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 visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria

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visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria Empty
PostSubject: visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria   visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria Icon_minitimeWed Mar 13, 2013 3:41 am

KingViktorDarkblade: -beams to the door as he hears the heavy boots-
zanduaImbriScimitars: *her gaze turns from Ubar to the doors*
KingViktorDarkblade: Tal Taz
LordtazmanNY: Tal Vik
LordtazmanNY: Tal girls
zanduaImbriScimitars: *perks brow*
LordtazmanNY: its been too long my friend
yingOasisScimitars: -following the gaze of the Free to the doors-
zanduaImbriScimitars: Lady Imbri...
KingViktorDarkblade: yes true its been long time ... come and have a seat
KingViktorDarkblade: ( Imbri is First Scribe of city Taz)
LordtazmanNY: ah ok
LordtazmanNY: -nods to the FW-
zanduaImbriScimitars: Tal *she gives him a nod*
KingViktorDarkblade: looks at the girl- girl when u have greeted my Frnd taz bring him some refershment
yingOasisScimitars: -rising she moves to greet the visiting Master from Calthoria, kneeling down with closed thighs she bows her head with respect and speaks softly- Tal Master this one offers her welcome to the Oasis, this one is called ying if it should so please
KingViktorDarkblade: * Taz
yingOasisScimitars: towerdown
yingOasisScimitars: yes Ubar
LordtazmanNY: things have been coming together back home in Calthoria
zanduaImbriScimitars: And poof he goes lol))
yingOasisScimitars: (aww poor Ubar )
yingOasisScimitars: can this one get Master anything to drink?
LordtazmanNY: no Im good for now
yingOasisScimitars: yes Master thank you
yingOasisScimitars: -backing away she kneels upon a pillow-
zanduaImbriScimitars: How are you Taz?
LordtazmanNY: Im good
LordtazmanNY: I see things are a bit complicated now
LordtazmanNY: more then I thought to have happened
zanduaImbriScimitars: Indeed they are
zanduaImbriScimitars: People come and people go, it is the way of life unfortunately
LordtazmanNY: among other things people leaving here and coming to our City
zanduaImbriScimitars: So I've heard, Taz
LordtazmanNY: as well as the Ubara a wanted criminal in Calthoria
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she pauses for a moment at his words* wanted criminal?
yingOasisScimitars: -looks to Mistress softly-
LordtazmanNY: for actions unbecoming a FW
zanduaImbriScimitars: I see...
zanduaImbriScimitars: And how did this come to be, what actions do you speak on?
LordtazmanNY: such as pulling a dagger unprovoked and auto hitting cutting the throat of a girl in our market sometime ago
zanduaImbriScimitars: Some time ago, then why i such things being brought up front now?
LordtazmanNY: grabbing the girl by the hair and pulling her head back and slicing dagger across her throat
LordtazmanNY: this was when she was in Schendi
LordtazmanNY: and she was save from being collared and dragged back to Calthoria
LordtazmanNY: by having Ubar there come meet with me
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she folds her arms, listening to his words, taking mental notes* I see
LordtazmanNY: but the agreement was only valid as long as she was in Schendi
zanduaImbriScimitars: So, because she is not Schendi anymore, she is wanted?
LordtazmanNY: she was still wanted but nothing could be done about it
yingOasisScimitars: -stares at her lap-
LordtazmanNY: Vik is aware of this but perhaps he had forgotten it with all the chaos that has happened here
zanduaImbriScimitars: Perhaps and perhaps not
zanduaImbriScimitars: Though it is a matter that was done long ago, why all the sudden bring it forth now, especially if all have moved forwards from such actions
LordtazmanNY: for the sake of my friend I will not persue her in this
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she nods* I shall hope so, with everything that has happened thus far, we surely don't need more added *she perks her brow*
yingOasisScimitars: welcome back Ubar
KingViktorDarkblade: ( sorry had a power cut)
KingViktorDarkblade: ty ying
LordtazmanNY: wb
KingViktorDarkblade: ty Taz
LordtazmanNY: I was just enlightening Imbri of the situation that has arisen
zanduaImbriScimitars: Welcome back Ubar
LordtazmanNY: you remember what I told you of Juicy
KingViktorDarkblade: -nods- I feel that whatever happens , happens for good
KingViktorDarkblade: yes i do rem Taz, but what abt that?
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she settles back on the throne, listening quietly*
LordtazmanNY: it seems she knows well how to keep herself from dealing with things she has done
yingOasisScimitars: ;nPbhojvkvv;klnhj hjvlyuvljhn
KingViktorDarkblade: what do u mean by that Taz?
yingOasisScimitars: (good lord sorry cat again)
KingViktorDarkblade: ( lol.. i thought that u developed a new language)
LordtazmanNY: she knows that she was wanted after she left Schendi
LordtazmanNY: and in the end
LordtazmanNY: she knows that with you and I being friends
LordtazmanNY: there is nothing I can do about her now
yingOasisScimitars: (haha she wishes)
KingViktorDarkblade: nods and listens to him-
KingViktorDarkblade: but that is past Taz
KingViktorDarkblade: and I do not live in past... past stops u to move ahead
LordtazmanNY: true
KingViktorDarkblade: .. and I hope u moved on too
zanduaImbriScimitars: *agrees with the Ubar's words*
LordtazmanNY: at this point all she would need to do is to appologise for those actions she had done
LordtazmanNY: to lay things to rest on that
