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 Beauty on Gor

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PostSubject: Beauty on Gor   Beauty on Gor Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:59 pm

"What a subtle thing is a woman's beauty. How little it has to do, actually, generally, with such matters as symmetry of form and regularity of features. It eludes scales and tapes; mathematics cannot, I think, penetrate its mysterious equations. I have never understood beauty; but I am grateful that it exists."


Goreans place great respect and worth on beauty, but they do not see it and are not taught to see it, in quite the same way as those of Earth. They are not lost to the simplicities of life, with the world around them passing by in an unnoticed blur of daily routine. They are also not conditioned to perceive certain repetitive examples and types as beautiful as a matter of predetermined and accepted fact, with opinions not fitting the "norm" being looked at as strange. Beauty to the Gorean is a matter of personal enjoyment and a measure of what a man feels when exposed to it. Yes, beauty encompasses physical characteristics, but to a Gorean it goes beyond simple "looks" to take into consideration the whole of the subject down to even subtle details. True beauty is not just what an object appears to be visually, or what one is told is beautiful, but is the sum of the entire subject as perceived and appreciated on many levels, and it is measured differently by each individual through the reaction they have to it and the impression it makes on them. In this way, its appreciation is much more personal and the evoked response much more lasting and readily praised, for it has effected the senses and tastes of that individual in a way which is particular to him. Also, the general lack of a conformist view on beauty leaves Goreans free to explore and express their own tastes, without feeling awkward before any standardized and widely publicized opinion on the subject.

"I supposed the requirements of the slaves were high. Each of the girls, I suspected, would be vital and much alive. Each of them I knew was beautiful. Each of them I suspected would be intelligent, for Goreans, as the men of Earth commonly do not, celebrate quickness of mind and alertness in a girl."


Regarding kajirae, true beauty is a blending of the physical, with the emotional, mental, and sexual, rounded in a girl's overall grace and vitality. A slave whose physical beauty far surpasses those of others, may not always be seen as being as beautiful as her peers, due to some other quality having been found lacking or unfulfilled. Conversely, a girl who might be considered an average beauty by the Earth standards of appearance, could well be stunning to a Gorean, for they take measure of the whole girl, and each judges this by his own opinion and impression. To a Gorean, it is not enough for a girl to "look" beautiful, she must "be" beautiful, as in not only form, but manner and expression, a wholeness of being, and they do not settle for being told what beautiful is, they decide this for themselves. Women are expected to have a depth of emotion that is fully expressed and shared as is fitting of their own femininity, and their sexuality not something engaged in, but something they simply are. Women do not have sex, they are sex as manifested in physical form, and this reality is expected to be displayed through their every movement. Intelligence also plays a great factor in a woman's beauty, for Goreans prize girls with a quick and imaginative mind. Such are not only more capable in regard to the completion of tasks they are given, but are more interesting to the man, being something he will more fully enjoy spending his time with, in conversation and the sharing of thoughts. Sexually, the intelligent girl is also far more creative and responsive, with a sharp mind in itself being far more attractive to a man than a dull one. "Physical beauty" in this way, is not even considered to mean the same thing to a Gorean as it often does one of Earth, for it encompasses far more than just physical traits, and can be taken to mean a truer beauty.

"'Slavery itself,' I said, 'often makes a woman more beautiful and desirable. It removes tensions. It removes inhibitions. It makes women happy. It is hard, I think, sometimes, for a woman who is happy not to be beautiful. Sometimes Goreans ask, is she a slave because she is beautiful, or beautiful because she is a slave?'"

