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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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PostSubject: ice Lessons   ice Lessons Icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 1:09 am

Transfer finished lessons here.
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PostSubject: Laws project part 1   ice Lessons Icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 12:05 am


1) Oasis of Two Scimitars: This is an isolated oasis where Free Men and Free Women and may be permitted to have a vote as determined by Ubara. Any City member who does not participate accordingly to the Laws and/or does not follow the laws, may be removed without warning by Ubara.

Answer 1: I can definitely purport the isolated remoteness of the Oasis. The importance of this law is recognizing that you must be active and appropriate within the rp.

2) The laws of Oasis extend no further than its walls and the walls within but members of the Oasis are to carry themselves properly and with honor, and not bring disgrace to the name of Oasis Of Two Scimitars when outside its walls. These laws are an attempt to outline the general laws of the Oasis Of Two Scimitars and its Ubara owned Home stone.

Answer 2: The actions of all those of the Oasis reflect upon the honor and well-being of the Oasis, behaving terribly causes the Oasis to become tarnished which cannot be tolerated.

3) Oasis Of Two Scimitars is meant to be a place where Free Men and Women can gather and experience the best of Gorean life and be respected, treated and served appropriately. It does not always follow the books verbatim, but follows the philosophy of Gor. Slave candidates will receive a "Oasis Of Two Scimitars City" collar upon being slated to be a Oasis Of Two Scimitars slave "candidate". Only Oasis Of Two Scimitars Free may issue a "City" collar. Oasis Of Two Scimitars does not permit kajirus/boy slaves - If an exception is to be made for Ubara, the Ubara is the only one to do so (this is highly unlikely as male slaves are frowned upon). "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does not permit age or animal “play” by any of its members.

Answer 3: This law applied directly to me as I was collared to the Ubara. Gor is the experience of mutual interested individuals and can’t always be interpreted solely by what the books say.

4) All Free Citizens of Oasis Of Two Scimitars are permitted up to three (3) personal slaves (exceptions may be made upon Ubara ). No claims of a city slave will be acknowledged untill the 30 days has passed. The Free without any Personals will be given slaves before the Free who owns any. All slaves are to be available to any Oasis Of Two Scimitars Free and only one Personal to each Free may be restricted.

Answer 4: This law allows for a more communal allowance of slaves. Keeping a slave to Free ratio that doesn’t overburden the rp with too many slaves and too few free. It also assures that Free are entitled to a slave if they so desire it, upon a city slave being collared.

5) Free Persons and slaves within the walls of Oasis Of Two Scimitars will act appropriately in relation to their position. Order is everything! While in public gathering places, they will not speak ill of or in disrespect to another Citizen of Oasis Of Two Scimitars . Visitors are to be treated with the same respect unless their actions dictate otherwise.

Answer 5: the laws of minding your stations, slaves are slaves; they can’t act out just because they dislike another character. However Free also must honor the Oasis with their own high standard of actions.

6) OOC Policy - "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" does not endorse the use of OCC (Out Of Character) chat during Oasis Of Two Scimitars rp for a number of reasons, and therefore asks that its use be strictly limited. The use of "OOC" (Out of Character), chat is discouraged and only permitted when needing to leave the room or for emergency purposes.

Answer 6: I am not sure how heavily this law is enforced as a lot of OCC is used in the Oasis rooms, however it does not seem to affect the rp. It is effectively separated.

7) Yahoo/AIM/Google/MSN / Whisper chat Policy - 1) The use of Yahoo or any IM is strictly for personal use only when not in Oasis Of Two Scimitars ; 2) Yahoo is not to be used simultaneously with your IMVU Oasis Of Two Scimitars rp…. meaning that one is not to be engaged in Oasis Of Two Scimitars IMVU rp and talking to another on Yahoo about that rp; 3) - A Free cannot require that slaves give out any personal information, give them access to their passwords, call them personally or use any other chat forum other than IMVU; 4) There is NO whispering in Oasis Of Two Scimitars using the VIP feature. 5) – Oasis Of Two Scimitars strongly discourages the mixing of real life and role play as it results in problems 99% of the time. The Ubara reserve the right to ban anyone who does so. ( a messenger is for use of emergancy needs of a member and only for that purpose)

Answer 7: I never give out any personal information and I always keep rp separate from my rl. It will never be shared.

Rank of Citizens

Oasis Of Two Scimitars has its own version of the caste system as listed below and Citizens and visitors are expected to understand and reflect this. So although, the ranking of the castes are listed below, the Ubara has the final say in all disputes. This order may change from time to time as dictated by the Ubara.

Free Men
Cand Free Men
Free Women
Cand Free Women
Visitng Free Men
Visiting Free Women
slaves (FG /SG, first then all others)
Visiting slaves

Answer 8: Due to the candidacy period having an extended period of time, they are given their own positions in the hierarchy of the caste system.

9) Greet Order in Public Rooms

Slaves shall use the following Greet order in Oasis Of Two Scimitars rooms (Please note that the First Girl, and Second Girl, greet before any other slaves):


Free Women
Visitng Free Men
Visiting Free Women
slaves (FG /SG, first then all others)
Visiting slaves

Answer 9: This law is now outdated as most of the listed Free and slaves are no longer present in the Oasis to my knowledge. I hope to obtain a more accurate version in the days to come.

10) Procedure for handling non-Goreans entering a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" room NOTE: This procedure is for non-Goreans ONLY!!!

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS - The ranking Free or slave (if no Free are present) in the room needs to be the main person talking with the non-Gorean guest. The ranking Free/slave is to be the ONLY one who initially greets.

The Free/slave should nicely say the following "room statement" (yes, copy and paste so we are consistent) - "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is a Gorean Role Play room and all guests are expected to rp as such. If you can't, don't know how or want to learn, please go to this site, read up and return if you want once you understand. Thank you.
http://www.worldofgor.com/ Please leave so as not to be a disruption"

If the guest doesn’t respond or goes down some other path, respond nicely again and repeat the above room statement. If they don't respond or continue going down some strange path.... BOOT THEIR ASS. IN EXTREME SITUATIONS (like the one involving hellbitcheslilangel where she took control of avatars) - simply have EVERYONE exit the room and go to a private room and then report to IMVU immediately. Do not stay in the room. The person wanted attention - deprive them of it and they will go seek someone else.

