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 Bond-maids- Chapter 8 - VS "silks of the South"

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Bond-maids- Chapter 8 - VS "silks of the South" Empty
PostSubject: Bond-maids- Chapter 8 - VS "silks of the South"   Bond-maids- Chapter 8 - VS "silks of the South" Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:29 pm

For some reason, some one took the silk girl quote and hung on to it for dear life, it is very evident that not because bond-maids think silk girls are lesser then them, that they really are. It is only the perception of a northern woman made bond-maid and one that hasn’t gotten training from anywhere else on Gor. We can also notice that the northern Captain has his silk girl dressed in silks to show her off, so silks are not unknown up north.

”Look!” cried Pudding. “A silk girl!” The expression `silk girl!' is used, often, among bond-maids of the north, to refer to their counterparts in the south. The expression reflects their belief that such girls are spoiled, excessively pampered, indulged and coddled, sleek pets, who have little to do but adorn themselves with cosmetics and await their masters, cuddled cutely, on plush, scarlet coverlets, fringed with gold. Marauders of Gor, page144

The silk girl was heeling her master, a captain of Torvaldsland. She wore, indeed, a brief tunic of the south, of golden silk. She wore a collar of gold, and, hanging in her ears, were loops of gold.

“High-farm girls!” she whispered, as she passed the bond-maids of Ivar Forkbeard. In the south the southern slave girl commonly regards her northern counterparts as bumpkins, dolts from the high farms on the slopes of the mountains of Torvaldsland; she thinks of them as doing little but swilling tarsk and dunging fields; she regards them as, essentially, nothing more than a form of bosk cow, used to work, to give simple pleasure to rude men, and to breed thralls. Marauders of Gor, page 145

I noted that the bond-maids of Ivar Forkbeard attracted more then their expected share of attention. They were quite beautiful, from collars to low bellies, and the turn of their legs.

“Your girls walk well.” I told Ivar.

“They are bond-maids,” said he, “under the eyes of strange men.”

I smiled. The girls wore their kirtles as they did not simply that the riches owned by Ivar Forkbeard might be well displayed, the better to excite the envy of others and brighten his vanity, but for another reason as well; the female slave, knowing she is slave, finds it stimulating to be exposed to the inspection of unknown men; do they find her body pleasing; do they want it; is she desired; she sees their looks, their pleasure; these things, for example, do they wish they owned her, she finds gratifying; she is female; she is proud of her allure, her beauty; further, she is stimulated by knowing that one of these strange men might buy her, might own her, and that then she would have to please him, and well; the eyes of a handsome free man and a slave girl meet; she sees he wonders how she would be in the furs; he sees that she, furtively, speculates on what it would be like to be owned by him; she smiles, and, in her collar, hurries on; both receive pleasure.

“When we return to Forkbeard’s Landfall,” said the Forkbeard, “they will be better, for having looked, and having been looked upon.” Marauders of Gor, page 151

A farmer, in the crowd, reached forth. His heavy hand, swiftly, from her left hip to her right breast, caressed Thyri, lingering momentarily on her breast. She stopped, startled. Then she darted away. “Buy me, my Jarl!” she laughed. “Buy me!”

The Forkbeard grinned. His girls, he knew, were good. Few who looked upon them would not have liked to own them. Marauders of Gor, page 151-152

In the crowd, too, I saw some merchants, though few of them, in their white and gold. I saw, too, four slavers, perfumed, in their robes of blue and yellow silk, come north to buy women. I saw, by the cut of their robes, they were from distant Turia. Forkbeard’s girls shrank away from them. They feared the perfumed, silken slavery of the south; in the south the yoke of slavery is much heavier on a girl’s neck; her bondage is much more abject; she is often little more than a pleasure plaything of her master; it is common for a southern master to care more for his pet sleen than his girls. In the north, of course, it is common for a master to care more for his ship than his girls. I saw, too, in the crowd, a physician, in green robes, from Ar and a scribe from Cos. These cities are not on good terms but they, civilized men, both in the far north, conversed affably. Marauders of Gor, page 153

I looked upon her. She seemed the perfect solution to my problem. The gift of a female is sufficiently trivial that the honor of the Forkbeard as my host would not be in the least threatened; further, this was a desirable wench, whose cuddly slave body would be much relished by the Forkbeard and his crew; further, being trained, she would be a rare and exquisite treat for the rude giants of Torvaldsland; beyond this, of course, commanded, she would impart her skills to the best of her abilities to his other girls. Marauders of Gor, page 166-167
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Bond-maids- Chapter 8 - VS "silks of the South"
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