- BEASTS OF GOR, Pg. 247

As a slave "grows" in her collar, she simply becomes more beautiful. Slavery removes any inhibitions a girl may have, be they placed upon her by herself, or by the cultural strictures of her society. Her feminine grace and vitality are not repressed by her own fears or that of a culture trying to redefine and alter what is natural to her. She is not shamed and guilted into denying her sex, but glorifies it through her every action. She is under the will and discipline of another who will accept no less than her being all that is inside of her, and has no choice but to openly display herself in her full feminine form, in a manner found pleasing to men, and as a result, pleasing to herself. As she grows more accustomed to her slavery, her features and manners become more refined but yet soft, more feminine, more sexual, more gentle, and more beautiful. Her senses appear to become heightened, as her mind and body become more aware and liberated. She is vulnerable, which is further shown through the expression of emotion that is natural to the female, but this vulnerability creates an even stronger attraction in men. As a slave she becomes the epitome of feminine grace and sensitivity, becomes accustomed and attuned to her emotions and sexuality, reaches the heights of her vitality and simply becomes truly beautiful.

Gorean men take great pleasure just in watching their property go about even the simplest of duties. They enjoy looking upon their property, for to the Gorean master, the slave is truly his. He will know every bit of her, from the smallest feature of her body to the slightest of her mannerisms. He wants to know her thoughts, her dreams, her desires and how she feels. She is not simply something that he finds pleasure in, she is his.

"It is a natural thing. As a woman becomes more feminine, she becomes more beautiful."


Are Most Gorean Slaves Physically Beautiful?

Most of the slaves on Gor that are used for the pleasure of men are physically beautiful. This might seem impossible to those looking with a biased eye, but the fact is the answer is true and the reasoning behind it quite obvious. First of all, those women taken in raids, both of Gorean cities and of Earth, will normally be of the most beautiful sort. Those less attractive will either be passed over, killed, or set to menial tasks. But even more, Slavers who breed their own stock will only select the best males and females to produce children. This obviously leading to progressively more beautiful specimens, in both quality and quantity, over time.

"Most Gorean slave girls are comely, or beautiful. This is easy to understand. It is almost always the better looking women who are taken for slaves, and, of course, in breeding slaves, it is commonly only the most beautful of female slaves who are used, these usually being crossed, hooded, with handsome male silk slaves, also hooded. The female offspring of these matings, needless to say, are often exquisite."

- SAVAGES OF GOR, Pg. 68-69

"In the case of the bred female slave, of course, she has been legally and literally, in anyone's understanding, bred to the collar, and in a full commercial and economic sense, as a business speculation on the part of masters. The features most often selected for by the breeders are beauty and passion."


Not only are selection and breeding focused on acquiring the most beautiful of specimens, but training itself will work towards enhancing the figure and form of the woman. Through diet and exercise, the body is worked into proportions fitting the owner's tastes within the limits of her type. Further instruction teaches her movements and displays which compliment her beauty and draw it out more, making it ever more apparent to the man.

"'She is fat,' said Linda. I did not think this remark was fair on Linda's part. The slave, Rowena, was not fat. She was sweetly shapely. To be sure, by a strict regimen of diet and excercise, she would soon be brought, in a manner congenial to her basic structure, within latitudes of slave perfection. The Gorean slave girl is not a free woman. Accordingly she must keep herself beautiful."

- PLAYERS OF GOR, Pg. 36-37

Add to this the simple fact that in slavery a woman deeply embraces her femininity, which in turn has the effect of making her more beautiful as a woman just by putting her more in tune with what she is, and the answer regarding the beauty of slave girls on Gor seems obvious. The women most often selected for slavery will be pleasing to the eye, and will have a noticeable quality about them that speaks of a longing to be totally female. In the bonds of slavery this longing is fulfilled and the femininity of the girl is freed to be embraced by the collared slave. This has the effect of further enhancing her physically beauty, and her overall demeanor through the happiness she has found within herself.

"'If you were in a collar for a few weeks,' I said, 'you face would soften, and become more sensitive, more delicate and femine. Too, as you learned service, obedience and love, and the categoricality of your condition, and your inalterable helplessness within it, many changes would take place in you, in your body, your face, your psychology, your dispositions, and such. Your entire self would become more loving, more sexual, more sensitive, more delicate and femine. You would find yourself, too, more relaxed, yet, too, more alive, more eager, more vital, such things connected, simply enough, with your depth fulfillments as a woman.'
'As a slave!' she said.
'Yes,' I said. 'That is what a woman is, most deeply, most lovingly, a slave.'"


