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 Gorean Measurement and Time

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PostSubject: Gorean Measurement and Time   Gorean Measurement and Time Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:26 pm

Direction Measurement and Time

ah-il - length from elbow to tip of middle finger. Cloth is measured in ah-ils.

ah-ral - 10 ah-ils

Ahn - hour, 40 Ehn. 10th Ahn - Gorean "noon", 20th Ahn –Gorean "midnight"

Cart - southwest, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

Chronometer - Gorean watch. Hands turn counterclockwise.

Day - 20 Ahn

Directions - two main directions to Gorean thinking. Ta-Sardar-Var: "turning to the Sardar" which appears on all maps, and Ta-Sardar-Ki-Var: "not turning to the Sardar" which never appears on a map as any direction not towards the Sardar is this. Gorean compass divided into 8 main quadrants. If one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole, the directions listed as the nearest Earth approximation. Beginning with North and going eastward: Ta-Sardar-Var, Ror, Rim, Tun, Vask, Cart, Klim, Kail.

Ehn - 80 Earth seconds, 80 Ihn

Gorean foot - 12.5 Earth feet. Has 10 Hort. At Sardar a metal rod which determines the official Merchant Foot, or Gorean foot.

Hesius - the second month of the year, following the first passage hand (mentioned in Ar) and also a legendary hero. *25

Hort - 1 1/4", unit of measurement

Huda - 5 tefa

Ihn - second

Kail - NorthWest, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

Klim - West, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

latitude and longitude - figured on the basis of a Gorean day.

Month - 5 weeks.

Month of Autumnal Equinox - Se'Kara-Lar-Torvis, said usually simply "Se-Kara." Meaning, "The Second Kara" or "The Second Turning"

month names - differ from city to city, but the months associated with equinoxes and solstices and the great fairs at the Sardar do have common names.

moon - Kantasawi, moon during which the Bento herd enters the country of the Kaiila.

moon, autumn moon - Wayuksapiwi, Corn-Harvest moon. the moon when the wind shakes off the leaves.

moon, Autumnal Equinox - Canwapegiwi, the moon in which the leaves become brown

moon, early spring - Magaksicaagliwi, Moon of Returning Gants.

moon after Magaksicaagliwi - Wozupiwi, Planting Moon

moon preceeding Magaksicaagliwi - Istawicayazanwi, Sore Eye Moon.

moons, winter - winter moons are Waniyetuwi and Wanicokanwi

New Year - celebrated at En'Kara for most cities, but celebrated at summer solstice for Turia, and at the Season of Snows for the Wagon Peoples.

Omen Year - actually a season, not a year, which occupies a part of two of the Wagon Peoples regular years. Once every two hands of years this occurs. A time of gathering for Wagon Peoples.

pasang - 0.7 miles. Gorean unit of land measurement.

Passage Hand - 5 day period.

Rim - East, , if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

Ror - Northeast, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

Se-Var - winter month in the northern hemisphere

Season of Little Grass - Wagon People's measurement of the time of spring.

Stone - unit of measurement, about 4 Earth pounds. Both the Stone and the Weight are standardized throughout cities by Merchant Law. The official "Stone" is actually a solid metal cylinder kept near the Sardar. At the great fairs the official Stone is brought forth with scales, that merchants may test their own Stone against it.

Summer Solstice - En'Var-Lar-Torvis or common En'Var (The First Resting)

Ta-Sardar-Var - North, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

talu - approximately 2 gallons

Tef - handful with five fingers closed

Tefa - 6 tef. A tiny basket.

third month - called Camerius in Ko-ro-ba.

Tun - SouthEast, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

Vask - sometimes spoken of as Verus Var, or the true turning away. South, if one considers Ta Sardar like the North Pole

Vernal Equinox - First day of the month of En'Kara, "The First Kara," more fully (but not used in speech) En'Kara-Lar-Torvis, "The First Turning of the Central Fire"

Waiting Hand - a 5 day period prior to the vernal equinox

Winter Solstice - Se-Var-Lar-Torvis or common Se-Var (The Second Resting)

Week - 5 days.

Weight - unit of measurement, about 10 Stone

Year - 12 months. Between each month is a Passage Hand. 12th passage hand is followed by a Waiting Hand.

Year (Wagon Peoples) - tend to vary in length due to the chronological conventions. Their calendar is based on the phases of the largest moon. A calendar of 15 moons, named for the 15 varieties of bosk. Functions independently of the tallying of years by snows. For example, the Moon of the Brown Bosk may at one time occur in the winter, at another time, years later, in the summer.

Gorean Year
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Gorean Measurement and Time
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