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 FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella

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FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella Empty
PostSubject: FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella   FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 4:44 am

The FC of Master First Sword and Mistress Bella

Post ginger-SG on Thu 15 Nov - 13:14
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: mine zan is new slave ... xavior aka my Son Mirus
Zandua: Tal brother
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( ginger just enter and small greet to each )
gingerSchendi: (yes Mistress)
Juleiyaa: back
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~molests my boys lips if i could kiss him ~ growls
TenrikNiels: wb sis
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: (wb Daughter)
Juleiyaa: thanks Tenrik
gingerSchendi: -ginger enters with a soft smiles-
TenrikNiels: -Rolls eyes-
Juleiyaa: Thanks Mother dearest
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: Tal gin girl
TenrikNiels: yw sis
XNyrrX: -walks in steadly and slowly as he moves to his Ubara's side. the boy knew where Ubara was as he followed her perfum and the sound of her voice. takeing a the boys knees he felt her lips only to return her affections:: Tal my Ubara
XaviorKnight: -thinks go away sis-
TenrikNiels: Tal gin
gingerSchendi: Tal Ubara
XaviorKnight: wb Jules
gingerSchendi: Tal Master First Sword
Juleiyaa: Thanks Mirus
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles brightly to mine as he always impresses me ~
gingerSchendi: Greetings Mistress - smiles to the Mistress -
XaviorKnight: Tal ginger
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles~
TenrikNiels: -Wonders where her "boy" hass been hiding-
gingerSchendi: tal brothers
TenrikNiels: has*
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: in my chambers
gingerSchendi: tal sioster
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: he isnt allowed out without me
TenrikNiels: hmmmmm.
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: hes chained to my furs always
Zandua: Tal sister
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: I only allow him to be around when I am
TenrikNiels: ^_~
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( gin the Master across from you is my Son Mirus )
gingerSchendi: Tal Master -she smiles to the son of her great Ubara-
XaviorKnight: (yea she sone first sword had to think there for a sec)
gingerSchendi: (Yes MAster should gin add Master to her friends list?)
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( ok where the heck is bella geesh )
XaviorKnight: aye girl
TenrikNiels: -wonders if Bella's Tarn got distracted-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~laughs she better get here ~
TenrikNiels: -nods-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: so to speak fast of something
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: orion wishes me to do the vote idea but to ask ulafi to abide
Zandua: (be right back)
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: so that wont work
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( ok)
TenrikNiels: (tyt)
Juleiyaa: What vote?
TenrikNiels: You don't think he will ?
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: a vote of who holds the Schendi HS
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: I doubt he would
Juleiyaa: screw that
XaviorKnight: you know he wont
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: because whom ever looses must leave schendi name
Juleiyaa: if he wanted to abide by it hed have never sided with those slaves
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: i no my SOn
XaviorKnight: especially if he knows im here
Juleiyaa: - has a heart attack-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: oo yay Bells is arriving
Juleiyaa: -notes 16 ehn late-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: aye thats cause you my Son went at him ~grins loves his strength ~
TenrikNiels: hahah
TenrikNiels: Wish I could have been here for that
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: maybe i give my HS to my Son
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: now theres a idea
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~laughs~
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: aye he went at him many times Tenrik
TenrikNiels: I like the sound of that
XaviorKnight: cause a leader should be here for his people all the time
XaviorKnight: not from time to time claiming her is the 1 who rules
TenrikNiels: Couldn't have said it better myself Mirus
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: aye ask the others how often they seen him
XaviorKnight: others depended on me
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~nods the main reason he failed us ~
XaviorKnight: i stepped up
XaviorKnight: then all of a sudden he back and i must bow down
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: exactly did same to others
TenrikNiels: mhmm, he did
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: hed show up flash around a ruling and gone for a week
TenrikNiels: Flexing muscle he does not have
Juleiyaa: - looks to them-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: aye very much said correct Tenrik
Zandua: (back, *sighs*)
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: finally cinderella arrives
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: (wb)
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: Tal my Daughter
TenrikNiels: -Stands as the breathtaking Bella arrives-
XaviorKnight: -moves up to the nex throne-
BellaofSchendi: Tal Mother
BellaofSchendi: Tal brother its good to see you Im glad you could make it
gingerSchendi: Tak Mistress
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles to my Daughter as I would be happy for her day of holiday ~
Zandua: Tal Mistress
XaviorKnight: -thinks to himself took you long enough- Tal sister -smiles-
BellaofSchendi: tal ginger and zand
BellaofSchendi: well excused me for waiting for the right one
BellaofSchendi: were your FC Mister
BellaofSchendi: Tal Jules
BellaofSchendi: Tal My love
TenrikNiels: tal my love
TenrikNiels: Tal*
XaviorKnight: do you really wanna know
BellaofSchendi: yes
BellaofSchendi: always
Juleiyaa: Tal Bella
TenrikNiels: -Gasps, the breath taken from him as she stands before him as a vision of lovliness-
Zandua: (thinsk spots are wrong)
Zandua: thinks*
TenrikNiels: wow!