Answer 10: Being courteous but Firm in dealing with visitors, assuming a level of intelligence in which the visitor can read the room description or know their location. Idiots aren’t suffered lightly.

11) Any child born to any two "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free is born with automatic citizenship in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" The children still have to be trained and write an essay and pass an oral exam. Babies born to Masters by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slaves or will be dealt with as per the books, including being sold, given away or other.

Answer 11: This law actually has a current example occurring in the rp as of writing this response, Venin is a child of a slave and is being trained and has already been sold.

12) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" honors attacks and raids on the city and reserves the right to use “T1 /T5” combat in the defense of itself and its citizens. Any attack will be met with an aggressive defense as dictated by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", not the attacker. "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" would defend the city as any logical and smart city would do to protect itself from attack with a strong and massive response.

Answer 12: The Oasis abides by the realities of Gor, and that it is a very dangerous and often hostile environment. The Oasis is not defenseless and will respond in kind when being attacked.

13) Role-play in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is PRIVATE and is expected to remain so. Everything that happens in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"must stay in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" city walls and city business must not be spoken to visitors. "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does not support the mixing of real life and role play and strongly discourages it. Additionally, "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" strongly discourages multi-rp'ers from joining "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" as experience shows that they will not be able to devote the necessary time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"to fully participate. - CO

Answer 13: This one I have a true pleasure in embedding in my memory, as I am a profound believer in separation of rp and rl. I even take it a step farther, if it is a private chat, I consider that out of character aswell. I do not consider anything said in private chat to be role play binding. I will also not honor anyone who tries to imply that private chat exchanges affect my rp in anyway.

14) Earning and retaining your citizenship is contingent upon you attending certain public ceremonies and assemblies as determined by the Ubara and active participation the forum and rooms, and proper adult behavior and compliance with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" laws. No one is above the law. Citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and thus it must be earned. You are expected to owe your allegiance to the city and work at supporting that city.

All Free citizens and slaves of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" are expected to spend the majority of their online time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" or city they reside in and new Free and slaves (first 30 days) must spend 100% of their time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" or the city they have been chosen for. All Free are expected to post on average at least 3 posts to this forum every day and slaves are expected to post at least 5 posts every day to the forum. Free as well as slave "candidates" must successfully complete a 30-day probation/trial period, pass an interview and write a 500 word essay prior to becoming an "official" Citizen or slave. See more on Free "Candidates" at the end of these Laws. All candidates are to be given a copy of Laws on the 1st day of their Candidacy. Administrators and their city members are to spend online time when on together in their main home without having to be in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" main room

Answer 14: This law is crucial as it openly states the investment and dedication required to participate in the Oasis of Two Scimitars. Role playing does not rest on its laurels and must constantly be maintained and upheld.

15) Assassins and their slaves or FC's, of any kind are permitted in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". All visitors must clearly state their business and remove their weapons before enter.

Answer 15: Assassins were an actuality on Gor not just whispers or stories. The Oasis also does not interfere with their actions or contracts, yet maintains physical safety for its citizens and slaves with vigilant guards.

16) Decisions of the Ubara are final. If you have a grievance, please do not hesitate to voice your position or opinions on a subject in Private with them. Any petitions submitted for hearing by the Ubara is welcome, and will be seen to as soon as possible. (Ubara has the authority to break any ties should the Free be deadlocked).

Answer 16: The Ubara is the tiebreaker and final judge in matters concerning the Oasis.

17) All city slaves are owned by the City of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Masters and FW and any proceeds (above expenses), from any sale thereof will be divided equally among the Masters based on their share of the total number of shares in the city.

Answer 17: Simply an expression that city slaves are communal and therefore all such profits made upon the slaves are distributed evenly among the citizens.

18) There is no sex between Masters/Mistresses and sluts in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" public rooms if there are guests or candidates present or if it offends a FW and if having sex in the public room when a guest arrives, the sex must stop immediately.

Answer 18: This law is common sense but essential. No one wants to observe unnecessary or over exaggerated furring especially if more important or crucial role playing is occurring.

19) SECURITY - In case of threat to kill or capture one of our citizens or slaves while in the room, the ranking Free or slave should state... ""Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"observes attacks, kills, captures, and forced collars, however, we defend aggressively against such actions with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"defense plan. We reserve the right to react appropriately to anyone disrespecting or not abiding by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" law and to dictate what fight/defense rp is used in our city. Any Free or slave of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" may direct the defense using the elite "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Royal Guards as applicable. Always copy the chat. If someone with boot power isn't in the room then copy the chat and exit.

If you travel outside "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", you must be aware of how to evade capture using a two-post strategy. Note the below example:
Kamchak looks at erispulling out binding fibers. (Attacker)
eris rises from the ground quickly (attackee)
Kamchak rushes the girl before him (attacker)
eris runs from the room fast (attackee)
Keep a copy of the chat log for review.

Answer 19: The Oasis has a set protocol for ensuring the protection of the citizens and slaves, allowing the offending role playing while maintaining the control of the actions. Whether the defense was successful or not, the Oasis kept it official.

20) Non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free, including candidates, may NOT collar or take slaves they meet in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"rooms (otherwise known as slave poaching). There are slave markets for such activities. Any unowned slave visiting "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is under the protection of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". Any non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" free caught poaching in the room will be booted immediately.

Answer 20: A logical and important edict that denounces behavior that the Oasis does not consider worthy of role playing. Booting eliminates the threat of unacceptable characters and actions.

21) Any slave or Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", who misses 10 consecutive days of posting to this forum or coming into the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" IMVU room, must revert back to probation for a 30 day period, unless an approval to be away has been granted in advance. Any exceptions to this will be handled by the Ubara. Acceptance back into "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" will not be automatic and will be voted on by the Free. Emergencies will be taken into account on this law. Upon return, a formal explanation in "Breaking News" is to be made explaining the slave's whereabouts during the stated missed time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars".

