladed ax of hardened iron, with a blade of anywhere from eight 8 to fourteen (14) inches in width. It is mounted on a thick wooden handle and also usually has a wrist thong attached to the end the handle, which enables it to be more easily retained during combat. Used in conjunction with a round iron bound shield of wood and hardened leather, it is used by the men of Torvaldsland.

Spear: The common Gorean battle spear, designed to be used both in single combat and thrown, though it is typically depicted primarily as a missile weapon. Aided by the significantly lighter gravity of the Counter-Earth, it is deadly when thrown, quite capable of penetrating thick shields and even passing virtually unhindered through the body of its victim. As described by Tarl Cabot, the typical Gorean spear is approximately seven feet in length, with a fitted wooden handle up to two inches thick, capped by a leaf-shaped, tapering bronze spear head eighteen inches in length. Alternately this spear head can be made of steel, which is probably true in many cases, bronze being too soft and brittle a metal for repeated or long-term usage. The handle itself is usually made from ka-la-na wood, and can be banded with metal near the juncture of the spearhead socket to prevent the handle from shearing when thrown.

Bola: It consists of three long straps of leather, each about five feet long, each terminating in a leather sack which contains, sewn inside, a heavy round metal weight. Developed for hunting fleet-footed and flighted game it is also used as a weapon of war. Thrown low the long straps, with their approximate ten-foot sweep, strike the victim and the weighted balls, as soon as resistance is met, whip about the victim's legs, tangling and tightening the straps. Thrown high it can pin a man's arms to his sides; thrown at the throat it can strangle him; thrown at the head the whipping weights can crush his skull.

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on Wed 12 Sep - 4:41
Re: Weekly Training Lesson #13A

on Wed 5 Sep - 6:53


Note: In case of threat to our city while in the room, the ranking Free or slave (if no Free in room), is to post the Defense Initial Post response listed in the forum (copy and paste). This is to be posted AFTER the intruder has made his post and it is clear we are under attack or about to be attacked. We are to make this post whether or not we are planning to flee the room or stay and fight off the attack. For this week’s Lesson 13A, I want the Members to practice locating and making this post in the room under mock attack conditions coordinated by Master Nyx or any Master/Mistress. For this week, we will focus ONLY on this initial post as I want to keep it simple so everyone can grasp this.

The first post to use when Schendi comes under attack is now easily located in the Forum. We are to use this to prepare for either an exit or a defense using the Schendi guards. . With this being said the Lesson will proceed as follow:

1. The point of this lesson is to practice and get familiar with the locating the post in the forum. So first locate the post in the forum then copy and paste here in your lesson..

(Once the official attack has been posted by the intruder) ((Addresses the intruder OOC: Oasis of Two Scimitars observes the rp actions of attacks, kills, captures, and forced collars... however, and as any large and well-armed city would do, we defend aggressively against such actions. We reserve the right to react appropriately to anyone attacking us or not abiding by Oasis of Two Scimitars law and Oasis of Two Scimitars rp... and to take logical, swift and massive efforts to defend our city, including rp’ing of the experienced and well-trained Oasis of Two Scimitars Royal Guard.)) *Hears the city’s alarm bells going off as the Oasis of Two Scimitars Royal Guard moves to surround and contain the intruder*

2. Then while in the Grand Hall we practice setting up mini one post attacks coordinated by Master Nyx or any Master/Mistress or First Girl, each of us, logs into the forum, finds the post and posts it. After doing the post please copy it and put the chat in your Weekly Training Lesson #13.

Will post live in room..

3. Lastly please post here if you wish to learn how to rp the elite guards of Oasis of Two Scimitars.

for her protection, girl will attempt to partake in further training of rp'ing the guards
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on Sat 22 Sep - 10:46

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #15 (Games of Gor)


"A number of men crowded between the tables then and some dice, inked knucklebones of the verr, were soon rattling in a metal goblet. Sura knelt before the table of Cernus, her head down. One of her guards snapped a slave leash on her collar. The leash key was on a tiny loop of wire. The guard twisted this wired about the red-enameled steel of her collar. Behind her the men began crying out, watching the tumbling of the knucklebones on the stones of the floor. I understood to some extent what was taking place. It was merely another of the turnabouts of Kajuralia, but in it was perhaps more; Sura"s pride and her position in the House, though she was a slave, had been resented by many of the men and staff; perhaps even Cernus felt she had overstepped herself; surely he seemed pleased that she would now be humbled, now used as a common red silk girl." Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 248


"You spoiled her kick," said a man to me, in Gorean. "I am sorry," I said. The girl, with the other youths, had been playing a soccer like game with the leather ball, with goals drawn in the turf. I had not realized, until too late, that I had been traversing the field of play." Book 12, Beasts of Gor, page 193

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Re: Weekly Training Lesson #16 (Three Pillars of Gor)

on Thu 27 Sep - 19:41

Homestone: "But let me not try to speak of Home Stones. If you have a Home Stone, I need not speak. If you do not have a Home Stone, how could you understand what I might say?" (Fighting Slave of Gor, p.145)

Caste: "The ethical teachings of Gor, which are independent of the claims and propositions of the Initiates, amount to little more than the Caste Codes---collections of sayings whose origins are lost in antiquity." (Tarnsman of Gor, p.40-41)

"It is the codes which separate men from sleen and larls," said Thurnus. "They are the difference. They are the wall." (Slave Girl of Gor p.227)

Slavery: "Female slavery is the institutionalized expression, in a civilization congenial to nature, of the fundamental biological relationship between the sexes. In the institution of female slavery we find this basic relationship recognized, accepted, clarified, fixed and celebrated." (Savages of Gor, p.193-4)

girls favorite is a toss between Homestone and slavery.. but will say Homestone, with the reason being she is proud to be apart of Schendi, which gives her the opportunity to let her be all she can be as a slave.. thinks the two compliment each other..
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:11 pm