Zandua: *smiles at the two*
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles ~
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: shall we begin ?
TenrikNiels: yes, lets do.
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: This day was inspired when The first was Tarl's proposal to Talena when he ask her "If you will have me as my Free Companion." Talena's answer was "I accept you, Tarl of Ko-ro-ba. "I accept you as my Free Companion."
BellaofSchendi: -smiles softly-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~It gives me Great Honor and Pleasure to hold the ceremony of my First Sword and my Daughter Bella. The Free Companionship of two is not held lightly, the contract of the closest thing to Marriage of earth is taken highly. I shall begin with a few quotes as I would look to the two and watch as they would join hands taking a moment to gather the thoughts of what brings them here today and what will keep the contract jointly to be one admired by many.
BellaofSchendi: (nyrr can u retrigger please)
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~There is no marriage, as we know it, on Gor, but there is the institute of the Free Companionship, which is its nearest correspondent. Surprisingly enough, a woman who is bought from her parents, for tarns or gold, is regarded as a Free Companion, even though she may not have been consulted in the transaction. More commendably, a free woman may herself, of her own free will, agree to be such a companion. And it is not unusual for a master to free one of his slave girls in order that she may share the full privileges of a Free Companionship. One may have, at a given time, an indefinite number of slaves, but only one Free Companion. Such relationships are not entered into lightly, and they are normally sundered only by death. Occasionally the Gorean, like his brothers in our world, perhaps even more frequently, learns the meaning of love.Outlaw of Gor; p. 54
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~"In every woman," she said, "there is something of the Free Companion and something of the Slave Girl."Priest-Kings of Gor Book 3 Page 204
TenrikNiels: ~Loses himself in her eyes as his heart thunders in his chest~
BellaofSchendi: -smiles softly as she looks at him0
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~I myself stood upon the very grounds we stand on this day years ago and with the thought as I look to Tenrik and Bella can only hope the years to come will be outlasting with Love, Compassion, Understanding, Respect and Honor you will bring to each other through all the days of the Contract..
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~Looks to my Daughter with love in my eyes for her on this day as I would tell her …"There is no freer nor higher nor more beautiful woman," I said, "than the Gorean Free Companion. Compare her with your average wife of Earth." Nomads of Gor - Page 290
BellaofSchendi: -smiles at her Mother-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~Looks to Tenrik with a warm smile upon my face I offer to him the words to remind him of his place in the contract.. He was the sort of man who would set his terms for a woman, even a free woman. No woman, even one who was free, would be permitted to relate to him save on his terms, and on his terms alone. He would not argue, nor would he discuss, nor persuade nor negotiate; to the free woman’s horror she would understand that she must, as he saw fit, submit herself as hopelessly and will-lessly as a slave girl for his consideration. He would enter into no relationship except on his own terms. His terms were simple, that the woman be yielded to him, totally, that she be as much his, and as helplessly, though by her own free will, as any slave girl on whom he might choose to fix his collar. He would be, even in a companionship, to the scandal of Ar, master. No woman who failed to meet these understood, publicized and well-known terms would be acceptable.Slave Girl of Gor; p. 154
TenrikNiels: -smiles as Mother speaks the words of wisdom and truth-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~One may have, at a given time, an indefinite number of slaves, but only one Free Companion....Such relationships are not entered into lightly,...and they are normally sundered only by death.Outlaw of Gor, Page 54
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~Do you Tenrik take Bella to be your Free Companion ?
TenrikNiels: "yes, I do"
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~Do you Bella take Tenrik to be your Free Companion?
BellaofSchendi: -pauses and pretends to be second guessing her choice before she smiles warmly and says" Yes I do
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~It is on this day you both Pledge to the following…
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 1)To be faithful to each other and the Companionship
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 2) To always uphold each other and yourselves with Honor
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 3)To Protect and Heal each other in time of need
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 4)To bring Honor to each others name with all actions
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 5)To put each other before any other
BellaofSchendi: -smiles as she listens-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 6)To Respect the Companion and be the Protector of Each other
TenrikNiels: -nods lovingly as he holds her gaze-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 7)To discuss and share openly any concerns with each other
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: 8)To Love your FC as your Companion is your Lover, your Friend, through the bad times as well as the good
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: Do you both agree with the said above?
