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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 Gorean Holiday Events

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Wagon People: In the Southern Hemisphere of Gor lie a large plain called Plains of Turia. Huge bands of nomads known as the Wagon People herd a form of cattle known as bosk through these plains. The Wagon People are divided into four tribes, who war amongst themselves but will band together against outsiders. The Wagon People, like all Goreans, acknowledge the power of Priest-Kings but believe that the Sky is the creator-figure of the world. The four Tribes are as follows: Tuchuk-the fiercest of the four tribes of the Wagon Peoples. These nomads have encampments of thousands of gaily painted wagons, their herds of the reverenced bosk, often numbering into the millions, surrounding them. Throughout the day, the camps are teeming with scarred warriors, kaiila, clad Kajir slaves, dour free women, haruspexes and domesticated sleen. All Tuchuk men are expected to defend their encampment, so there are no castes as such, but clans, such as healers, leather workers and salt seekers exist, including the clan of torturers. Kassar-they are are known as the Blood People. Their standard is a scarlet three-weighted bola, hanging from a lance. Kataii- are black-skinned. Their standard is a yellow bow, bound across a black lance. Paravaci-are known as The Rich People. Their standard is a large banner of jewels strung on golden wires, forming the head and horn of a bosk. The value of such a standard is incalculable. Women of the Wagon People, free and slave alike, wear golden nose rings, and these are often seen in slaves from the region.

Rencers: The Rencers live in the delta swamps surrounding the city of Port Kar. They harvest a papyrus-like reed called the Rence which makes a fine paper, cloth, and other materials. They live on huge floating islands made of woven Rence. Historically the Rencers have been very vulnerable to the depredations of Port Kar slavers, but recently they have taken up the Peasant Bow and become a much more dangerous foe.

Torvaldslanders: The Torvaldslanders live in the North of Gor. They are very similar to medieval Vikings, even following a modified version of the Norse Pantheon, while acknowledging the power of the Priest-Kings. In Torvaldsland female slaves are called bond-maids and male slaves are called thralls. The are referred to as “Torvies”

Tahari: In the Tahari Desert live several groups of nomads. They live around oases in small enclaves or herd animals through the desert from place to place. Much of Gor’s salt comes from mines in the Tahari, notably the mines of Klima, and great wealth is to be found there. Natives of the Tahari are one of the few people on Gor who do not use the short sword: Tahari raiders use curved scimitars from kaiila back just like Arabian raiders on Earth. A few of the Tribes of the Tahari are: Aretai Tribe, Char Tribe, Kashani Tribe, Kavar Tribe, Luraz Tribe, Raviri Tribe, Tajuks Tribe and Ta’Kara Tribe.

Red Hunters: live in the polar regions of Gor’s Northern Hemisphere, of Indian heritage and similar physically, but culturally distinct from the Red Savages of the Barrens. Their babies are born with a blue spot at the base of their spine. They live as nomads, dependent on the migrations of tabuk, and the sea sleen. The Red Hunters refer to themselves as the Innuit, which, in their tongue means, 'The People'. They are few in number, and live in scattered, isolated, communities. Culturally, they tend to be gentle, kindly and friendly, even to strangers.

Red Savages: Red Savages inhabit the plains area (Barrens) of Gor. they are racially and culturally distinct from the Red Hunters of the north, being a more slender, longer-limbed people. They are nomadic, their culture being based on the kaiila and the gigantic herds of trident-horned kailiauk. They are further distinguished by cunning, ruthlessness and ferocity. They live to hunt and for internecine warfare, which seems to serve almost as a sport and religion. Their common hatred is for the white man, which takes precedence over all other conflicts. There are many tribes of Red Savages: Fleer Tribe, Kaiila Tribe, Dust Leg Tribe, Kailiauk Tribe, Sleen Tribe and Yellow Knife Tribe.

Urt People: The urt people are narrow-shouldered and narrow-chested, measuring only three and a half feet tall when upright with a narrow, elongated face and rather large, ovoid eyes. They have long, thin arms and short, spindly legs along with a bent-over gait often bringing the knuckles to the ground, and commonly kept inconspicuously among the large, migratory urt packs.

Alars: A nomadic wandering herds people well known for their skill with the axe and the Alar sword, they travel in wagons in the northern plains, but tend to camp near settlements, unlike the southern wagon people. Their Free women do not wear veils, rather simple, corded, belted, woolen, plain, widely sleeved, ankle-length dresses, tied snugly . There are few slaves in the Alar camps because they are killed by Free women. The Alars tend to be fair in complexion, blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

Kur: large (8-9') furred, mammal having 4 legs, which can stand upright or on all fours; each paw has 6 multiple-jointed digits with retractable claws and an opposing thumb. It has 2 rows of teeth. They are incredibly strong and ferocious, and are carnivorous, regarding humans as food. The Kur are members of an alien race, the Kurii.

Kurii: An alien race existing in their space ships, which orbit in the asteroid belts of the outer atmosphere, their 'Steel World'. It is thought that their own world had been destroyed, partially as a result of their advanced technology, ferocity, and greed. They are locked in a war with the Priest-Kings for the domination of Gor and Earth. Their ships have sometimes been shattered and have fallen to the surface. It is the practice of the Priest-Kings to destroy the wrecks, but they do not hunt down and exterminate the survivors. These marooned Kur are allowed to live if they abide by the laws of the Priest-Kings. They are extremely powerful, hightly intelligent, fond of killing and technologically advanced

Panther Girls: They are runaway women who live in the forest without free men, taking as slave any man who enters their domain and eventually selling him. Those of the northern forests dress in the teeth and skins of forest panthers which they slay with their spears and bows

Small People: Are a tribe in the jungles of Schendi, not otherwise named. They are no more than 5 feet in height and weigh about 80 pounds at most. They have coppery skin and are probably of the Negroid race. They were slaves of the talunas until Tarl Cabot aided them in capturing and enslaving the last of the taluna women.

Spider People: Are man-sized arachnids which inhabit the swampland near the city of Ar; they can communicate in human speech via the mechanical translators they wear around their abdomens; they spin Curlon Fiber which is used in the textile mills of Ar.

She-Urts: Are homeless free girls - runaways, vagabonds, orphans, etc. - who live near the canals in port cities, surviving by scavenging, begging, stealing, and sleeping with paga attendants; they sleep wherever they find space, and usually wear a brief tunic instead of Robes of Concealment
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Gorean Holiday Events
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