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PostSubject: Challenges   Challenges Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 1:13 pm

Tal all:

“.., for on Gor, the only honorable reply to a challenge is to accept it promptly.” (Tarnsman of Gor, p.78)

How do we apply this aspect of the Warrior Caste Code to our role-play? What are the rules of a challenge? Must a Warrior accept every challenge that is made to them? Where can challenges be made? These and more questions do not possess clear-cut answers on Gor. Yet this is an important aspect of the Warrior Caste Code so it should receive more attention than it does. And we must try to glean what information we can from the books on this topic.

Two other elements of the Codes are applicable in our discussion. First, there is the claim of sword-right. If you want another’s slave, then you must challenge for her and meet your opponent with the weapon of his choice. (See Tarnsman of Gor, p.117) Second, if you lift a weapon against a Warrior, he is permitted, and even encouraged by his Codes, to kill you. (See Outlaw of Gor, p.14 & Magician of Gor, p.169)

Let’s start with the mechanics of issuing a challenge. It makes logical sense that a challenge must be made “face to face,” or avatar to avatar. Thus, both people would need to be in the same room with each other. On Gor, a man would personally confront the person he wishes to challenge. He would not leave a note on the public boards. Thus, I feel that Instant Messages, Email, Message Boards and similar such items may not be validly used to issue a challenge. In addition, any face to face challenge needs to occur in a Gorean role-play room as well. It is a challenge of one role-play character to another, so it should be done where role-play is conducted.

Now, must a Warrior accept every challenge made against him? It would seem from the initial quote that might be the case. But, there do appear to be exceptions in the books. In addition, there might be online considerations that create exceptions as well. One of the prime exceptions detailed in the books deals with Ubars, though the sentiments could probably be applied to any Warrior Ruler. “Ubars seldom see much point in engaging in single combat with common soldiers.” (Explorers of Gor, p.428) “...,you are not of sufficient political importance to warrant a duel with a Ubar.” (Explorers of Gor, p.428) These quotes make sense as why would such a ruler have to duel every person who sought to challenge him? If it were the case, an enemy city could just send Warrior after Warrior to challenge that Ruler until someone finally killed him. And the time for all those duels would also prevent the Ruler from properly administering his city. Gor is a world of hierarchies and proper challenges should be commensurate with one’s ranking within the Warrior hierarchy.

Now, should a Warrior on VP have to accept a challenge from Warriors who do not act “Gorean” or who have been shown not to possess honor? Or should a challenge be accepted only if the challenger is honorable? I would tend to limit the acceptance of challenges to Goreans who do possess honor. Those without honor are less likely to accept the outcome of the battle if they lose. So it becomes a wasted effort. And if they are not Gorean, then why should someone have to accept their challenges.

What if a non-Warrior challenges a Warrior, what should be done? Does the Warrior have to accept the challenge? Would a Warrior accept a challenge from a woman? Again, it may come down to whether the challenger is worthy or not of the duel. But do remember that a Warrior can always accept any challenge if he desires, if the challenger is worthy or not. And it would be rare on Gor for a non-Warriors to challenge a Warrior. It may be more common online because in nearly all online combat systems, Warriors do not possess any advantages due to their Caste. Thus, all Castes are the combat equals of the Warrior.

Now, in the claim of sword-right, we see that the challenged Warrior gets his choice of weapons. This has often been equated online with choosing the method of combat to use, which seems valid to a point. But it can conflict with the rule of Home Stone sovereignty. The combat system that is used should be the system that is in place at the site of the duel. The challenged can still choose the specific weapon to use in that combat system but they still must use that system. For example, if a duel will occur on a page where T5 speed posting is the combat system, T5 will be used but the challenged could choose spears to be the weapon used. And that choice could have an effect on the combat, especially if your foe is unfamiliar with the weapon. If no combat system is specified on a page, then the challenged Warrior should be able to choose what combat system to use.

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