Oasis Of Two Scimitars

A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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PostSubject: DemonSlaughterflame   DemonSlaughterflame Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 8:49 pm

She didnt stay long.. not sure if she crashed

Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -Walking with Her loyal Guards She glanced about slowing down her sleen.- "We be close to what City again?" -Robet Her lead Guard spoke.- "Oasis of Two Scimitars, M'Lady." -Nodding Telima picked up the pace, Coming to the City she slipped off her sleen patting it.- "Good girl." -Cooing to it softly before handing it to the sleen handler, WAlking off toward the Building She saw posting Her Guards outside as she stepped inside.-
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: Tal.. -Speaking out-
erisOasisScimitars: *as the door opens, she moves to the entrance.. she waits until the guards grant the Free Woman permission to enter. kneeling with kissing thighs she takes a clean rep cloth and wipes the sand of the Tahari desert from her feet...settling back on her heels she speaks.. "Tal Mistress Scribe.. Welcome to Oasis of Two Scimitars.. ".. this one is eris.. First Girl to the city"
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -Glances down seeing the girl, Smiling under her veil.- "Tal girl, I am Telima of the Scribe Caste, Looking for a City to join."
erisOasisScimitars: Yes Mistress.. please come inside.. My Ubar and Ubara are away for the evening.. but You are welcome to visit if You like"
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: Alright, thank you girl. -Noding She moved off toward the thrones settling upon one, it felt good relaxing for just abit.-
erisOasisScimitars: *as she moved inside the Palace.. eris followed her.. kneeling before her.. thighs pressed together as she kept her eyes low.. "May this one offer you anything Mistress?
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: "some chilled water would do, girl." -smiling behind her veil, looking down toward her.-
erisOasisScimitars: Yes Mistress.. *she'd back away a few paces then rise and turn on the balls of her feet to make her way into the kitchen..
erisOasisScimitars: *hurriedly she'd rise to her feet.. moving to the kitchen to fetch the Mistress water. stopping at the basin she washed her dainty hands thoroughly. tilting the vase to pour water over her hands then adding a small amount of flakes to cleans her hands... *humming as she worked to prepare the Mistress a chilled glass of water she pulled a goblet from the cupboard...turning therim of the goblet on her forearm she didnt find any flaws.. hurriedly she moves to the barrel where she finds water that has been made for washing and rinsing...her slave bells ringing a fine tun unbnounced to her a she works.. she takes the goblet with her to the cool storage room..
erisOasisScimitars: *her eyes dancing around quickly checking the shelves for fresh spring water.. the finds it immediately.. holding the goblet under the pitcher she tilts it to fill the goblet then sets it back on the shelf.. closing the door behind her she returns to the main floor of the palace and makes her way back into the main room.. there to kneel before the Mistress once again...
erisOasisScimitars: she towers down keeping her thighs pressed together.. lifting her slender arms as she holds the belly of the goblet.. "Your chilled water Mistress.. this one hopes you do enjoy it and it quenches your thirst"
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -Watching the girl approah, She reached down taking the goblet.- Thank you girl. -Sipping it- very good
erisOasisScimitars: *she relaxes her arms*.. she replies"You're very welcome Mistress..".. this one hopes you enjoy your stay here..
erisOasisScimitars: "May this one ask, how far have you traveled Mistress?"
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -Telima smiled.- "Has been traveling for awhile now.. at least 3 days or so."
erisOasisScimitars: Yes Mistress
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -sips the cold water.- you are dismissed girl.
erisOasisScimitars: Yes Mistress.. *.. she rises to her feet and moves back to her post on the thrones of her Ubar and Ubara
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -Looks around at the room-
erisOasisScimitars: *she looks in the direction fo the Mistress*.."Have you met My Ubar and Ubara?"
Guest_DemonSlaughterflame: -Shakes head.- "No girl, I have not"
erisOasisScimitars: "My Ubar should return on tomorrow if not later tonight.. should this one leave Him a message of your interest?
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PostSubject: Re: DemonSlaughterflame   DemonSlaughterflame Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 9:08 pm

ooo yay a guest
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