Answer 21: Another law that reaffirms the importance of being an active and productive member of the Oasis, regardless of status, you must be present unless uncontrollable issues come up in real life.

22) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and/or its Ubara, may own cities and Home stones outside of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"and from time to time appoint a Free Citizen of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" as Administrator, to manage those cities / Home Stones for a specified time period. The Administrator will act as the manager of that city / Home stone and will explicitly follow ALL "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Laws as contained herein. The Administrators clearly understand that they are appointed by the Ubara and may be removed at anytime by the Ubara as the cities / Home Stones are the property of the Ubara. The title given to any such manager will be Administrator and nothing else.

Answer 22: The Oasis maintains strict control of all its vassal cities, citizens and administrators are subject to all Oasis laws.

23) Each City Administrator may interview slaves and collar for their own city growth and the official "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" collar is the only collar to be used on all slaves, A Free may be brought for Candidacy vote by the city Administers recommendation for their city. Each city candidate vote will be held in the city council thread it pertains to. Ubara may collar for any city they see fit as well as appoint a Free for any city Home Stone without vote needed. "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" guests Free and slaves who enter main room looking for home may not be approached by Administrators for their own purpose.

Answer 23: The cities although indirectly controlled by the Ubara still maintain some autonomy in managing themselves, despite the Ubara having final veto or override priveledges.

24 - The"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free will approve any applications for Free Companions and all FC applicants must go through a 14 day wait period, once approved, before the ceremony is conducted. All FC's must have a contract in place and approved by Ubara (see Vault for example). Any FC coming in from outside of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"must first become a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" citizen prior to the FC courtship beginning. Any slaves acquired during the FC contract period as a result of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"connection will become the property of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" should the FC dissolve or the Free move outside "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". Both FC candidates will write a 500 word essay on why they are choosing to FC and what it means to them.

Answer 24: This protects against fiery passionate decisions. The extended time periods and required essay force the potential Free Companions to weigh their decision and accurately explain why they desire it.

25) - All members of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"and sub cities must have everyone on the buddies list and will not block or remove any family members from their friends list. When people leave or get banned from "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" for whatever reason, they are to be removed from your Friends list.

Answer 25: I can abide by this law as it only applies to Oasis members. However I will not be told who can or cannot be on my friends list that do not relate to the Oasis directly.

26) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does not permit any non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free or slaves, as well as Candidates to train In "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". All Training is to be done by the Trainer and Ubara unless Ubara asks assistance from another. This does not pertain to well trained slaves of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"offering a non -formal assistance while in room. If this happens in the room the slave should respond very respectfully.... ""Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"has its own trainers and we follow the city’s laws and training that is book-based, so thank You but thanks Master/Mistress for offering help.

Answer 26: The Oasis does not want to be held responsible for official training or information sharing given to non members. This allows the Oasis to deny, ignore or refute any blame or questions that could potentially arise if official training is offered.

27) Any slave coming into "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", who is given to any Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" by the original "non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"" owner, or a slave coming into "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" under another Frees protection, will be collared by a member of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free Citizens and do probation as per Laws. Once the slave has met all "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"new slave requirements, they are then owned by the Free they were given to. At such time of transaction, there needs to be a second Free as witness as well and a chat log of the transaction proving the slave was given to a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free to take over ownership.

Answer 27: A very important law that removes any doubt of slave ownership, the logs attest to the proof and legality of the transaction. The probation tests the dedication and desire of the slave.

28) Any Free who travels outside of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"to other Gorean rooms, must recap the visit (in a thread in Daily News) to include: Doing this will allow ALL "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" to share in any knowledge learned or people met on the travels. One learns, we all learn. This is required of all Free.

1) what rooms they went to,
2) who they met with
3) and a short recap of what was discussed.

Answer 28: This does not directly apply to me, however gaining knowledge and ideas is always critical to avoid stagnation of role playing or warning to potential dangers.

29) All FM stand upon the entrance of any FW and will be seated after the FW has taken a throne.

Answer 29: As a Free I tended to always be standing in the Oasis, and always observed this law without evening knowing it. As a slave I will have other manners of expressing respect and honor to a Free Woman.

30) At any time if the laws are broken with 3 warnings of any actions by a free or a slave the council will vote to remove the person after a said review.

Answer 30: Everyone can make mistakes; we are human after all. But leniency and forgiveness can only be offered and tolerated so long. A member is given three chances before their issues are taken before the council to decide their fate.

31) Personal slaves of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free are not to be taken/lured/poached away from that Free by any other "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free who may desire that slave. Furthermore, any personal slave released as personal slave, will become a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"City slave and must stay a city slave for a minimum of 30 days before they can become a personal slave to a Free again... and then, only if approved by Ubara. slave papers will be changed to show any changes.

Answer 31: The personal slaves of the Free in the Oasis are to be respected as property of their owners. Taking a personal slave is thus a punishable offense. The second part of the law is another probationary period enforcement. This keeps the passion and desire of a slave or Free from making rash decisions about their relationships to each other within the city.

32) Any public IMVU room opened by any Member of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" MUST say it is associated with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"in the room description and MUST follow all "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"laws.

Answer 32: A straightforward law that protects the Oasis and its members from becoming convoluted or allowing potential dissent to occur. It keeps the Oasis unified.

33) Any training or law/rules changes for the city, MUST be proposed to Ubara before implimentation. If the training involves a law change then that must be approved by a majority of Free to posting.

Answer 33: An effective means of making sure the process for new laws or regulations are diplomatic and even democratic. It also prevents anyone from creating laws that suit their own selfish purposes.

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PostSubject: Laws Project part 2   ice Lessons Icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 12:06 am


1) Master & FW Candidates are to be offered sexual relations with one slave of their choice, once during the first five days and with each of the city's unrestricted slaves twice during their probation, beginning on the 6th day with the stipulation that the Free Candidate will have made and average of 3 posts each day (15 total) to this Forum, as a perk of their potential membership and to see how well they fit in to the city. Candidate must ask the Ubara or slaves owner, for use above two times. By the 14th day after becoming a candidate, ALL new Free candidates must read and study all the laws and write a 1-2 sentence response for each law as to what that law means to them and post to their personal thread (Review candidates laws first, then General, then FW, and slave last).