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #17

on Thu 4 Oct - 15:51

Gor is a planet of highly intelligent beings. Although it is primitive in it's own way, it's very advanced in technology. It's a place where men are meant to rule or be the dominant creature. Slavery is a big role here, but not all slaves have learned to be submissive. In their own cunning way they direct the hand of their Master, whether it's done by suggestion either verbally, physically, or mentally. It's easier seen if you sit quietly and watch. This one loves the submissive role, being a servant to the One who owns her and the Free of the city. In girls heart she believes man is suppose to cover the woman, and for woman to submit to man. Sometimes it can be cruel, at other times it's a love story, with the end result revolving back to the pleasure of the Free...
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:13 pm

on Wed 31 Oct - 19:25

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #18 (Additional chores)

clean Mistress combs and brushes
dusting the furniture
make laundry soap
make furniture polish
make ramberry jelly
make verr cheese
make pillows
paint railings and porches
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on Fri 2 Nov - 14:46

Re: Weekly Training Lesson #19

Slave Creed

He is Master, girl is slave
He is owner, girl is owned
He commands, she obeys
He is to be pleased, she is to please
Why is this?
Because He is Master, she is slave

10 Basic Rules

1. a slaves always has the last words...Yes Master
2. slaves are not to speak the name of a Free
3. although karta is not in the books it is a common entrance (kneeling with thighs spread and arms outstretched body prostrate to the floor) for most rooms a slave enters.
4. slaves (tower) keep there thighs pressed together in the presence of a Free Woman
5. slaves (nadu) spread their thighs when kneeling if a Free Woman is not present
6. slaves do NOT travel alone
7. Entrances: to include 3 parts: 1.) First is getting to the room, 2.) Second is asking entrance
3.) Third is getting from the door to where they tell you to sit
8. ask permission to enter, where to sit, and ask to exit a room
9. slaves do NOT look the Free in the eye, unless the Free direct them to
10.greet according to caste if known starting with first five High Caste

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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:19 pm

Lesson #20 – Training oneself..how would you go about this?

Purpose: One does not become the best kajira if one does not strive to be better, so this lesson is for us to reflect upon ourselves and see how we can each improve ourselves, we are already the Best Slaves of Schendi, now it is time to be the Best Slaves of Gor.

Assignment: In this reflection of improving our slavery let’s put down in words what one thinks they could do to improve themselves as great slaves to their Masters/Mistresses or the city. A lesson with a few paragraphs on this subject.

on Wed 14 Nov - 5:21

In order for girl to be better she must first give total acknowledgement of what she is. And that is merely a slave. Once this one truly identified who she is, her life as a slave began to change for the better. As a slave girl must first know herself, then know all there is to know of the one who owns her..her Master/Mistress. She is here to obey, serve, & please. Her being pleased is only at the will of her Master.

girl should always know that her Master/Mistress is looking out for her best interest. What he or she orders her to do should never be question. He/She is Free and their choices for girl as a slave are for her protection, because she is their property, and One will protect what is rightfully theirs.

girl should know her Master/Mistress favorite food and how it is to be prepared, drink, what is His/Her fav drink, how it is prepared, what vessel it is He prefers to drink in, the time of day they like it to be served. Anything that would bring a smile to His/Her face when she has finished her serve to Him/Her.

girl should know how her Master/Mistress expects her to look, smell, feel. She should always present herself in a way that will be most pleasing to her owner(s). Never intentionally do anything that will bring shame to herself, and utmost to her Master/Mistress.

this girl looks at these things as a mirror, to continually improve herself . There are times she falls short, but always tries to do better the next time
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:32 am

great on you lessons girl
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:32 am

Amazing work girl
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:39 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers wonderful job eris always staying on top cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: eris Lessons   Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:01 am

General Laws:

3) The city is governed through the High Council ( a separate online room), where the High Caste ( i.e the Initiates, Scribes, Builders, Physicians and Warriors other caste upon acceptance) will discuss the city matters, including the role play, discussion on the recruitment of the new member, amendments in the city rules, relation with the other city, slave issues ( conflict between the slaves and slave and the free). Min OOC ( no OOC will be encouraged) In most cases the judgement from the high council will be final ... expect for sometime,,, like the trial in the court things, issues between the free and issues between the alliance, on such things we will need time in discussion.
High Council

Conflicts that can not be resolved between the slave will be brought to the attention of the High Council.

4) Slaves are strictly prohibited in High Council, though may be called for general serves and after the serves they are supposed to leave the room. In High Council no slave is to be nude. Silk is compulsory ( no exposure of the breast and the private parts). No erroticism in the serves.slaves are not allowed to touch any Free in the High Council room, not even the kissing of boot.

Slaves are not allowed in the High Council room unless invited to do serve. They are to be covered and nothing sexually mentioned while in the room. Not even kissing the feet.

5) Free are not allowed to touch the slaves either. Personal slaves of Free are not allowed to enter the High Council personals may serve if invited to the High Council Meeting - is business not pleasure

Nothing personal just buisness.. Free do not touch the slaves in High Council Meeting room.. slaves serve and that's it.

6) The laws of Oasis extend no further than its walls and the walls within but members of the Oasis are to carry themselves properly and with Honor, and not bring disgrace to the name of Oasis Of Two Scimitars when In role play in the city and outside its walls. These laws are an attempt to outline the general laws of the Oasis Of Two Scimitars and its Ubar/Ubaras owned Home stone.

The laws of the Oasis of Two Scimitars are just that, Oasis of Two Scimitars Laws. They do not pertain to any other city.

