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 Sail Making

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PostSubject: Sail Making   Sail Making Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:26 pm

The wages of a sail-maker, incidentally, are four copper tarn disks per day, those of a fine shipwright, hired by the Council of Captains, as much as a golden tarn disk per day. The average working day is ten Ahn, or about twelve Earth hours. The amount of time spent in actual work, however, is far less. The work day of a free man in the arsenal is likely to be, on the whole, a rather leisurely one. Free Goreans do not like to be pressed in their tasks. Two Ahn for lunch and stopping an Ahn early for paga and a talk in the late afternoon are not uncommon. Layoffs occur, but, because of the amount of work, not frequently. (Port Kar), (Raiders of Gor, Chapter 10, page 134)

The organizations, such as the sail-makers, almost guildlike, not castes, have dues, and these dues tend to be applied to a number of purposes, such as support of those injured or their families, loans, payments when men are out of work, and pensions. The organizations have also, upon occasion, functioned as collective bargaining agencies. (Port Kar), (Raiders of Gor, Chapter 10, pages 134-135)
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Sail Making
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