Answer 1: A law that garners interest from potential citizens of the Oasis by providing them with benefits before becoming fully integrated. It allows them to enjoy the prosperity of the Oasis yet not allowing them to become focused too heavily on furring.

2) Master Candidates should not have access to the Free Women of the city and FW Candidates should not have access to any of the Masters of the city.

Answer 2: Straight forward and protective, interest for candidates must be focused on the city and not particular Free.

3) All Master and FW candidates will go through a 30 day review period during which time they can see if "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is right for them and vice versa. All Candidates of the city chosen to reside in as main home should spend the 30 days in that home while residents are present and they should be given copy of Laws upon entering their candidacy and have a 5 day waiting period before being asked to forum if recruited by Administrators of Cities. During that time period, all candidates must learn the laws and pass a simple test on the history of the city, facts of the city, our laws etc. 20 questions. slaves owned by the Candidate, may be brought with the Candidate and must go through the same process as any new slave, except that they will bypass the three day collaring rule and in-depth interview, but be subject to all other potential slave requirements as outlined in slave Law #2.

Answer 3: A law that makes it necessary for the Free candidates to learn about the Oasis, not only as a basis for their role playing, but also for understanding the history and interactions of the Oasis as a city.

4) The "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free will make the initial decision by vote to accept the Free as a Candidate and at the end of the 30 days, the Council will vote to determine if the candidate is accepted. The "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free will approve any applications for Free Companions and all FC applicants must go through a 90 day wait period, once approved, before the ceremony is conducted. The council is to vote on any new Free candidate being accepted to any city within the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"family within the first 10 days of recruit.

Answer 4: Very thorough and exacting, the waiting periods enforce understanding and do their best to remove irrational decisions from both citizen and Companion opportunities.

5) All Free candidates must make the 3 posts per day (on average) requirement to this forum.

Answer 5: As a slave I must attempt 5 per day, or atleast average out to that number. The Free have it easy when it comes to posts.

6) Candidates are strictly prohibited from "poaching" (collaring/stealing) either "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"slaves or unowned slaves who enter "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars". In addition, Candidates may not punish slaves during their 20 days.

Answer 6: A candidate is just that, a candidate, they do not have the rights of full citizens of the Oasis and therefore must have their influence tempered.

7) Candidates many not select or collar a slave to be their personal slave until after their ceremony.

Answer 7: Self explanatory and important. This keeps a candidate from walking off with a slave if they happen to not be accepted as a citizen of the Oasis, it also keeps disputes to a minimum about slaves.


1) Free Women are to be respected and protected by all Men of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" at all times. FW can not forgo Robes of Concealment but may be without hood and veil with no risk of being collared. BE RESPONSIBLE AS THIS IS STILL GOR.

Answer 1: An essential law that is informative and binding, a Free Woman must know the boundaries of her position and it is also the inherent duty of all Men to protect Women.

2) FW are not required to have sexual relations with "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Masters unless they want to

Answer 2: Free Women are not slaves, their sexual desires and needs belong solely to them and remain at their discretion.

3) FW may wear poison tipped hair pins, and/or a small dagger hidden under the dress.

Answer 3: A law that I am surprised I avoided coming into contact with during my time as a Player. Free Women have the right to protect themselves within the Oasis against physical unwanted actions, with deadly force if necessary.

4) A Free woman may do a form of limited self-contracting where she legally becomes a slave for a specific time period, commonly ranging from one night to one year. She cannot end this contract earlier than the specified time period. Once the contract takes effect, she becomes a slave with no legal powers at all.

Answer 4: Intriguing and curious as it allows Free Women to abandon their duties as Free and become a slave, the contract also protects them from being indiscriminately used, sold or killed.

5) Any Free woman who couches with another Free's slave (male or female) or even prepares to do so, becomes a slave herself and becomes the slave of the male/female slave's Master or Mistress. This is known as the "couching law." This does NOT apply to any slave of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" who shall make themselves available to any FW of ."Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"

Answer 5: I am not sure how readily this law is put into practice, yet being a male slave, I have my suspicions that I might employed for such tactics if such a situation is desired.

6) Free Women, once they are full citizens, may travel outside of the city walls (public or private) without a Warrior or high-ranking Member by their side, once they pass a security/safety awareness exam administered by the First Sword, Ubara.

Answer 6: As a Free, Women are allowed the right to travel at their own discretion knowing the dangers of Gor and the repercussions. It is their responsibility if outside the Oasis to guard against harm.

7) Free Women may hold office and may be permitted to sit on the Council ( if and when we have a council) and have a vote as determined by the Ubara and Masters. Free Women may also be appointed as Administrators of the cities / Home stones owned by the Ubara. Any Free Women as Administrator will automatically be on the city they administer council and all "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" council is automatically a sub city council member, "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Main Council does not need to include city Administrators as the majority of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"council is to remain.

Answer 7: Important to differentiate between a city belonging to the Ubara and the Oasis itself, however I would think this law isn’t put into practice very often, as role playing council is important with as many Free and Administrators as possible regardless of associated home stone.

"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"does not endorse or believe in force collaring offensive FW and therefore force collars are permitted but only in cases where the FW is extremely offensive or disrespectful and only if the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress HAS NOT coerced or "led" the FW to the offensiveness or disrespectfulness and the offense has been presented to Council. FW who act like sluts may be collared and treated like sluts. Any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free may force collar unowned slaves as they deem fit. If there is an issue with a FW in a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" room, the preference is to boot and block but it is understood there may be times when collaring is the only option. If a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"FW offends another "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free she may be collared but ONLY once the offense is reviewed and voted on as "serious" by the Council (the Ubara will make the final determination if the FW has offended or not).

Answer for Force collaring Free Women : The importance of the law here is determining where exactly a Free Woman has crossed the line for being offensive. Beyond behaving like a slut in heat, it would seem fairly hard for a Free Woman to be collared, and to have that collar be enforced by law.

LAWS OF"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" SLAVER

1) The Slaver is allowed to on the spot collar any slave the Slaver seeks outside of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" home, any slave considered for "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"/ sub cities collared by the Slaver and not for sale will need to do 3 days as any other candidate and must perform the required as any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"candidate as per stated in Slave Laws #3.