7)Oasis Of Two Scimitars is meant to be a place where Free Men and Women can gather and experience the best of Gorean life and be Respected, treated and served appropriately. Great Hall of the City is the place where the entire city gathers, including the slaves and the free. The serving by slaves is encouraged. Free can enjoy the serving but should not cross the limit of eroticism, Specially the touching of the breast or their pvt parts, though horns can be placed in the breast of slave). It does not always follow the books verbatim, but follows the philosophy of Gor. Slave candidates will receive a "Oasis Of Two Scimitars City" collar upon being stated to be a Oasis Of Two Scimitars slave "candidate" after being caged for 3 days and explained the expectations of them in the rp . Only Oasis Of Two Scimitars Free may issue a "City" collar. Oasis Of Two Scimitars does not permit kajirus/boy slaves - If an exception is to be made for Ubar and the Ubara is the only one to do so (this is highly unlikely as male slaves are frowned upon). "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does not permit age or animal “play” by any of its members. No claim to any slave in a city collar is allowed to be entertained until at least 20 days of the probation time has reached then it may be brought to the Ubar/Ubara in a written message form of intent for personal. Any Free who brings a slave with them upon joining is to be in the official collar, do the cand time and is automatically personally owned. Any Free who leaves the city does not have the rights to take the slave, she is Owned by the City as her Collar states and being personal slave is a privilage during a Frees Citizenship.

All gather in the Great Hall of the city including slaves. We're not by the book verbatim, slaves are collared after 3 days, by the Free of the city only. Legal age and non use of animals for sexual pleasure. Free can not claim a slave and expect to be given the slave within their first twenty days. If you bring a slave into the city she's yours.

8. In the Great Hall no FW and FM will share the same seat, even if they are FC. Free cannot hug the slaves (slaves are slaves not friends) ..Slaves are to be seated on the floor/pillow ready to be serve .

Slave are not to be touched as friends. And will sit on the floor/pillows ready to serve.

10) All Free Citizens of Oasis Of Two Scimitars are permitted up to three (3) personal slaves (exceptions may be made upon Ubar/ Ubara ). No claims of a city slave will be acknowledged until the 20 days has passed. The Free without any Personals will be given slaves before the Free who owns any. All slaves are to be available to any Oasis Of Two Scimitars Free and only one Personal to each Free may be restricted.

Claims of slaves will not be acknowledged until they have passed their 20 days

11) There is no First Girl , Second Girl to each owner only the city has such title for two girls.

There is First Girl and Second Girl of the city only. Not to the individual Master.

12) Free Persons and slaves within the walls of Oasis Of Two Scimitars will act appropriately in relation to their position. Order is everything! While in public gathering places, they will not speak ill of or in disrespect to another Citizen of Oasis Of Two Scimitars . Visitors are to be Greated accepted with Hospitality and treated with the same respect unless their actions dictate otherwise.

Keeping order within the city no matter if you're Free or slave. Hospitality is to be shown to the Free at all times.

13) OOC Policy - "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" does not endorse the use of OCC (Out Of Character) chat during Oasis Of Two Scimitars rp for a number of reasons, and therefore asks that its use be strictly limited. The use of "OOC" (Out of Character), chat is discouraged and only permitted when needing to leave the room or for emergency purposes. OOC is not tolerated to use as your expressions to own thoughts of disrespecting the rp or any member in the group.

Out of Character is to be kept to a minimal at all times, and is not to be used to disrespect or make unnecessary comments.

14) Yahoo/AIM/Google/MSN / Whisper chat Policy - 1) The use of Yahoo or any IM is strictly for personal use only when not in Oasis Of Two Scimitars ; 2) Yahoo is not to be used simultaneously with your IMVU Oasis Of Two Scimitars rp…. meaning that one is not to be engaged in Oasis Of Two Scimitars IMVU rp and talking to another on Yahoo about that rp; 3) - A Free cannot require that slaves give out any personal information, give them access to their passwords, call them personally or use any other chat forum other than IMVU; 4) There is NO whispering in Oasis Of Two Scimitars using the VIP feature. 5) – Oasis Of Two Scimitars strongly discourages the mixing of real life and role play as it results in problems 99% of the time. The Ubar/ Ubara reserve the right to ban anyone who does so. ( a messenger is for use of emergancy needs of a member and only for that purpose)

do not use yahoo in conjunction with imvu to roleplay your imvu character. Personal information can not be requested by a Free and be expected for it to be given. There is a separation between the imvu roleplay and your real information. No whispering is allowed in the public rooms of Scimitars. Strongly suggest that real and imvu are not mixed.

15) Rank of Citizens
Oasis Of Two Scimitars has its own version of the caste system as listed below and Citizens and visitors are expected to understand and reflect this. So although, the ranking of the castes are listed below, the Ubara has the final say in all disputes. This order may change from time to time as dictated by the Ubara.

First Spear
Free Men
Free Womem
Cand Free Men
Cand Free Women
Visitng Free Men
Visiting Free Women
slaves (FG /SG, Trainers first then all others)
Visiting slaves

9) Greet Order in Public Rooms

Slaves shall use the following Greet order in Oasis Of Two Scimitars rooms (Please note that the First Girl, and Second Girl, greet before any other slaves):


Free Women
Visitng Free Men
Visiting Free Women
slaves (FG /SG,Trainers first then all others)
Visiting slaves

greet order placed by Ubara

10) Procedure for handling non-Goreans entering a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" room NOTE: This procedure is for non-Goreans ONLY!!!

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS - The ranking Free or slave (if no Free are present) in the room needs to be the main person talking with the non-Gorean guest. The ranking Free/slave is to be the ONLY one who initially greets.

The Free/slave should nicely say the following "room statement" (yes, copy and paste so we are consistent) - "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is a Gorean Role Play room and all guests are expected to rp as such. If you can't, don't know how or want to learn, please go to this site, read up and return if you want once you understand. Thank you.
http://www.worldofgor.com/ Please leave so as not to be a disruption"

If the guest doesn’t respond or goes down some other path, respond nicely again and repeat the above room statement. If they don't respond or continue going down some strange path.... BOOT THEIR ASS. IN EXTREME SITUATIONS (like the one involving hellbitcheslilangel where she took control of avatars) - simply have EVERYONE exit the room and go to a private room and then report to IMVU immediately. Do not stay in the room. The person wanted attention - deprive them of it and they will go seek someone else.

Instructions for non-goreans.. Free to handle if they aren't present then the highest ranking slave should handle he room.

16) Any child born to any two "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free is born with automatic citizenship in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" The children still have to be trained and write an essay and pass an oral exam. Babies born to Masters by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slaves or will be dealt with as per the books, including being sold, given away or other.