KingViktorDarkblade: apologise for what Taz?
zanduaImbriScimitars: It is hard to do so when you have many of our ex members within your home Taz
zanduaImbriScimitars: It's like a slap in the face...
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she goes quiet again*
LordtazmanNY: for the murder of a girl in our market
KingViktorDarkblade: so ur saying that u still miss that girl??
LordtazmanNY: but at this point
LordtazmanNY: knowing Juciy as she is
LordtazmanNY: its time to close things
KingViktorDarkblade: yes it is ... so frgt abt the past
LordtazmanNY: and willing to grant her a pardon of this
KingViktorDarkblade: I wont let her to apologise Taz... A true warrior never apologise for his or her actions
KingViktorDarkblade: if u want friendhsip then our arms are always open to accept the friendship
LordtazmanNY: indeed
LordtazmanNY: at this point
LordtazmanNY: our friendship is far more important then a small petty FW
KingViktorDarkblade: Taz u should admire her bravery and her strength that she killed the girl in other city n the city couldnt stop her n she came back safely
LordtazmanNY: lol
LordtazmanNY: perhaps true
LordtazmanNY: but not long after the incedent
KingViktorDarkblade: only a true warrior can do that not all
LordtazmanNY: I had been hot on her heals many times like a hunting sleen
KingViktorDarkblade: oh..
LordtazmanNY: and if I was at a room
LordtazmanNY: she would enter
LordtazmanNY: then she would quickly exit
LordtazmanNY: thats even more amusing
KingViktorDarkblade: maybe to avoid more killings?
LordtazmanNY: or to save her scrawny little neck perhaps as well
KingViktorDarkblade: may i ask what were u doing when she killed ur girl?
LordtazmanNY: we had been having a nice time in our market when she came to the place
LordtazmanNY: nothing more then talking here nicely
LordtazmanNY: as we are now
KingViktorDarkblade: ok and?
KingViktorDarkblade: so what made her to kill ur girl?
LordtazmanNY: I do not know why
LordtazmanNY: but to pull a dagger unprovoked in another City
KingViktorDarkblade: then u have no reason to ask for her to apologise
LordtazmanNY: I would have to dig up the log
LordtazmanNY: but as we decided here
KingViktorDarkblade: as u wish
KingViktorDarkblade: decided here what taz?
LordtazmanNY: she is pardoned of the crime
KingViktorDarkblade: there is always a reason behind any killing
LordtazmanNY: serves neither City to have this hanging in the air
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she fumbles with her robes a bit then stands and moves quietly to the kitchen*
LordtazmanNY: and as long as she behaves
LordtazmanNY: I will give her another chance
yingOasisScimitars: -watching Mistress walk to the kitchens-
LordtazmanNY: seems reasonable enough
KingViktorDarkblade: yes so forget that Taz let the soul of the girl to still serve ur city
LordtazmanNY: indeed
KingViktorDarkblade: looks at the lady Scribe who is also like his ssister moving to the kitchen
KingViktorDarkblade: brb
KingViktorDarkblade: back)
zanduaImbriScimitars: *scratches arund herself still getting used to the garb, she adjusts her robes and clears her throat, then searches for soem water for herself*
zanduaImbriScimitars: some*
yingOasisScimitars: -seeing Mistress look for a drink this one rises and moves quickly to the kitchens- please allow this one to fetch Mistress some water
KingViktorDarkblade: so Taz how is ur city doing now... I see u have Kilik and Dove with u
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she smiles* Thank you ying
yingOasisScimitars: -smiling warmly-
LordtazmanNY: as well as JoSeveda
KingViktorDarkblade: thats good
yingOasisScimitars: -washing her hands throughly she then dries them, grabbing a clean cloth she moves to the shelves and reaching for a golden goblet she takes it down with care cleaning the goblet she blushes deeply as Mistress stays in the kitchen.-
KingViktorDarkblade: so u have two Physican who were made by me
LordtazmanNY: I see
LordtazmanNY: Dove just opened our vineyard
KingViktorDarkblade: good maybe we will come there sometime
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she smiles watching her work around the kitchen, she settles to the side as to not get in the way, then glances back out into the Palace, hearing the muffled tones of the Free Men within*
yingOasisScimitars: -smiling feeling no snags of the cloth she moves to the barrels of water from the canal and gently ladles some of the wonderful cool fresh water. turning she sees Mistress is still in the kitchen so she moves to her and kneels upon the floor holding the goblet to her heart offering her care and love into the drink she then lifts the goblet up and speaks softly- this one offers water to Mistress in the hopes that it may cool and refresh Her.
yingOasisScimitars: towerserve
LordtazmanNY: Be well my friend
LordtazmanNY: my bed becons lol
KingViktorDarkblade: You too Taz
zanduaImbriScimitars: *she smiles to ying, gently taking the goblet from her hands and taking a light kiss* Thank you ying, it serves me well
KingViktorDarkblade: haha
yingOasisScimitars: rest well Master
zanduaImbriScimitars: Safe Travels Taz
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PostSubject: Re: visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria   visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria Icon_minitimeWed Mar 13, 2013 5:34 am

He can kiss my ass

Zan great FW rp !!
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visitor LordtazmanNY, Master Admin of Calthoria
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