Answer 1: The slaver is unable to collar any unowned slaves within the walls of the Oasis. It seems all slave activities immediately fall under the jurisdiction of the Ubara and the Oasis upon arriving.

2) At time of Branding the Slaver is to do all brands if not available at the time Ubara may do Brands, any sold slave will be branded prior to sale with a kef brand and slave papers will be done prior to the sale. A copy of all slave papers are to be given to the Scribe and be kept locked in Vault

Answer 2: A fairly important law that dictates the procedures for branding and recording slaves, each one is thoroughly insured and their records are kept locked down. This also prevents disputes or potential unruly slaves from trying to falsify their existence.

3) slave Market is to be manned by the Slaver and the Slaver may ask any collared slave personal owned or city owned to sit in Market at the Slaver side if there is no other Free online, the slave must remain in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and make that room priority while doing so.

Answer 3: In order to help run his business and operations a Slaver is entitled to the use of an Oasis slave when in the market if he has none available.

4) The Slaver will sell slaves using Tarn Disk and not break TOS rules of selling for IMVU credits

Answer 4: Imperative that this law is followed at all times, not by just the slaver, as selling a slave beyond the role playing is against the rules and regulations of imvu. Strictly forbidden.

5) slaves collared by the Slaver either for sale or to remain in the Cities owned by Ubara will be required to attend School upon receiving collar. No untrained slave should be sold without basic knowledge of karta, greets, and basic serve knowledge

Answer 5: A slaver cannot sell a bad slave, it hurts the role playing experience and could tarnish the slavers reputation along with that of the Oasis.

6) Any slave to be collared with intentions to keep is required to spend days in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" after the initial check up and 3 require days they will be added to forum any... slave to be for sale will not be invited to the forum

Answer 6: A slave that is to be of the Oasis, is expected to attend to the city and its citizens.

7) The Slaver is to remain in the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" main room as he pursues his caste rp.

Answer 7: Not exactly sure how this law is enforced or applied to a slaver, especially if he or she has an official Oasis Market that is dedicated to his caste.

Any Law provided for the Slaver will also include the Ubara in actions of collaring, branding, sale or trade, of any slave, when the Slaver is not present.
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LAWS OF slaves

IT IS THE SOLE MISSION OF ALL "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slaves TO PLEASE, PLEASURE, OBEY AND SERVE THE "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" MASTERS AND MISTRESSES. Failure to do so is a Capital Offense. slaves are slaves and male slaves will be treated like female slaves and subject to the same laws as female slaves unless otherwise stated. In the absence of any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free in the room, slaves will report to the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" FG/Trainer/SG, who will be in charge of the slaves when a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free is not present. During these times when a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free is not present, slaves are to follow all directions and commands of the FG/Trainer/SG as if they were a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free. - CO

New slave candidates must successfully complete a 30 day probationary period, complete a project on "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Laws and write an acceptable 500 word essay on why they wish to join "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"and have a personal interview with the Free and or Ubara before being accepted as a slave in . "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Candidates will also have their official slave papers completed during this 30 day period. Perfection of Service and Submission is the goal, mere excellence will be tolerated.

For the purposes of this section Free Candidates are not considered to be " "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Masters".

1) City slaves are the property of the Masters and FW of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and are a valuable asset to the city. slaves are considered property, on the same level as animals. Their owner may do anything they wish to them without repercussion. Any Free Person that finds offense with another's slave may punish that slave at will with advance approval by the slave’s owner (Ubara in the case of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" city slaves, and or if an owner is unreachable within the 48 hrs of the offense). The owner is to be immediately notified. City slaves must wear the city collar and brands at all times. Failure to not have the collar on is a capital offense. CO

Answer 1: As slaves it is necessary to be held accountable in all things; whether they are words, actions, presentation or punishment. However, unbiased or unapproved treatment of said slaves is still viable to disciplinary action from their Owners. A slave must respect their station at all times, and display appropriate identification marks.

2) slave collaring process - All unowned slaves determined to be a potential "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"candidate are stripped naked after entering and caged for three days. Candidates will be collared with a city collar (by a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free citizen), after the three day waiting period, and after their interview, background check and any other assigned projects have been completed. slaves will also receive or purchase the white armband to wear during the probationary period to signify they are in training (http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=3657899) as well as a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" camisk (http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=4735312) and on probation. slaves will be granted forum access at the time they are collared. slaves may not engage in any sexual activity during these three days. During the three days, slaves will be given a copy of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" laws to read and will be told about the 10 minute rule and how they are not to travel.

Newly collared slave candidates must successfully complete a 30 day probationary period that includes completing the laws project, writing an acceptable 500 word essay on why they wish to join "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"and successfully passing a 20 question slave test. Additionally, slave papers on the slave will be completed during this time. The 30 day period begins on the date the slave enters the forum. The slave will be restricted from any sexual activity for the first ten days of the probationary period (13 days in total). The total probationary period, including the initial three days is 33 days.

Once the slave passes the exam and all projects are completed, a ceremony/initiation will be held to officially make them a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slave, at which time the slave will be asked to change their name to “_______OasisScimitars”. The slave will be whipped and branded at this ceremony and the probationary white armband removed.

"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" law project - by the 14th day after becoming a slave candidate, all new slaves must read and study all the laws and write a 1-2 sentence response for each law as to what that law means to them and post to their personal thread.

Answer 2: This is probably the most thorough single law I have read. It includes many parts and is solely dedicated to outlaying the expectations of potential slaves in the Oasis. The various steps and projects required adequately determine whether a person has the potential and ability to be a slave in the Oasis. This also denotes a certain amount of time that needs to be allocated to the Oasis.