Children of the Oasis must go my Oasis guideline for entrance. Children bore by slaves will be handled by the book..

19) Earning and retaining your citizenship is contingent upon you attending certain public ceremonies and assemblies as determined by the Ubar/ Ubara and active participation the forum and rooms, and proper adult behavior and compliance with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" laws. No one is above the law. Citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and thus it must be earned. You are expected to owe your allegiance to the city and work at supporting this city.

Citizenship is a privilege, no one is above the law.

20) All Free citizens and slaves of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" are expected to spend the majority of their online time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" or city they reside in and new Free and slaves (first 30 days) must spend 100% of their time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" or the city they have been chosen for. All Free are expected to post on average at least 3 posts to this forum every day and slaves are expected to post at least 5 posts every day to the forum. Free as well as slave "candidates" must successfully complete a 30-day probation/trial period, pass an interview and write a 500 word essay prior to becoming an "official" Citizen or slave. See more on Free "Candidates" at the end of these Laws. All candidates are to be given a copy of Laws on the 1st day of their Candidacy. Administrators and their city members are to spend online time when on together in their main home without having to be in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" main room.

Slave will be expected to make 5 post per day and spend 100% of their online time in Scimitars. Complete 30 day probation and write a 500 word essay.

21) Separate OOC rooms Designated by Ubar are also encouraged to keep IC and OOC separate. Anyone can make OOC city room, including the slave.

Anyone can make an OOC room

23) Decisions of the Ubar/Ubara are final. If you have a grievance, please do not hesitate to voice your position or opinions on a subject in Private Message of said issue. Do NOT bring up a issue in the room . Any petitions submitted for hearing by the Highs Council is welcome, and will be seen to as soon as possible. (Ubar/Ubara has the authority to break any ties should the Free be deadlocked).

Grievances can be petitioned either by Private message or petitioning the High Council
24) All city slaves are owned by the City of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Masters and FW and any proceeds (above expenses), from any sale thereof will be divided equally among the High Council based on their share of the total number of shares in the city

city slaves are owned by the city, their sale value excluding expenses is divided amongst the Free

25) There is no sex between Masters/Mistresses and sluts in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" public rooms if there are guests or candidates present or if it offends a FW and if having sex in the public room when a guest arrives, the sex must stop immediately.

No sex in the public rooms if there are guest, or candidates present or if it offends Free Women.

26) SECURITY - In case of threat to kill or capture one of our citizens or slaves while in the room, the ranking Free or slave should state... ""Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"observes attacks, kills, captures, and forced collars, however, we defend aggressively against such actions with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"defense plan. We reserve the right to react appropriately to anyone disrespecting or not abiding by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" law and to dictate what fight/defense rp is used in our city. Any Free or slave of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" may direct the defense using the elite "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Royal Guards as applicable. Always copy the chat. If someone with boot power isn't in the room then copy the chat and exit

If you travel outside "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", you must be aware of how to evade capture using a two-post strategy. Note the below example:
Kamchak looks at eris pulling out binding fibers. (Attacker)
eris rises from the ground quickly (attackee)
Kamchak rushes the girl before him (attacker)
eris runs from the room fast (attackee)
Keep a copy of the chat log for review.
Non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free, including candidates, may NOT collar or take slaves they meet in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"rooms (otherwise known as slave poaching). There are slave markets for such activities. Any unowned slave visiting "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is under the protection of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". Any non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" free caught poaching in the room will be booted immediately.

If attacked and no warriors are available, this is how to escape.

27) Any slave or Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", who misses 10 consecutive days of posting to this forum or coming into the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" IMVU room, must revert back to probation for a 30 day period, unless an approval to be away has been granted in advance. Any exceptions to this will be handled by the Ubar/Ubara. Acceptance back into "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" will not be automatic and will be voted on by the Free. Emergencies will be taken into account on this law. Upon return, a formal explanation in "Breaking News" is to be made explaining the slave's whereabouts during the stated missed time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars ( this is for Free and Slaves)

If you're absent from posting 10 consecutive days with notice you go back to probation.

29)Each City Free may interview slaves and collar for their own city growth and the official "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" collar is the only collar to be used on all slaves, A Free may be brought for Candidacy by the city Free/slaves recommendation for their city.

Free may interview slaves and collar them

32) All members of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" must have everyone on the buddies list and will not block or remove any family members from their friends list. When people leave or get banned from "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" for whatever reason, they are to be removed from your Friends list.

All members are to be on each other friends list, anyone leaving the Oasis is to be removed from friends.

33) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does not permit any non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free or slaves, as well as Candidates to train In "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". All Training is to be done by the Trainer and Ubara unless Ubara asks assistance from another. This does not pertain to well trained slaves of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"offering a non -formal assistance while in room. If this happens in the room the slave should respond very respectfully.... ""Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"has its own trainers and we follow the city’s laws and training that is book-based, so thank You but thanks Master/Mistress for offering help.

No one outside of the Oasis is allowed to train our slaves. Explain to anyone outside that we follow the city's laws and training that is bookbased.

35) Personal slaves of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free are not to be taken/lured/poached away from that Free by any other "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free who may desire that slave. Furthermore, any personal slave released as personal slave, will become a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"City slave and must stay a city slave for a minimum of 30 days before they can become a personal slave to a Free again... and then, only if approved by Ubar/Ubara. slave papers will be changed to show any changes.

No poaching...Personal slaves that are released will become city slaves for a minium of 30 days

36) Any public IMVU room opened by any Member of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" MUST say it is associated with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"in the room description and MUST follow all "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"laws.

Any room of memebers should stated that they are under the Oasis of Two Scimitars laws.

37) Any training or law/rules changes for the city, MUST be proposed to High Council before implimentation. If the training involves a law change then that must be approved by High Council

High Council must approve any changes that involve the law

38)..1) Master & FW Candidates May be offered restricted Personals for sexual relations with one city slave of Ubar/Ubaras choice, once during the first five days and with each of the city's unrestricted city slaves twice during their probation, beginning on the 6th day with the stipulation that the Free Candidate will have made and average of 3 posts each day (15 total) to this Forum, as a perk of their potential membership and to see how well they fit in to the city.Candidate must ask the Ubar/ Ubara or slaves owner, for use above two times.

