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 Sexuality on Gor

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PostSubject: Sexuality on Gor   Sexuality on Gor Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 1:59 pm

((It is occasional, for this rper, to feel, behind the computer, guilty for the pleasure and happiness my character takes in her "warming of furs" so to speak. Feeling that it is uncouth to have such lavishly sexual behavior.

In saying so, however it is important to remember, that if you do play a slave, that thus is the character you play.

My character is a slut. And in saying so, the word, in Gor, is not derogatory or demeaning. On the contrary, it is expected of a slave.

For those of us who are slaves in Gor, we need to try to remember that. *smiles*))

In Gorean society and culture, women are not castigated for having sexual desires and experience.

A female virgin, upon Gor, is looked upon as a curiosity and a vessel of potential. But NOT as the great be-all end-all of feminine value.

The cult of virginity goes way, way back in human culture. It derives directly from the need of a male patriarchy to defend the genealogical lines of the men in charge-- the rich and successful don't want to allow bastards into their midst, or to pass along treasured social rank and possessions to children not their own.

Women, unless physical rape is involved, have the power to choose those with whom they will procreate. The patriarchy can't always successfully police the matter.

So how does a worried patriarchy strike back?

By demanding that well-placed brides be virginal, having been demonstrated to be so by actual physical inspection-- by demanding that the consummation of the marriage on the wedding night be observed and proven to have occurred-- and by attempting to squelch the physical pleasure and desire of the child-bearing wife so she won't be tempted to have sex "on the side." All of which were established social practices well into the Victorian era, and which still exist in many societies to this day.

Female circumscision as it presently occurs in some places is a sad and horrible extension of the last practice mentioned above.

Norman calls such things "recrudescent puritanisms." He considers them misogynistic and foolish practices which demean the glorious sexuality of female human beings.

How do Free Women, their veiling, and their public sexual neutrality, all factor into this?

Gorean FW are veiled and guarded for their own protection. Because Gorean Men know how powerful a force the female sexual response can be. It can make women the willing servants of their men. And Goreans don't want their mothers and daughters submitting to the WRONG men. Or exiting the family to become someone else's property.

Gorean FW aren't revered because they are virgins. They are respected, esteemed, and honored because they refuse to be sexually conquered by all men-- and only give themselves to the RIGHT men, as dictated by their duty to their family, clan and Home Stone. They value duty and honor above the unbridled pleasure of self-surrendered sexual expression.

If "sex" were alcohol, the Gorean FW demurely sips a cocktail in a Martini bar, while her slave counterparts are playing quarters and doing tequila body shots in the beer hall across the street.

In the bedroom, with her companion, a Gorean FW can certainly get her sexual freak on. Provided she never demeans herself, or takes pleasure at being demeaned, by doing so. And what "demeans" her is essentially up to her male companion. When he completely loses his respect for her, then someone's neck is begging for the steel. But-- that's entirely between the two of them.

If she does it publicly-- well, then it falls to the Free Men in the vicinity whether or not they lose their collective respect for her. If such respect is forfeited, then the males will quit considering the woman to be worthy of exalted Free status. That's when the men will start to mutter about "slaves hiding behind veils" and the like.

But the fact that she has a healthy and varied sex life is never a cause for anything but celebration. The FW simply keeps such matters private. The slave is not allowed to. She is a toy for the pleasure of Men, and will be treated by them as Men tend to treat such toys.

But in all cases-- the "virgin" is considered by Gorean men to be incomplete, inexperienced, and of less value (except as a curiosity) than the sexually experienced woman.

I think that's awesome, personally. Completely Gorean. And, as Norman has repeatedly stated in interviews, it is indicative of his full support of the cause of sexual liberation in the modern human race.

I wish you well,

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Sexuality on Gor
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