3) Within 10 minutes of coming online, ALL slaves are required to report to the main "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" room prepared for service. slaves are required to spend the majority of their time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" as they are part of the family and their participation is required. slaves are never permitted to be in "DND" or any form thereof when online. When online, a slave's time is to be spent in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and slaves are not permitted to chat elsewhere unless it’s to a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" family member and then only in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" rooms or private. slaves are to position themselves at the slave pillows after greeting or beside their Owner or another "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free if asked to do so. slaves are not to sit beside non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free unless told to by a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free - The slave must have a presence (even if AFK) in the main room even if a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress calls them private. In those cases when called private, a slave needs to post an "AFK" or "BRB" sign and move to a block. CO

Answer 3: A slave of the Oasis is expected to be present in its city. Of course depending on timing and role playing situations I can understand when a slave can be online but not in the main hall. Of course I do not apply this rule to any friends or people I know beyond the gorean role play. My status as a slave to the Oasis will not hinder me in speaking with others I know beyond gor. I am sure this is understand by everyone within the Oasis.

4) When a slave needs to leave the room temporarily (due to a real life situation of 15 minutes or less) and plans to leave her character in the room afk… she needs to do the following; Ask the Free if you may be excused due to (real life work, call, children, etc)… use the ( ) to designate OOC, then wait until they say you may and then thank them and go AFK (use an "AFK" or "BRB" sign) and then move to a block. You are not to just say afk or brb… call or must go for a few, etc. It shows respect and position or place to ask first…. When you return…say May this slut return if it please the Free? And then slip back in and thank them. This is one of the few instances where OOC can be used. If a slave needs to be AFK or BRB longer than 15 minutes she begs to be dismissed from the room ....... then closes the room and exits IMVU or indicates in her IMVU status screen that she is away. Do not stay in the room. If a slave goes AFK and is gone longer than 15 minutes, The Free may boot her/him from the room. This is one of the few instances where OOC can be used. If a slave has to exit IMMEDIATELY due to a RL situation, they are to just exit saying nothing, and then explain upon their return. Do not stay in the room.

If a slave crashes and comes back within 15 minutes, she is simply to say ("girl crashed, may she return please"). If she is gone longer than 15 minutes or does not return, she needs to send a message to the Free who were in the room explaining that she crashed and why she did not return.

Answer 4: This rule is put in place to not allow avatar parking or slave inattentiveness. Having a general respect for the role playing is also implied. However I believe emergency situations or sudden unexpected disappearances should be allowed with a simple “brb”. Phone calls or issues about the house or home sometimes don’t have time to wait for someone to type out and wait for responses online. However these circumstances are rare, and should not be a common occurance.


5) Free Persons should respect the collar/armband designations of a slave and put no demands on a slave that are not customary under that collar. Owners my Restrict thier own Personal slave but in doing so they are Restrciting themselves the use of the city slaves. all slaves that are Personal must wear the band saying Restricted Ubara will determine if a city slave is restricted. City slaves are the Use of the Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and to be offered to the use of any Gorean. Only the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free can make such offers and aproove a outsider to use a city slave. ("Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is known to have pleasure slaves). If a slave that is restricted is asked for a fur it is the owner who decides if He/She will allow the restricted girl to fur at the time of asking.

Answer 5: This is a law that directs how a Free may use a slave in correlation to their status and position within the hierarchy and city of Oasis. Depending on their identifications they may be used sexually at will or with permission.

6) slaves must follow any command issues by any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free (as long as it does not break any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Laws), at any time or suffer the consequences. Failure to do so is a capital offense. slaves are to obey the command of any non-"Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress, (as long as it does not break any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Law or include acts of a sexual or suggestive nature without express permission from a "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master or Mistress). CO

Answer 6: A slave is to act according to his or her station. They are at the disposal of the Oasis Free unless in direct violation of laws or and Ill amend the law slightly, Terms of Service with Imvu. Non Oasis Free must respect the status of a slave, whether restricted or not.

7) slaves possess nothing not given to them by their owner, including their name. What is given can be taken away. If a slave is entrusted to carry a name for an owner, or silks or jewelry, remember that these can be removed as easily as they were given. CO

Any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free (non-candidate), may use any slave at any time for any purpose.

Answer 7: This law holds true to gorean ideals as a slave owns nothing for they are property themselves.

Not sure what happened to law 8. It is not on the forum.

9) slaves are generally required to spend 100% of their online time in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and still need to report to "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"room within 10 minutes of coming online but may travel as stated herein. slaves who have been in for 90 days and are in good standing may travel solo outside of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"if there are no "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free online. slaves may not travel during their first 90 days. However, they must receive a general approval to travel prior to traveling (from their owner if a personal slave, or Ubara if a city slave); may only travel to safe zones or pre-approved rooms (to be posted); must return immediately to "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" (if not already in room with "BRB" sign), should any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free come online while slave is traveling; slave must post a full log of their travel within one hour of the visit; and finally, any slave captured while traveling, will not be sought after as they should know how to escape a room. Additionally, slaves may NOT travel at all during their probation period. CO

Answer 9: A set of regulations and time periods designed to emphasize the importance of the Oasis to role playing above other gorean rooms. A slave also must take full responsibility for their own safety during travel when such actions become available.

10) slaves are not to speak of the business of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" to any outside visitor unless under express permission from a Free and doing so is a capital offense. slaves are never to visit the camps of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" enemies (those on blocked and banned list). CO

Answer 10: This is fairly straightforward as a slave of the Oasis, it’s expected to progress the role play of the Oasis, not hinder or ruin it by interacting with designated enemies. As a Free I remember always being out of the loop on specific knowledge concerning the Oasis, so I know that it was effectively enforced.

11) All Free persons are to be addressed as Master or Mistress, Jarl/Ubar/Ubara unless given specific permission by Free to use another title of their choosing. NEVER call or refer to a Free by their name – to do so is very disrespectful. If the sex of the Free person cannot be determined from the name, Master is to be used until the gender is clarified. Serve Every Master or Mistress as if your well being depends on being pleasing.......it does. While a Freeperson may not always be right, they are, by definition, never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement. The words "Yes, Master"... the First Girl is to be called "mistress" with a small "m" OR "First Girl".... anytime any of the sluts address her, including when Free are in the room. The sluts are not to call her "sister", FG, or by her name..... This is highly supported in the books and is very helpful to the sluts who were struggling with what to call her sometimes.