Candidates are offered City and Personals during their probation but posting is an incentive also to be with the slaves.

7) Candidates are strictly prohibited from "poaching" (collaring/stealing) either "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"slaves or unowned slaves who enter "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". In addition, Candidates may not punish slaves during their 20 days.

Candidates do not poach, or punish slaves during their 20 days.

Candidates many not select or collar a slave to be their personal slave until after their ceremony and the slave chosen has been approved by High Council.

Candidates do not collar or select slaves until after their ceremonies and slave has been approved by the High Council


9) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does endorse or believe in force collaring , therefore force collars are permitted but only in cases where the FW shows the trait of slave like “ Couching Law” included.. where she shares her seat with the slaves, or expresses the desires of slaves or when she is not in proper attire ( like showing of her body parts) , but in such case she should be informed because sometime IMVU products gets changed without notice and sometime the RP forgets about their dressing. Incase she is offensive she could be punished but not the whipping ( but in case of her offensive action it will be discussed with High Council till then she could be in temporary collar). In general in such cases where FW disappoints the FM she is sent to the brothel. Any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" (Free may force collar unowned slaves as they deem fit but protocol of caging is required )

Force collaring is allowed when Free Women show the desires of slaves.

LAWS OF"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" SLAVER

1) The Slaver is allowed to on the spot collar any slave the Slaver seeks outside of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" home, any slave considered for "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"/ sub cities collared by the Slaver and not for sale will need to do 3 days as any other candidate and must perform the required as any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"candidate as per stated in Slave Laws #3.

slaver can collar any slave on the spot that he seeks outside the city
2) At time of Branding the Slaver is to do all brands if not available at the time Ubar/Ubara may do Brands, any sold slave will be branded prior to sale with a kef brand and slave papers will be done prior to the sale. A copy of all slave papers are to be given to the Scribe and be kept locked in Vault

Slaver does the branding at the ceremonies, if He/She is not available it will be done by the Ubar/Ubara

3) slave Market is to be manned by the Slaver and the Slaver may ask any collared slave personal owned or city owned to sit in Market at the Slaver side if there is no other Free online, the slave must remain in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and make that room priority while doing so

slaver may ask any collared Oasis slave to sit in the Market Place, but must have the Main Hall as their priority when doing so

4) The Slaver will sell slaves using Tarn Disk and not break TOS rules of selling for IMVU credits

gorean monies, Tarn Disk are used to sell slaves

5) slaves collared by the Slaver either for sale or to remain in the Cities owned by Ubar/Ubara will be required to attend School upon receiving collar. No untrained slave should be sold without basic knowledge of karta, greets, and basic serve knowledge

All collared slaves go through the basic training

6) Any slave to be collared with intentions to keep is required to spend days in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" after the initial check up and 3 require days they will be added to forum any... slave to be for sale will not be invited to the forum

Slaves to be collared will be allowed into forums after their initial check up and 3 caged days

8)Any Law provided for the Slaver will also include the Ubar/Ubara in actions of collaring, branding, sale or trade, of any slave, when the Slaver is not present.

Any laws provided for the Slaver will include Ubar and Ubara in actions of collaring, brandng, and sale or trade..

LAWS OF slaves

IT IS THE SOLE MISSION OF ALL "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slaves TO PLEASE, PLEASURE, OBEY AND SERVE THE "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" MASTERS AND MISTRESSES. Failure to do so is a Capital Offense. slaves are slaves and male slaves will be treated like female slaves and subject to the same laws as female slaves unless otherwise stated. In the absence of any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free in the room, slaves will report to the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" FG/SG, who will be in charge of the slaves when a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free is not present. During these times when a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free is not present, slaves are to follow all directions and commands of the FG/ SG as if they were a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free. - CO

New slave candidates must successfully complete a 30 day probationary period, complete a project on "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Laws and write an acceptable 500 word essay on why they wish to join "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"and have a personal interview with the Free and or the FG,SG before being accepted as a slave in . "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Candidates will also have their official slave papers completed during this 30 day period. Perfection of Service and Submission is the goal, mere excellence will be tolerated.

** For the purposes of this section Free Candidates are not considered to be " "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Masters".**

1) City slaves are the property of the Masters and FW of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and are a valuable asset to the city. slaves are considered property, on the same level as animals. Their owner may do anything they wish to them without repercussion. Any Free Person that finds offense with another's slave may punish that slave at will with advance approval by the slave’s owner (Ubar/Ubara in the case of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" city slaves, and or if an owner is unreachable within the 48 hrs of the offense). The owner is to be immediately notified. City slaves must wear the city collar and brands at all times. Failure to not have the collar on is a capital offense. CO

Slaves can be punished by any Free with notification given to their owner

2) slave collaring process - All unowned slaves determined to be a potential "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"candidate are stripped naked after entering and caged for three days. Candidates will be collared with a city collar (by a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free citizen), after the three day waiting period, and after their interview, background check and any other assigned projects have been completed. slaves will also receive or purchase the white armband to wear during the probationary period to signify they are in training (http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=4584581 [r]) as well as a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" camisk (http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=16767470) and on probation. slaves will be granted forum access at the time they are collared. slaves may not engage in any sexual activity during these three days. During the three days, slaves will be given a copy of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" laws to read and will be told about the 10 minute rule and how they are not to travel. ** ask FG/SG if link is updated**

slaves will be caged for three days, remaining on display naked. Slaves will be interviewed after they have spent time in the cage. Once released they are to wear the specified slave camisk and arm band. No sexual activities during this time, and must abide by the 10 minute rule. No traveling is allowed while on probation.

3) Newly collared slave candidates must successfully complete a 30 day probationary period that includes completing the laws project, writing an acceptable 500 word essay on why they wish to join "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"and successfully passing a 20 question slave test. Additionally, slave papers on the slave will be completed during this time. The 30 day period begins on the date the slave enters the forum. The slave will be restricted from any sexual activity for the first ten days of the probationary period (13 days in total). The total probationary period, including the initial three days is 33 days.

