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 First Sword - Weapons 1

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Weapons of Gor ...
Any Warrior knows good steel in his hand when he feels it ... For his very life depends on that very steel! A Gorean Warrior like all Warriors is skilled in the use of any weapon that is likely to be used against him in battle ... It is this very skill that may save his life.

Spears & Lances
Spear (Common Gorean) The typical Gorean spear is approximately seven feet in length, with a fitted wooden handle up to two inches thick, capped by a leaf-shaped, tapering head eighteen inches in length. The handle itself is usually made from ka-la-na wood, and banded with metal near the juncture of the spear-head socket to prevent the handle from shearing when thrown. This weapon first appears in Book #1, Tarnsman of Gor, and appears regularly throughout the series thereafter.


Tharlarion Lance
A thick spear, approximately ten to fourteen feet long. It has a lancelet sphere tip that attaches to a thick shaft ... at the thickest part the shaft of the lance is about four inches in width and is often fluted to lighten it. Usually carried when on the tharlarion, couched beneath the right arm of the user, the lance itself crossing over and above the neck of the mount, often supported by a lance-rest which is either attached to the saddle or worn strapped to the user's chest. Can also be thrown, though not designed for it. First appears in book #1, Tarnsman of Gor.


Kaiila Lance (Wagon Peoples)
A long slender spear, eight to ten feet long, designed to be used from the saddle of a rider on kailla back. These lances are carried in the right fist, and are flexible and light. They are used primarily for thrusting. Black in color, they are made from the poles of young tem trees, and so flexible that they may be bent almost double before they break. A loose loop of bosk hide, wound twice about the right fist, helps the user to retain the weapon in mounted combat. It is seldom, if ever, thrown. First described in book #4, Nomads of Gor.


Kailla Lance, (Red Savages Hunting Lance)
Similar to the kailla lance of the wagon peoples, the hunting lance of the Red Savages is commonly longer, heavier and thicker. The point of this lance is longer and narrower than the war lance, designed to pierce deeply into a kailiauk's heart. The shaft is made from temwood. The tip can be metal, carved bone or shaped stone, (depending upon what is available) and made be lashed to the shaft with boiled sinew or rawhide, or even attached with metal trade rivets. (again using what is at hand) Leather grips, hand loops, and decorations all made be present also. Described in book #17, Savages of Gor.


Tarn Lance (Red savages)
Similar to the war lance, except that it is longer and more slender, easier use from tarn back. Described in book #17, Savages of Gor.


A javelin-type spear, fitted with a barbed head and used with an attached line for retrieval. A similar weapon first appears in the brine pits of Klima in book #10, Tribesmen of Gor, and the actual harpoon itself is used extensively in book #12, Beasts of Gor.


The three-pronged spearing fork used by fishermen and sailors of the islands of Gor. Can be utilized both as a thrusting weapon and as a throwing weapon. It is also used, in conjunction with a hooked net, in various gladiatorial arenas throughout Gor. (rentiri) It is briefly described as being approximately seven feet in overall length, with prongs of 10" inches or more. Often used with a line attached, for retrieval should it be thrown. This weapon is described in book #6, Raiders of Gor.

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First Sword - Weapons 1
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