Answer 11: A law that demands slave etiquette and to remember their stations. All Free are to be addressed in an appropriate manner as well as the first girl. I will admit, its inherent in a slave to always serve as best as possible, but Ice has a certain personality and a way of composing himself during a serve or action for a Free, he won’t always be pleasing, he will act as the mood dictates of the room. For example, an uncomfortable Master suddenly becomes thirsty due to awkward conversational topics. I won’t write a flowery long serve, my serve will be accomplished with haste in both timing and role play.

12) slaves speak in the 3rd person and do not EVER use the first person pronoun in public rooms. There is no "I" "me" or "mine" in a slave’s vocabulary. In addition slaves are not permitted to use abbreviations like "brb", "ty", "yw", "gtg", "lol", "bc" etc.... spell it out. Only exception is the use of my when referring to a slaves owner.

13) City slaves may be bred at any time and may be confined to breeding area during fertile periods if requested by any Master. Babies carried and born by slaves may be sold off.

Answer 13: Potential children born by slaves are property of that slave’s owner. Since Ice is a male slave, he won’t have to be concerned with being fertile, as a male he does not suffer such cycles. However he may be bred with other slaves for the pursuit of potential exotics, or breeding lines.

14) slaves must post their personal fertility information (ovulation days) to the forum and wear the Fertile anklet during their fertile period. In addition, slaves are to be administered slave wine once each month (by their Owner if owned individually and by the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Physician if owned by the City), as a form of contraception until the Free decide they are to be bred. In the absence of the Physician, the Ubara may administer the slave wine. CO

http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=4021338 (fertility ankle bracelet)

Answer 14: This law generally doesn’t apply to Ice, being a male slave. However I am sure some understanding is necessary so he can be aware of the female slaves situations.

15) slaves understand they are property and may be bought, sold, traded or loaned. Jealousy and Possessiveness are punishable offenses and will not be tolerated. CO

Answer 15: Another law reminding a slave of their position. However I am not sure how often this is enforced, as role play by its very nature is a mutual endeavor. There are limits to the rights of the avatar/person; however no limits to the character in the role play.

16) slaves may wear any clothing pleasing to the Free, but must never try and conceal their collar, or hide the fact that they are a slave. The traditional and modest styled camisk, and white arm band (links below) are to be worn with no accessories, after the slave receives their collar and until the slave passes her 30 day probationary period and branded at her official ceremony. After that, silks may be worn as approved by the Free. http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=16767470 (probation silk)
http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=4584602 (white armband)

Answer 16: Slaves must be pleasing to the Free in all ways. This includes their attire, or the lack of. Slaves on probation must adhere to a certain dress code to identify them as candidates.

17) slaves may not carry weapons or touch money unless given to them by a Free, for purposes of going to market and only then to be carried in mouth, or hand or in a pouch. CO

Answer 17: As Ice is to be trained as a fighting slave, this law is of particular importance because a slave may only carry what is given or ordered by the Free to do so.

18) All slaves, (including personally owned slaves) are to be collared and branded within a reasonable time period as determined by the Ubara. - By recommendation of Merchant Law, there are three standard marking places for brands, on the left inner thigh, left outer thigh, and lower abdomen. The slave will be prepared for the ceremony by one to three slaves who will bathe, style the hair of, shave and otherwise prepare the slave's body for the ceremony, branding and initiation.

http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=15095343 (kef brand)

Answer 18: A mark displaying who is a slave. Unlike the collar which may never be hidden, a kef brand may be located upon a slave depending on the Owner’s desire. The Oasis adheres to merchant law, however I am unaware of how actively it is enforced.

19) All NEW slaves are restricted to the main room and are required to take the training available. All slave training is conducted by "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" trainers.

Answer 19: A redundancy of an earlier law that restricts new slaves to the Oasis. Training of slaves is taken care of within the Oasis or by approved trainers.

20. The following is the greeting that slaves are to use when greeting Free Citizens AND Free "Candidates" of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", whether there are guests in the room or not. Please note that this applies to Free who are in the room when the slave enter as well as any who arrive after you are there AND this greeting is only for "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free and not guests. The FG/Head Trainer/SG greet before any of the other slaves (in that order), as they are of a higher position. Please note that slaves are to greet EVERY time a Free comes into the room whether or not the slave has greeted that particular Free earlier that same day and that we are proposing doing away with the exit portion of this.

GREETING: Move to the feet of the Free you are greeting, drop to your knees (nadu for Masters unless a FW is present and tower for FW - male slaves tower to both) and kiss their feet with open mouth (male slaves will kiss the feet of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" FW and the floor in front of the "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Master). Once you have done this - you can then greet verbally. You can be creative in your words to be unique but do not remove their boots or shoes. Kissing the feet of the Free or the floor in front of them is to show respect, submission and your willingness to serve, obey, pleasure and please. If the Free does not respond within 3 minutes, the slave may move on to the next Free to greet stating why in her post. slaves are required to complete their greets to all Free in the room before stopping the greeting process and offering to serve one. This allows the flow to continue uninterrupted when the room is full, prevents the girls from forgetting to greet after a serve and allows the other girls to greet within an appropriate time frame after entering the room.

ALL Free of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" will NOT greet any slave entering until the slave has made an appropriate entrance and greeted that particular Free. If a slave asks for permission to enter and the Free or FG (if no Free are present) do not respond within 3 minutes, the slave may "slip in" to the room, making note in her post. The Free may acknowledge the slave by saying something like - "looks to the door and sees the beautiful slave girl ....entering" or something like that but will save their greeting until after the slave has entered and greeted them. slaves will always ask permission to enter the room when a Free or FG of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is present and will perform the required entry. If no Free are present, but the First Girl is, the slave may perform an abbreviated entry but still must ask permission to enter the room."

When in private, a Master or Mistress may require ANY slave to greet him or her however they wish. [/color]. Failure to do so is considered disrespectful and will result in severe punishment. CO

Answer 20: This law is the express expectation of how an Oasis slave may enter and greet the Free. It also directs Free on how to respond based on a particular slave. The role play is enhanced greatly by the willingness and effectiveness of the slaves. This is a general overview and each slave of course has their own traits and applications towards the role play. Each point in the entrance and greetings must be fulfilled.