BellaofSchendi: aye I do Mother -smiles brightly0
TenrikNiels: "Aye Mother, I do"
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: At this time I will ask if Tenrik or Bella wishes to say a few words of their own to eachother and if so Tenrik Please begin
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( say done when doen Tenrik first)
TenrikNiels: _He steps just a bit closer-
TenrikNiels: ::My bella, I came to Schendi not knowing what to expect, a new beginning for me, a new life. I found many pleasures, physical and emotional. But none compared to the day I first saw you. Mu heart was lost immediately. All i could see in that moment was you::<c>
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles in awww~
BellaofSchendi: -smiles softly as tears well up in her eyes as she watches and listens to his words-
TenrikNiels: ::Now having had time with you, talked with you fallen in love with you I know where my place is. By your side, In your arms. From this day forward I will protect you, honor and respect you. I give my all to you without question or compromise. You have taken my heart, I give it freely. With you I am complete, whole and satisfied:<c>
TenrikNiels: ""Today is truly a new beginning, a new direction for us both, I am honored and overwhelmed that you have chosen me, to share this life with. No other can or will ever darw my attention. No other will fill me with the desire, wanting. devotion and love that Ifeel for you. Each day it grows stronger, deeper and consumes me totally::<c>
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: (Tal and enter and seat Rhi)
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -nods Tal Ubara
TenrikNiels: ::I will love you beyond any measure, more than any words can say, wrutten or spoken. My life I will lay down for you in an instant. I will keep you safe, I will cherish and treasure you all the days I live. The rule of law is a ntract for one year, I renew this now for a lifetime. Forever will I love you and never will I waver or falter in my dedication to you.. I love you Bella<e>
TenrikNiels: finished.
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles~
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( Bells your turn)
BellaofSchendi: -silents tears roll down her cheeks as she hears his words his vow to her-
BellaofSchendi: -takes a deep breath trying to calm down before speaking softly-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles~
Juleiyaa: - listens intently-
BellaofSchendi: Tenrik there is so much i wish i could tell you but words fail in comparison in what i feel and mean behind thoes words. a million words could never fully nor complely express all the feeling and love I have for you. I belive it will be better expressed in the actions and other ways there is to show love admiration and effection. -more silent tears of happyness roll down her cheeks she quickly wipes them away with her hands before contining - (c)
BellaofSchendi: -I have met a great many men in My time and a few i thought i had something special and thought it was love but now that I have found you and you walked into schendi and my life i finally know what love is and all that goes with it.(c)
TenrikNiels: -smiles as he hears her words flow from her lips, he looks deeply in her eyes-
BellaofSchendi: -love is your smile, your arms , your voice, the way I feel as if i could melt in your arms, your gaze. love is not something you can rush nor fool your self into it comes natural as does breathing I want to be lost in this feeling forever till i did lost in you and your love for me.(c)
BellaofSchendi: -I promise to always be there for you in good times and bad atho we might fight or disagree I shall never stray from you and your warm embrace that is now my place to call my own. I belive all good amazing things do not come easily they come from hard work dedication and comment that I vow to uphold to the best of my abilitys. I might loose faith from time to time but i promise i shall alway try to find that correct path back to you. (finished) -crys softly as she looks down blushing slightly-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles ~
TenrikNiels: -Reaching across he lifts her chin, holds her eyes with his and feels the love sweep over them-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~Looks to the Second girl Girl .. pour the Ka La Na wine into one goblet and hand to them girl ~
gingerSchendi: -ginger raises quickly moving before the Ubara talking the tray from being them on the stand her_
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~let me make sure everyone is aware once the sipping of the wine has occured this is a seal of the Ceremony ~
gingerSchendi: -her movements uncork the bottle of Ka La Na wine pouring it into a gobblet of blue and red holding it to her heart then to her lips kissing the base over her head offering it to the couple her jade eyes shimmering from the love words spoken between them-
TenrikNiels: -smilessoftly, gives her a wink and blows a kiss-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~Tenrik and Bella interlock your arms and take the goblet of Ka-la-na, the wine made of the fruit of trees by the same name and said to be the symbol of romantic love, is shared by the couple and indeed, the free companionship ritual is often referred to as 'the sharing of the wine of companionship' watches the two as they sip the wine.
TenrikNiels: ::Interlocking his arm with hers::<c>
TenrikNiels: ::Holding the goblet he offers the first sip to her, lifting it to her lips as he holds her gaze with his::<e>
BellaofSchendi: -looks at him for a moment chewing on her bottom lips before sighing softly with a smile taking a small lady like sip from the goblet-
TenrikNiels: ::After she has taken her drink from the ornate goblet. Lifting it to his lips he takse the second sip. Looking over ther rim as he smiles as he finishes. Turning he hands the goblet back to the Second Girl . holding his arm still interlocked with hers, he turns to face his Mother::[e]
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~I Ubara of Schendi declare the Free Companionship of Tenrik and Bella now Official, Congrats to both with many strong wishes for the days to come.~
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ii
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ii
TenrikNiels: -smiles widely, taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply-
BellaofSchendi: -returns his kiss-
BellaofSchendi: thank you Mother
TenrikNiels: Thank you Mother.
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ~smiles~
Juleiyaa: - smiles lightly-
TenrikNiels: Very Happy
gingerSchendi: -smiles-
UbaraJuicyOfSchendi: ( gin post log I will post the contract for all to see as well )
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FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella Empty
PostSubject: Re: FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella   FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 4:30 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers Congrats to you both cheers cheers cheers cheers
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FC Ceremony of Tenrik and Bella
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