During the 30 day probation, slaves are to write a 500 word essay, complete the laws project. Write the 500 word essay of why they want to be a slave of the Oasis. Total days of no sex (cyber) is 13 consecutive days.

4) Once the slave passes the exam and all projects are completed, a ceremony/initiation will be held to officially make them a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slave, at which time the slave will be asked to change their name to “_______OasisScimitars”( if Applicable but not mandatory). The slave will be whipped and branded at this ceremony and the probationary white armband removed.

Slaves will have a ceremony at the end of their probation and change their name to (given name) +OasisScimitars. (name change is preferred, but not mandatory)

5) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" law project - by the 14th day after becoming a slave candidate, all new slaves must read and study all the laws and write a 1-2 sentence response for every law as to what that law means to them and post to their personal thread.

Law project to be complete within the first 14 days

6) Within 10 minutes of coming online, ALL slaves are required to report to the main "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" room prepared for service. slaves are required to spend the majority of their time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" as they are part of the family and their participation is required. slaves are never permitted to be in "DND" or any form thereof when online. When online, a slave's time is to be spent in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and slaves are not permitted to chat elsewhere unless it’s to a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" family member and then only in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" rooms or private. slaves are to position themselves at the slave pillows after greeting or beside their Owner or another "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free if asked to do so. slaves are not to sit beside non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free unless told to by a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free - The slave must have a presence (even if AFK) in the main room even if a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress calls them private. In those cases when called private, a slave needs to post an "AFK" or "BRB" and move to a block.( unless in furs) CO

report to the main room within 10 minutes of coming online. No DND, slaves time is to be spent at the Oasis of Two Scimitars. Slaves sit at the pillows after greeting or at the side of Oasis Free. Not anyone that is not and Oasis Free. Post and AFK or BRB if you are away, but keep presence of what takes place in the room.

7) When a slave needs to leave the room temporarily (due to a real life situation of 15 minutes or less) and plans to leave her character in the room afk… she needs to do the following; Ask the Free if you may be excused due to (real life work, call, children, etc)… use the ( ) to designate OOC, then wait until they say you may and then thank them and go AFK (use an "AFK" or "BRB" sign) and then move to a block. You are not to just say afk or brb… call or must go for a few, etc. It shows respect and position or place to ask first…. When you return…say May this slut return if it please the Free? And then slip back in and thank them. This is one of the few instances where OOC can be used. If a slave needs to be AFK or BRB longer than 15 minutes she begs to be dismissed from the room ....... then closes the room and exits IMVU or indicates in her IMVU status screen that she is away. Do not stay in the room. If a slave goes AFK and is gone longer than 15 minutes, The Free may boot her/him from the room. This is one of the few instances where OOC can be used. If a slave has to exit IMMEDIATELY due to a RL situation, they are to just exit saying nothing, and then explain upon their return. Do not stay in the room.

Slaves have 15 min or less to deal with real life situations. Use ( ) for Out of Character. Use AFK or BRB sign when leaving. If you're gone for more than 15 min. You can be booted from the room. If it is an emergency and you have to leave the room. Do so quietly and return with an explanation..

'Cool When pulled by a Free for the furs the slave may leave the main room for up to 1 hour for fur time once a day with the Free and must report back to main room immediatly after the fur is completed.

One hour per day is allotted for furring, then report back the the Main Room

9) If a slave crashes and comes back within 15 minutes, she is simply to say ("girl crashed, may she return please"). If she is gone longer than 15 minutes or does not return, she needs to send a message to the Free who were in the room explaining that she crashed and why she did not return.

If a slave crashes and returns she explains that she crashed and asked to return. If she does not return, she needs to message the Free within the room, explaining why she didnt return.

10) Free Persons should respect the collar/armband designations of a slave and put no demands on a slave that are not customary under that collar. Owners may Restrict their own Personal slave but in doing so they are Restricting themselves the use of the city slaves. all slaves that are Personal must wear the band saying Restricted Ubara will determine if a city slave is restricted. City slaves are the Use of the Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and to be offered to the use of any Gorean. Only the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free can make such offers and approve a outsider to use a city slave. ("Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is known to have pleasure slaves). If a slave that is restricted is asked for a fur it is the owner who decides if He/She will allow the restricted girl to fur at the time of asking

Masters/Mistress should respect the collar/armband designations. Masters/Mistress's with restricted slaves are not allowed to the use of the city slaves. Proper arm bands must be worn. Free can offer the use of their slaves. The owner decides if the restricted slave can fur anyone.

11) slaves must follow any command issued by any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free (as long as it does not break any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Laws), at any time or suffer the consequences. Failure to do so is a capital offense. slaves are to obey the command of any non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress, (as long as it does not break any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Law or include acts of a sexual or suggestive nature without express permission from a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress). CO

slaves are to follow the commands of the Free (both Oasis and no-Oasis Free) as long as it does not break the laws or include acts of sexual or suggestive nature with permission of Scimitars Master or Mistress.

12) slaves possess nothing not given to them by their owner, including their name. What is given can be taken away. If a slave is entrusted to carry a name for an owner, or silks or jewelry, remember that these can be removed as easily as they were given. CO

slaves own nothing, not even their name. Anything given can be taken away

13) Any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free (non-candidate), may use any slave at any time for any purpose with permission of restricted. Ubar and Ubara may use any slave without need of permission regardless of restriction.

Oasis Free (non- candidate) can use any slave at any time with permission.

14) slaves are generally required to spend 100% of their online time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and still need to report to "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"room within 10 minutes of coming online but may travel as stated herein. slaves who have been in for 90 days and are in good standing may travel solo outside of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"if there are no "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free online. slaves may not travel during their first 90 days. However, they must receive a general approval to travel prior to traveling (from their owner if a personal slave, or Ubar/ Ubara if a city slave); may only travel to safe zones or pre-approved rooms (to be posted); must return immediately to "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" (if not already in room with "BRB" sign), should any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free come online while slave is traveling; slave must post a full log of their travel within one hour of the visit; and finally, any slave captured while traveling, will not be sought after as they should know how to escape a room. Additionally, slaves may NOT travel at all during their probation period. CO ( applies to gorean rp only)

100% online time is in the Oasis, 10 min to report to Main room, 90 days probation, when able to travel you must wear the brb sign, slaves will not be sought after as they should know how to escape.