21) “Low Protocol” Entrance: There are times when a slave should enter "low protocol" - when she has little time IRL but wants to come in the room either to say Hi or deliver a message, etc, or a Free has asked for a low protocol entrance. In those cases, a slave may enter under what is called a “Low Protocol” entrance, where the slave merely says: “may this slave enter under low protocol due to real life or as per the Free's request”? In this case, The Free will say either you may or may not. If you are granted entrance, proceed to completing greatly shortened but appropriate greetings by rank.

Answer 21: A crucial decree as it allows a slave to visit briefly for important matters without endeavoring to do a full entrance, especially if the room is rather full requiring lengthy greetings in regular circumstances.

22) This is the greeting /procedure for greetings non- "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free who have entered "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars";

When a Gorean visitor comes to visit "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars", slaves are to wait for the Free to greet first...followed by the FG if she is there….then the slaves can greet...If no Free are in attendance, slaves shall proceed with FG leading if she is in attendance...and kneeling (nadu or tower) before visiting Free as part of a slave’s greeting and no feet kissing…. If a non- "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"Free is the only Free in the room when a slave enters, they do not need to ask permission to enter.

Answer 22: Non Free are to be greeted in respectful fashion, yet they are not to have their feet attended to, except perhaps wipe away any built up sand. A visiting Free is not a citizen of the Oasis and therefore cannot force a slave of the Oasis to ask permission to enter their home.

23) slaves may not charge for any services, private or otherwise unless directed to by a Master or in the line of duty if working in the tavern.

Answer 23: Two important things are meant by this law, one is that the role play of gor means that’s no slave can accept payment for their services. It also applies to the legality of Imvu, accepting payment for non approved Term of Service actions is a breach of a legal binding contract, far more serious than breaking a role play law.

24) slaves are expected to post at least 5 posts every day to the forum. Takes less than 5 minutes and it’s a law. Be a participating part of your city. CO

Answer 24: Another repeat of earlier laws. As a slave of the Oasis, it is important to be active and show interest in the city.

25) All "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars"slaves are required to show their Buddies, Visitors and Messages on their HP at all times, and all required stickers as determined by the Ubara. slaves may have their HP's as well as their face, hair, body, eyes, etc redone to reflect their Owners desires. All slaves are required to have their “IMVU room locators” on at all times. – CO

Answer 25: I am not sure how accurately I can follow this rule as I feel it a slight encroachment on my personal liberties not tied to my character. Even if Ice is a slave, there are certain boundaries I like to keep between myself and my character. I will do my best to comply though.

26) Being a slave in "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" is an honor and a privilege and being trained in the basics of Gorean slave skills is essential for ALL "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slaves. We currently have a broad spectrum of skills in our girls.... from very new and totally raw to more established and fully trained. ALL girls need to know the laws of "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" and what is expected of them, they need to know how to enter and exit a room, speak properly, address the Masters and other Free properly, ask to be excused properly, serve basic drinks and food properly and maybe a dance or two. slaves are expected to attend training classes as applicable and complete any training as required.

Answer 26: My knowledge as a male slave is somewhat decayed over the years, but I hope through training and guidance from the Free and my sisters that I can build a reputable foundation for accurately adhering to my position as a male kajirus.

27) Any "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" slave entering the main room when no "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" Free are present do not need to ask permission to enter from a guest Free, but must ask to be excused.

Answer 27: Another partial law that simply requires that a slave be respectful when desiring to leave the presence of a non Oasis Free.

NOTE ON CAPITAL OFFENSE (“CO”) - Capital Offenses Punishments for capital offenses listed above as ("CO") can include but may not be limited to torture, rape, beatings, confinement, banishment and even death.

I have added the laws that were posted to the forum after I copied this to my word processor below. That is why there is a discrepancy in the numbers and laws.
5) "Oasis Of The Two Scimitars" law project - by the 14th day after becoming a slave candidate, all new slaves must read and study all the laws and write a 1-2 sentence response for every law as to what that law means to them and post to their personal thread.
Answer 5: A slave must show their dedication and willingness to understand the Oasis including its laws. It takes time to remember and recognize such a lengthy and thorough collection but in time I hope to have a firm grasp on them.
15) Slaves may go to their kennel ( online room) for purpose of timeout given by a Free , bonding time with sisters when a Free isn’t present online, or to have a chat with a Free or a slave. All public rooms are rp and are valid to any log of the kennel. All Kennels must have name of city and Description to be acceptable by any Free approval
Answer 15: Well I don’t have a kennel room yet, and haven’t had an ability to design rooms, so this law probably won’t apply to me. However kennels are active role play and not private chat.
18) slaves speak in the 3rd person and do not EVER use the first person pronoun in public rooms. There is no "I" "me" or "mine" in a slave’s vocabulary. In addition slaves are not permitted to use abbreviations like "brb", "ty", "yw", "gtg", "lol", "bc" etc.... spell it out. Only exception is the use of my when referring to a slaves owner.
Answer 18: This law makes you want to take pride in the role play. Everything the law prohibits is a direct representation of laziness. The third person or first person decision is left to the city. Oasis has chosen to have third person, so that is how I shall portray myself.
Laws for male slave (Kajiru):
In case of Kajiru, the male slaves, they will mainly be used for labourious task like the carrying of the good, digging of well, taking care of the Tharlarions of the city etc. They will not be pleasure slave until or unless Ubar or Ubara says so. If the Kajiru found to be offensive either in IC of OOC to any of the member of the city, they could be slaughtered (Char Killing) on the spot by the Free’s or will loose their citizenship. In such acts, the copy of chats should be put in forum in the forum immediately and message has to be sent to the Ubar , Ubara, Administrator and First Sword. Kajiru are not supposed to kiss the feet of any Free during their greets, they can only kiss the floor.
Answer: I do not honor out of character conversations as having direct consequences to the role play. If there are disagreements they must be worked out and together. However in character is completely different. A kajirus is just like any other slave, he must abide the same laws and restrictions, must conduct himself as a slave. Gender has no preference to a slave. Also very important last note about kissing the floor, this law I will be abiding closely, so I don’t become confused. Ice will not kiss the feet of any Free during a greeting, regardless of citizenship or not.

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