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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 Wells and Water of Tahari

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PostSubject: Wells and Water of Tahari   Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:15 am

I passed one of the wells of Tor. There were steps, broad, flat, worn, in concentric circles, leading down to the water. At this time of year eight of the steps were uncovered by the water. Many came there for water. I saw children on their hands and knees lapping water, women filling jugs, men submerging bags, the air bubbling up as the bags filled. Like most water in the Tahari the water of Tor was slightly salty and unclear. Tribesmen of Gor, Chapter 2

On the shaded sides of some rocks, and the shaded slopes of hills, here and there, grew stubborn, brownish patches of verr grass. Occasionally we passed a water hole, and the tents of nomads. About some of these water holes there were a dozen or so small trees, flahdah trees, like hat-topped umbrellas on crooked sticks, not more than twenty feet high; they are narrow branched, with lanceolate leaves. About the water, little more than muddy, shallow ponds, save for the flahdahs, nothing grew; only dried, cracked earth, whitish and buckled, for a radius of more than a quarter of a pasang, could be found; what vegetation there might have been had been grazed off, even to the roots; one could place one's hand in the cracks in the earth; each crack adjoins others to constitute an extensive reticulated pattern; each square in this pattern is shallowly concave. The nomads, when camping at a watering place, commonly pitch their tent near a tree; this affords them shade; also they place and hang goods in the branches of the tree, using it for storage. Tribesmen of Gor, chapter 4

Six days ago," said the merchant, "soldiers, Aretai, from Nine Wells raided the Oasis of the Sand Sleen."
It puzzled me that the merchant should say this.
I looked about me. In the moonlight I could see that kaiila had trodden the gardens. I saw two walls broken, the high Walls of red clay used to shade courtyards and as a protection against raiders. I counted eleven palm trees, date palms, cut down, their trunks fallen at an angle into the dust, the palm leaves dried and lifeless, the fruit unripened. It takes years for such a tree to grow to the point at which it will bear fruit.
"They struck here last night," said the merchant "But we drove them off.
"Aretai are sleen,'' said Hassan.
I wondered that be should feel so deeply about such matters, he, a bandit.
"They broke a well," said the merchant.
No one spoke for some time. Hassan, nor his men, did not, even cry out in outrage.
Then Hassan said, thinly, "Do not jest."
"I do not jest," said the merchant
"Aretai are sleen," said Hassan, "but yet are they of the Tahari."
"The well is broken," said the merchant. "Do you wish to see?"
"No," said Hassan.
"We are attempting to dig out the rock, the sand," said the merchant.
Hassan's face was white.
It is difficult for one who is not of the Tahari to conjecture the gravity of the offense of destroying a source of water. It is regarded as an almost inconceivable crime, surely the most heinous which might be perpetrated upon the desert. Such an act, regarded as a monstrosity, goes beyond a simple act of war. Surely, in but a few days, word that Aretai tribesmen had destroyed, or attempted to destroy, a well at Two Scimitars would spread like fire across the desert, inflaming and outraging men from Tor to the Turian outpost merchant fort, and trading station, of Turmas. This act, perpetrated against the Bakahs at Two Scimitars, a vassal tribe of the Kavars, would doubtless bring full-scale war to the Tahari.

"Even now the war messengers ride," said the merchant.
The tribes, at the various oases, and in the desert, in their nomad territories, and at their kasbahs, would be summoned. It would be full war.
A well had been broken. Tribesmen of Gor, chapter 4
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PostSubject: Re: Wells and Water of Tahari   Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:13 pm

Great read. Most informative will keep this in mind at all times.
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PostSubject: Re: Wells and Water of Tahari   Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:49 am

a very informative pieice of read
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PostSubject: Re: Wells and Water of Tahari   Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:47 am

Read and understood
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PostSubject: Re: Wells and Water of Tahari   

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Wells and Water of Tahari
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