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 New RP for FW Introduced in Book 29 - Swordsman of Gor

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New RP for FW Introduced in Book 29 - Swordsman of Gor Empty
PostSubject: New RP for FW Introduced in Book 29 - Swordsman of Gor   New RP for FW Introduced in Book 29 - Swordsman of Gor Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:30 pm

This is important information to know

I glanced at the two women of the “strange men” on the lacquered platform. They were looking at Cecily, but I saw no evidence of envy, hostility or jealousy. This was quite different from the way in which the Gorean free woman would look upon a slave girl. They see the slave as a vulnerable, but hated rival, with whom, with the interest of men, they could not compete. These women, however, seemed to view Cecily more as one might view a lovely pet, doubtless of great interest to men but not really constituting a threat to themselves, and their position. I would later learn that these were, indeed, “contract women,” who, as girls, were often sold to pleasure houses, most often by their parents. Sometimes, too, they would sell themselves to such a house, to be trained in the arts of pleasure, for example, music, dancing, singing, conversation and such. As their contracts could be bought and sold they were in effect, slaves, but they were not thought of such. For example, they occupied an understood, accepted and generally respected niche in their society. They were not tunicked, not branded, not collared, and so on. They were not “collar-girls.” Indeed they regarded themselves, without arrogance, and with much justification, as far superior to collar-girls. They were in their view a different category all together. — Swordsmen of Gor, page 195

The latest book from John Norman, Swordsman of Gor, introduces the reader to a new Gorean culture known as the Pani people. Largely based on Japanese culture, the Pani culture has introduced new and intriguing roles prime for Gorean role play. One of these roles in particular that has received quite a bit of attention is referred to by Norman as ”Contract Women”.

Similar to the Japanese Geisha, the Contract Woman is somewhere between a Free Woman and a slave. She is not collared nor owned but is described by Norman as a “trained, refined entertainer” whose services are paid for by their clients. In other words, a geisha. Controversial and provocative is the response thus far across the Gorums and blogs in regards to the “Contract Women” and the Pani people in general. But with the love of Japanese culture amongst second life residents, I contend this is a role that will be popular and enriching for many a role player

The clothing style described in Swordsman also appears to be similar to that of the Japanese Geisha as well. The primary wardrobe of the Contract Woman seems to be similar to a kimono and in anticipation of Pani RP, GSpot has recently released this gorgeous Pani Contract Woman look for this emerging trend in Gorean role play

Note: The important part to remember is that these new hybrids are still slaves and not true FW and did not hold any positions of power and did not live in Bazi
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New RP for FW Introduced in Book 29 - Swordsman of Gor
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