15) Slaves may go to their kennel ( online room) for purpose of timeout given by a Free , bonding time with sisters when a Free isn’t present online, or to have a chat with a Free or a slave. All public rooms are rp and are valid to any log of the kennel. All Kennels must have name of city and Description to be acceptable by any Free approval

Slaves may kennel for timeout or bonding with sisters. Rooms must have the name of the city in the description.

16) slaves are not to speak of the business of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" to any outside visitor unless under express permission from a Free and doing so is a capital offense. slaves are never to visit the camps of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" enemies (those on blocked and banned list).

What's done and said in the Oasis.. stays in the Oasis
17) All Free persons are to be addressed as Master or Mistress, Jarl/Ubar/Ubara unless given specific permission by Free to use another title of their choosing. NEVER call or refer to a Free by their name – to do so is very disrespectful. If the sex of the Free person cannot be determined from the name, Master is to be used until the gender is clarified. Serve Every Master or Mistress as if your well being depends on being pleasing.......it does. While a Freeperson may not always be right, they are, by definition, never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement. The words "Yes, Master"... the First Girl is to be called "mistress" with a small "m" OR "First Girl".... anytime any of the sluts address her, including when Free are in the room. The sluts are not to call her "sister", FG, or by her name..... This is highly supported in the books and is very helpful to the sluts who were struggling with what to call her sometimes.

All Free addressed by Master/Mistress, First Girl is addressed by First Girl or mistress, the Free are never told they are Wrong even if they are.. put your feelings aside..serve the free as if your life depended on it. Like them or not.

18) slaves speak in the 3rd person and do not EVER use the first person pronoun in public rooms. There is no "I" "me" or "mine" in a slave’s vocabulary. In addition slaves are not permitted to use abbreviations like "brb", "ty", "yw", "gtg", "lol", "bc" etc.... spell it out. Only exception is the use of my when referring to a slaves owner.

Speak in third person, and do not use abbreviations

19) City slaves may be bred at any time and may be confined to breeding area during fertile periods if requested by any Master. Babies carried and born by slaves may be sold off.

Slaves may be bread at anytime, their babies may be sold.

20) slaves must post their personal fertility information (ovulation days) to the forum and wear the Fertile anklet during their fertile period. In addition, slaves are to be administered slave wine once each month (by their Owner if owned individually and by the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Physician if owned by the City), as a form of contraception until the Free decide they are to be bred. In the absence of the Physician, the Ubar/Ubara may administer the slave wine. CO
http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=4021338 (fertility ankle bracelet)

fertility bracelets are to be worn and ovulations posted

21)slaves understand they are property and may be bought, sold, traded or loaned. Jealousy and Possessiveness are punishable offenses and will not be tolerated. CO

slaves are nothing but property.. jealousy and possessiveness are considered to be CO

22) slaves may wear any clothing pleasing to the Free, but must never try and conceal their collar, or hide the fact that they are a slave. The traditional and modest styled camisk, and white arm band (links below) are to be worn with no accessories, after the slave receives their collar and until the slave passes her 30 day probationary period and branded at her official ceremony. After that, silks may be worn as approved by the Free. http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=16767470 (probation silk)
http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=4584581 (white armband [r])
http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=17506244 (city slave gold band)
never conceal your collar, and wear the clothing that is pleasing to the Free other than when you're on probation.

23) slaves may not carry weapons or touch money unless given to them by a Free, for purposes of going to market and only then to be carried in mouth, or hand or in a pouch. CO

no touching of money with the hand unless given to them by a Free

24) All slaves, (including personally owned slaves) are to be collared and branded within a reasonable time period as determined by the Ubar/Ubara. - By recommendation of Merchant Law, there are three standard marking places for brands, on the left inner thigh, left outer thigh, and lower abdomen. The slave will be prepared for the ceremony by one to three slaves who will bathe, style the hair of, shave and otherwise prepare the slave's body for the ceremony, branding and initiation.

All slaves are to be collared within a reasonable time.. one to three girls should prepare the slave for her branding and initiation.

25) The following is the greeting that slaves are to use when greeting Free Citizens AND Free "Candidates" of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", whether there are guests in the room or not. Please note that this applies to Free who are in the room when the slave enter as well as any who arrive after you are there AND this greeting is only for "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free and not guests. The FG/SG greet before any of the other slaves (in that order), as they are of a higher position. Please note that slaves are to greet EVERY time a Free comes into the room whether or not the slave has greeted that particular Free earlier that same day.

Basic greet.. First Girl and Second Girl greet first followed by the Trainer.. : kneeling before the Master (Nadu) or Mistress (tower) kissing their feet with open lips.. then rising to speak. “Tal Master/Mistress,

26)All NEW slaves are restricted to the main room and are required to take the training available. All slave training is conducted by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" FG/SG/Trainers.

New slaves need to be trained to our ways

GREETING: Move to the feet of the Free you are greeting, drop to your knees (nadu for Masters unless a FW is present and tower for FW - male slaves tower to both) and kiss their feet with open mouth (male slaves will kiss the feet of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" FW and the floor in front of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master). Once you have done this - you can then greet verbally. You can be creative in your words to be unique but do not remove their boots or shoes. Kissing the feet of the Free or the floor in front of them is to show respect, submission and your willingness to serve, obey, pleasure and please. If the Free does not respond within 3 minutes, the slave may move on to the next Free to greet stating why in her post. slaves are required to complete their greets to all Free in the room before stopping the greeting process and offering to serve one. This allows the flow to continue uninterrupted when the room is full, prevents the girls from forgetting to greet after a serve and allows the other girls to greet within an appropriate time frame after entering the room.

