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 Public Services on Gor

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Insurance on buildings
“You should have lamps illuminating the stairs,” said Boabissia. “I suppose that tharlarion oil is just too expensive.”
“Yes,” said the proprietor. “But it is also against the law.”
“Why is that?” I asked.
“The danger of fire,” he said.
“Oh,” said Boabissia, sobered.
Insulae, incidentally, are famed for their proneness to fire. Sometimes entire districts of such dwellings are wiped out by a single fire.
“Can we have a lamp in the room?” I asked.
“Of course,” said the fellow. “As long as it is tended. But you may not wish to have one much lit. It fouls the air.”
“Do you have insurance on this building?” I asked.
“No,” said the fellow.
I was pleased to hear that. He would then not be likely to have the building fired to collect on the policy. On the other hand, it was not unusual that such dwellings lacked insurance. This was not simply a matter of proprietary optimism, but also of the difficulty of obtaining it, at least at affordable rates. Most carriers would not accept the risks involved.

Insurance on shipments of goods
The prices of goods, I might note, carried on ships of Cos and Tyros and her allies, because of the need of paying for additional escort, had risen considerably. Accordingly, her goods, to the dismay of her merchants, were becoming less competitive in the markets of Thassa. Insurance rates on such shipments, even those with escort, I might add, had also soared.
Pension from State
"Or should I free you?" asked Marlenus.
She looked up, startled.
"That you may be kept locked in a compartment of the central cylinder, not as slave but prisoner, a high-born woman, to be mated in the future as best accords with the politics of Ar, as I see fit?"
There were tears in her eyes.
"That way," said he, "a Hinrabian might at last well serve the interests of Ar."
"That way," whispered the girl, "I would be more a slave than a slave."
"I free you," said Marlenus, "but I free you that you may be at liberty to go where you will, and do what you wish."
She looked at him, suddenly, her eyes wide, startled.
"You will receive a Pension from the state," said Marlenus, "ample to the needs of a woman of High Caste."
Public Drinking Fountains
Upper bowl for Free persons
Lower bowl for slaves and other animals
“What a slut,” said Boabissia.
“A pretty one,” I said. “And free for use, too.”
“I wish they would not put them out like that,” she said.
“Do you object to public drinking fountains?” I asked.
“No,” she said. “But that is different.”
“Oh?” I asked.

“I am thirsty,” said Hurtha, going toward a fountain. We followed him. There are many among this avenue.
Hurtha leaned his ax against the fountain and thrust his head half in the water and then pulled it out sputtering. He then splashed water on his face. Then, cupping his hands, he drank. I drank, too. And Boabissia, too, drank, lifting water delicately to her lips.

I looked at Feiqa. She knelt on all fours before the lower bowl of the fountain, her head down, drinking.
Graffiti, too, in Gorean public places, as the markets and baths, is not uncommon. Whereas this graffiti is mostly of a predictable sort, as one might expect, names, proclamations of love, denunciations of enemies, obscenities, and such, some of it is, in my opinion, at least, of quite high quality. For example, poets not unoften use the walls to publish their work, so to speak. Indeed, it is said, though I do not know with what truth, that Pentilicus Tallux, for whom the great theater is named, first inscribed his poetry on walls. Needless to say, readers then often feel free to write their own comments on he poems, or even to edit them. More than one critic, I fear, had been found bloodied at the base of such a wall. Indeed, there is a story abroad that Pentilicus Tallux himself, whose work is noted for its restraint and delicacy, figured in more than one fracas of that sort. One story had it that he slew seven men in formal duels alone.

Business Licenses & Taxes
Although there are some private show and sales rooms in the House of Cernus, and private auctions and exhibitions, intended to interest prospective clients, are held, most slaves, of the House of Cernus and others, are sold in one of the five public auction houses, licensed and taxed by the Administrator of Ar.
Sometimes, incidentally, rich merchants can manage a convoy by themselves, but even so they will usually accommodate the wagons of others in their convoys. There is commonly safety in numbers and the greater the numbers usually the greater the safety. A fee is usually charged for entering wagons in a convoy, this primarily being applied to defray the costs of guards. Too, in some cases, it may be applied to tolls, drinking water, provender for animals, and such.
Public Laundry
“When I last saw her”, he said, “she was naked and in chains, gripping a stirring paddle, slaving over a great tub of boiling water in a public laundry”
Public Libraries
SEE Libraries on Gor page

Barber Shops
Commemorative columns stood here and there about the edges of the square. We entered through the vertical posts, passing the porters’ station there. An open barbers’ shop, with five stools, was to one side. The stools were all occupied. Three fellows were having their hair cut’ one was being shaved, with a shaving knife; another was having his beard trimmed. Other folk were standing about, waiting.
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Public Services on Gor
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