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 Plants of Gor

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Plants of Gor

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Brak Bush: a shrub whose leaves have a purgative effect when chewed; traditionally branches of it are nailed to house doors during the Waiting Hand to discourage the entry of bad luck into the house for the New Year.

Carpet Plant: a plant of the rainforest area inland of Schendi having tendrils that can be used to tie things.

cacao tree: From the cacao tree, come the beans for making chocolate, coming original from Earth, now growing in the tropics of Gor and the beans can be purchased.

Dina: a small short-stemmed flower indigenous to hillsides; sometimes called the 'slave flower' it is often used as a design for slave brands; sometimes used as a slave name.

Fan Palm: found in the jungles of Schendi the are more than 20 feet high and spread their leaves in the form of an opened fan. An excellent source of water for as much as a liter can be found at the base of each leaf's stem.

Flahdah: a tree of the Tahari having lancelet leaves and narrow branches, the trunk leans like that of a palm tree.

Flaminium: a largish scarlet flower having 5 petals.

Kanda: a plant which grows in desert regions of Gor. It's roots are extremely toxic, even poisonous, but the leaves can be rolled and formed into strings which are chewed or sucked to produce a stimulant effect; addictive.

Leech Plant: a living rooted plant with bladder-like seed pods, it can fasten two hollow fang-like thorns into its victim through which it can suck the blood that nourishes it. A chemical response of the pods cause a mechanical pumping action, giving them an eerie resemblance to contracting and expanding lungs.

Liana Vine: a rainforest plant which can be used as a source of drinking water.

Needle Tree: an evergreen tree of the Thentis region whose oil is used in perfumes.

Palm Tree: More than 1500 varieties of palm trees exist in the rainforest one of which is the Fan Palm more than 20 ft high.

Rence: a tufted reed-like plant that grows in the marshes; it has long thick roots about four inches thick which lies under the surface of the water with smaller roots that sink down to the mud with stems 15-16 feet long with a single floral spike. Each part of the rence is used for something. Some parts being edible while others can be used for carving, caulking, making paper, or a host of other things.

Rep: a whitish fibrous matter found in the seed pods of a small reddish woody bush used to make rep-cloth.

Shrub, Kes: a shrub whose salty blue secondary roots are a main ingredient in sullage, a Gorean soup.

Sim Plant: a rambling, tangled, vine-like plant with huge, rolling leaves raised in the pasture chambers of the Nest.

sip root: a bitter root whose extract is the active ingredient in slave wine.

Talender: Delicate and yellow petaled, a fragrant meadow flower; when worn in a slave girl's hair, it is a symbol of deep submission and emotional attachment to her owner. It is also worn as a symbol of love by FreeWomen.

Telekint: a plant of the Tahari, its roots mashed and mixed with water provide a red dye.

teslik: a plant whose extract is the active ingredient in breeding wine.

tor shrub: translated as the 'bright shrub' or the 'shrub of light' because of it's abundant bright flowers either yellow or white depending on the variety. It flowers in the fall.

Tree, Flower: found in Turia, it has lovely dangling loops of interwoven blossoms which hang from curved branches. In pleasure gardens, the trees are cultivated so that the clustered flowers emerge in subtle delicate patterns of shades and hues.

Tree, Hogarthe: a tree of the Barrens named for one of the early explorers of the area. They tend to grow on the banks of small streams or muddy, sluggish rivers. Similar to poplar trees of Earth.

Tree, ka-la-na: a tree with very strong yellow wood used for making bows; the fruit of the ka-la-na is used to make ka-la-na wine.

Tree, tem-wood: in Turia, found in groves; linear, supple and black

Tree, Tur: described as reddish and large-trunked, it is found in Turia. The realm of Turia is said to have taken it's name from a solitary Tur tree found planted long ago on the plains.

Tur-pah: a vine-like tree parasite with curled, scarlet, ovate leaves which are edible and an ingredient of sullage, a Gorean soup.

Veminium, Desert: small, purplish flower found in the Tahari; used to make perfume oil for hand washing.

Veminium, Thentis: a bluish wildflower commonly found on the lower ranges of the Thentis mountains; used in perfumes.

Verr Grass: a brownish grass that grows, stubbornly, in the shaded spots of the Tahari
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Plants of Gor
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