ALL Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" will NOT greet any slave entering until the slave has made an appropriate entrance and greeted that particular Free. If a slave asks for permission to enter and the Free or FG (if no Free are present) do not respond within 3 minutes, the slave may "slip in" to the room, making note in her post. The Free may acknowledge the slave by saying something like - "looks to the door and sees the beautiful slave girl ....entering" or something like that but will save their greeting until after the slave has entered and greeted them. slaves will always ask permission to enter the room when a Free or FG of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is present and will perform the required entry. If no Free are present, but the First Girl is, the slave may perform an abbreviated entry but still must ask permission to enter the room."

basic greet if not acknowledged within 3 min.. move on

When in private, a Master or Mistress may require ANY slave to greet him or her however they wish. [/color]. Failure to do so is considered disrespectful and will result in severe punishment. CO

27) “Low Protocol” Entrance: There are times when a slave should enter "low protocol" - when she has little time IRL but wants to come in the room either to say Hi or deliver a message, etc, or a Free has asked for a low protocol entrance. In those cases, a slave may enter under what is called a “Low Protocol” entrance, where the slave merely says: “may this slave enter under low protocol due to real life or as per the Free's request”? In this case, The Free will say either you may or may not. If you are granted entrance, proceed to completing greatly shortened but appropriate greetings by rank.

Low protocol entrance.. slave slips into the room, greets are either shortened or not at all (told to hold)

28) When a Gorean visitor comes to visit "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", slaves are to wait for the Free to greet first...followed by the FG if she is there….then the slaves can greet...If no Free are in attendance, slaves shall proceed with FG/SG/Trainers leading if she is in attendance...and kneeling (nadu or tower) before visiting Free as part of a slave’s greeting and no feet kissing…. If a non- "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free is the only Free in the room when a slave enters, they do not need to ask permission to enter.

Free greet the visitors first.. followed by First Girl or Second Girl, and not kissing of feet..slaves are allowed to nadu or tower before visiting free

29) slaves may not charge for any services, private or otherwise unless directed to by a Master or in the line of duty if working in the tavern. OUtside Free may not use any slave unless approved by owner or Free Manning Room at time for city slaves/

slaves are not prostituted unless directed by a Master or working in a tavern.. Outside Free may not use slaves unless approved by owner or Free manning the room..for city slaves.

30) slaves are expected to post at least 5 posts every day to the forum. Takes less than 5 minutes and it’s a law. Be a participating part of your city.
Minimum average for slaves posting is 5 per day

31) Being a slave in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is an honor and a privilege and being trained in the basics of Gorean slave skills is essential for ALL "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slaves. We currently have a broad spectrum of skills in our girls.... from very new and totally raw to more established and fully trained. ALL girls need to know the laws of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and what is expected of them, they need to know how to enter and exit a room, speak properly, address the Masters and other Free properly, ask to be excused properly, serve basic drinks and food properly and maybe a dance or two. slaves are expected to attend training classes as applicable and complete any training as required.

Being an Oasis slave is an honor.. serve with fire

32) Any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slave entering the main room when no "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free are present do not need to ask permission to enter from a guest Free, but must ask to be excused.

Enter the Oasis room if the Free is a visitor but ask permission to leave

NOTE ON CAPITAL OFFENSE (“CO”) - Capital Offenses Punishments for capital offenses listed above as ("CO") can include but may not be limited to torture, rape, beatings, confinement, banishment and even death


1. Laws for male slave (Kajiru):
In case of Kajiru, the male slaves, they will mainly be used for labourious task like the carrying of the good, digging of well, taking care of the Tharlarions of the city etc. They will not be pleasure slave until or unless Ubar or Ubara says so. If the Kajiru found to be offensive either in IC of OOC to any of the member of the city, they could be slaughtered (Char Killing) on the spot by the Free’s or will loose their citizenship. In such acts, the copy of chats should be put in forum in the forum immediately and message has to be sent to the Ubar , Ubara, Administrator and First Sword. Kajiru are not supposed to kiss the feet of any Free during their greets, they can only kiss the floor.
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Re: Lesson #7

Common Types in Gor
House Slaves
A type of kajira that is assigned duties similar to a maid. Her job is to keep order in the house, such as cleaning all of the master's rooms, cooking, organizing items for the master, and entertaining company. What she does specifically is decided by her master.

Tower Slaves

Like the name indicates, it is a kajira that works in the towers that occupy many Gorean metropolises. She provides the same services as a house kajira. Her job is to keep the tower in perfect order, although her master can assign other duties if necessary.

Tavern Slaves
A very common type of slave seen in Gor. She does not serve any specific purpose; she is truly the "average" kajira. She is trained to do many tasks, including cooking, cleaning, serving, and any other pupose a master requests. She is considered a lowly worker because she has no specific training that qualifies her to serve a more meaningful purpose, such as house or feast slaves.

Specialty Types in Gor
Feast Slaves
A type of kajira that specializes in the service and creation of feasts for guests. She ensures that the feasts are organized and set up according to a master's needs, making it as elaborate or simple as necessary. She also is trained to make the master's guests happy, paying close attention to a guest's needs. Her master's needs always triumph a guest's needs, however.

Dance Slaves
More commonly referred to as a "dancer", this type of kajira specializes in slave dance. She is trained to perform many dances, entertaining and pleasing guests. Although all kajirae are required to learn the dance, this type of kajira is specifically trained to perform it perfectly.

Bathhouse Slaves
A bathhouse slave is a type of kajira that specializes in the cleaning and bathing of men in bathhouses. Her goal is to provide a relaxing environment for the man to relax in. She may provide many services, dependent on what the man desires. She may also provide personal services if the man requests it. What she provides also depends on how much she costs (her value) and the type of bathhouse she provides services to.

There are more types of Gorean slaves not listed here, although the other types are not as common as the ones listed above. This should give you a basic understanding of the types of kajirae that exist in the World of Gor series.

**Although each slave is different.. this one does not feel any one is better or worse.. each slave should serve to their fullest, and become the best kajira in whatever she does.
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eris Lessons
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