"When a woman is enslaved, for example, surely they do not suppose that her intelligence and sensitivity disappear. Surely they would not expect theirs to do so, if they had them. No, she still has them. Also, it has been my personal experience, for what it is worth, that slaves are almost always more intelligent and sensitive than free women, who often, at least until taken in hand, tend to be ignorant, smug, vain, and stupid. Also, it might be noted that many women are enslaved not simply because it is convenient to do so, the ropes are handy, so to speak, or because they are beautiful of face and figure, but actually because of their intelligence and sensitivity, qualities which appeal to many Gorean men. Indeed, such qualities commonly raise a girl's price. Also, as I have suggested, the intelligence and sensitivity of many women actually tends to blossom in bondage, finding within it the apt environment for its expression, for its flowering. This may have to do with such matters as the release of inhibitions, happiness, fulfillment, and such."


"Women such as you understand nothing of attractiveness. With you it is a matter of externals, of acting. Any true man sees through it immediately. You confuse the pretense with the truth, the artificial and imitative with reality. You think you could become attractive but merely choose not to do so. It is a delusion, as you understand these things. This permits you to console yourself with lies and, at the same time, provides you with an excuse for despising and belittling the truly attractive woman, thinking she is merely, as you would be, if you were she, acting. But this is not true. The source of a woman's attractiveness is within her. It is internal. It comes from the inside out. She is vulnerable, and desires men, and wishes to be touched and owned. This then shows in her body and movements, and in her eyes and face. That is the truly attractive woman."

- EXPLORERS OF GOR, Pg. 142-143

"Yet every part of a female body is beautiful to a Gorean, a hand, a wrist, an ankle, the back of a knee, the turn of a thigh, the sweet, soft hair, almost invisible and delicate, below and behind the ear. Each part bespeaks the glory and wonder and promise of the whole. I have heard Gorean men cry out with joy at the sight of a woman."


"'Beauty and intelligence are all well and good,' I said, 'but the best slave is she who loves most deeply.'"


"On Gor, to speak briefly, beauty is not stereotyped, or, if it is, if one wishes to speak in that fashion, there is a considerable number of such stereotypes, a large number of muchly desired types. Indeed, almost any woman, of any type, would be likely to find herself passionately desired, even fought for, on Gor by many men. But, to be sure, if she is a slave, she would have to serve them well."


"I watched her gather twigs, how she walked, how she held them, how she returnd to the fire and, kneeling, sometimes glancing at me, placed them on the fire. As I had thought she was even then engaging in female display behavior. I had thought she would. I wondered if she were fully concious of what she did. I suspect she was only partly aware of it. And yet, clearly, I saw that she was excited. How subtly and marvelously she manifested her beauty. In so small a thing as the way in which a woman places a plate on the table before a man, of a twig upon a small fire, she may invite him to her rape. I do not think she was fully concious of how provocative she was. Yet, doubtless, she was intensely aware of my eyes upon her. I wondered if women knew how beautiful they were. I supposed not. Otherwise why would any of them be puzzled when they were enslaved. I observed her movements. She had begun to recognize her bondage, to understand, in her heart, that she was truly a slave girl."


"The Gorean's concept of entertainment is perhaps simpler, or more subtle or broader than is that, doubtless, of many individuals in many other cultures. For example, he can enjoy watching a slave putting on her tunic or taking it off; he can enjoy seeing a woman chained, and rechained, many times, in many ways, each time being exhibited in her helplessness; and he can enjoy watching his slave working naked in the kitchen, or cleaning, or doing laundry or sewing; I think this is probably because he enjoys being with her, and finds her precious and beautiful."

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Beauty on Gor
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