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 Money/Time/Calendar on Gor

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PostSubject: Money/Time/Calendar on Gor   Money/Time/Calendar on Gor Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:51 pm

Money of Gor

tarsk bit: a copper coin worth from 1/10 to 1/4 of a copper tarsk, depending on the city which mints the coin.

tarsk, copper: worth between 4 and 10 tarsk bits depending on location. 100 tarsk bits make up a silver tarsk, and equalling 10 tarsk bits.

tarsk, silver: worth 40 copper tarn disks or 100 copper tarsks. 10 silver tarsks make a gold tarn.

tarn Disk, Copper: 1/40 of a silver tarsk.

tarn Disk, Gold: worth 10 silver tarsks, also comes in double weight. With the exception of the double tarn, a gold tarn disk is the highest value coin on Gor.

tarn Disk, Silver: worth more than a silver tarsk, they don't state an exact amount.

Note: Remember that as a slave you are not to touch coin with your hands. Always use your silks to pick up coin if dropped at your knees, or if offered to you, take between your teeth and keep there till given to either your Master or a Free of the Home.

Gorean Time and Gorean Calendar

Ihn: Gorean Second; equals 1.35 Earth seconds

Ehn: Gorean Minute (80 Ihn); equals 108 Earth seconds

Ahn: Gorean Hour (40 Ehn); equals 72 Earth minutes

Ohn: Gorean Day (20 Ahn); equals 24 Earth hours

Uhn: Gorean Week (5 Ohn); equals 7 Earth days

Yhn: Gorean Month (5 Uhn); equals 30 Earth days

Pahn: Gorean Year (10 Yhn); equals 12 Earth months (300 Gor days are acknowledged, 65 days are 'waiting days' which are explained below.)

~There are 12 months per year. Seven of which are known.

~Each month is 25 days long, split into 5 weeks.

~Each week is made up of 5 days. (Weeks are called, 'hands')

~The 'Passage Hand' is a 5-day week between each month. It separates one month from the next.

~At the end of the year, there is one more 5-day week separating the old year from the new, this week is called the 'Waiting Hand'

5 days = week (hand) 5 weeks (hands) = month 1 week (Passage Hand) between each month 12 months per year

Most Goreans calculate the year from vernal equinox to vernal equinox (Earth date: March 21st). Turians, however, calculate it from summer solstice to summer solstice (Earth date: June 21st)



A Gorean 'second'



A Gorean 'minute'



A Gorean 'hour'

Tenth Ahn


The Gorean noon

Twentieth Ahn


The Gorean midnight

80 Ihn


1 Ehn

40 Ehn


1 Ahn

20 Ahn


A Gorean day

1 Ihn


1.35 seconds

1 Ehn


1 minute, 48 seconds

or 108 seconds

1 Ahn


1 hour, 12 minutes

or 72 minutes
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Money/Time/Calendar on Gor
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