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 The Freeing of Syn

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PostSubject: The Freeing of Syn   The Freeing of Syn Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 4:47 am

The Freeing of Syn

Post Syndarza-Trainer on Tue 27 Nov - 2:15
HyukiSunOfSchendi has joined the chat
LordNyxMarfedelom: i like it
LordNyxMarfedelom: alot better then the old one
synSchendi: ~smiles bright as she hears her Master coming into the hall~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: ~entering the hall a smile to his face a key in his hand ,strides forward to a seat ~
SweetShaylaStark: Yes Master
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: nothing rachel
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: raychel*
LordNyxMarfedelom: at least to me that is, lol
SweetShaylaStark: ~smiling she returns to to pillow
cTTRina: May girl enter?
erisSchendi: Yes Captain
HyukiSunOfSchendi: evening Captain Nyx
HyukiSunOfSchendi: tal Lady Rhi
RaychelofGor: Yes, my Master. *she turns her gaze to him, concern matting her brow.* Tired, Master? Is there anything this one can help with?
HyukiSunOfSchendi: do not kneel before me
HyukiSunOfSchendi: stand
HyukiSunOfSchendi: looks to syn
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: you may trina
HyukiSunOfSchendi: up up
synSchendi: ~rises to dance her way to her ~ yes Master
Zandua: *smiles to her Trainer*
synSchendi: greetings my Master
HyukiSunOfSchendi: As all know Syn is to be free by my hand
RaychelofGor: *her lips curve at Trainer's stance.*
HyukiSunOfSchendi: would you hush woman -Syn
synSchendi: ~nods~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: now
Zandua: *listens*
HyukiSunOfSchendi: with The Free present and you willing - I with key , release you from slave to me
HyukiSunOfSchendi: lean forward Syn
synSchendi: ~nervously but proudly leans forward~
SweetShaylaStark: ~smiles with much excitement as she watches Master Physician and Mistress~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he takes the small delicate key - one of a kind - and slips her hair aside - he places the key to the intricate lock - and turns it as the cylinders crack and turn -
HyukiSunOfSchendi: now I do this in the know that you Syndarza take me as your soon FC - is this to be the truth ?
synSchendi: Yes Sun
synSchendi: it is to be truth
HyukiSunOfSchendi: then by hand , you are officially released and by the word of our great Ubara
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he hands her a package -- I suggest you go change - smirks
RaychelofGor: *she claps her hands together gently, eyes beaming.* Congratulations, Mistress.
HyukiSunOfSchendi: do what you wish to the collar
HyukiSunOfSchendi: winks
synSchendi: ~swallows and smiles as she feels her neck for the first time in a very long itme~
Zandua: Farewell to my sister Trainer.....Welcome Mistress Candidate *she smiles happily for her*
synSchendi: Yes I will do so
synSchendi: ummm
synSchendi: to keep it as a reminder
synSchendi: ~smiles~ thank you very much Sun
SweetShaylaStark: ~feels complete joy and happiness for Master Physician and Mistress as They begin a new chapter in Their life together, she cries tears of happiness for Thwm Both~ Congratulations Master and Mistress, this girl is so very excited for You Both!!
synSchendi: ~that sweet name tastes so good upon her lips as she smiles to him~
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -smiles- to seeing true love in the air-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: slip to the back hall and dress as you should – be no more will your flesh exposed
synSchendi: yes Sun
HyukiSunOfSchendi: nods warmly-
synSchendi: ~twirls her silks around her legs as she sways happy to the back of the hall smiling at each as she goes~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: return to me as a Free Woman and have a seat by my side - beams -
synSchendi: ~slipping to the very back she slips out of her silks gently running her hands over them as she remembers her times with him placing them folded gently on the kitchen shelf along with her collar then pulls up her hair to wrap it in some string~ synSchendi: ~she turns around to run her hands down the beautiful dress then places her hand upon her stomach to try to stop the butterflies as she walks proudly back into the hall~
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -her eyes look towards the Canidate Mistress Syn-
SweetShaylaStark: ooohhhhh Mistress...You look absolutely stunning!
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he'd gaze upon his woman with pride - her heart his true one as he had deeply known - he leans to kiss her hand gently -- my love , your stunning
synSchendi: ~feeling a little strange she sits upon the chair beside Sun and a bright smile curves her lips as her babe blue eyes sparkle with delight~
SweetShaylaStark: ~her heart warms as she takes in Mistress' beauty
synSchendi: thank you shayla
HyukiSunOfSchendi: has you were meant to wear that gown -- bah
RaychelofGor: *She smiles softly, turning her gaze toward the Mistress, to admire the beauty.*
HyukiSunOfSchendi: your wisdom and patience and true of your heart show this
synSchendi: ~smiles at the warmth of his kiss~ thank you my love
HyukiSunOfSchendi: thank-you
synSchendi: ~blushes~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: kiss
synSchendi: ~kisses~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: girls
HyukiSunOfSchendi: greet MIstress Syn
synSchendi: oh Priest Kings that sounds so strange

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PostSubject: Re: The Freeing of Syn   The Freeing of Syn Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 11:27 am

girl heart was beating as she shed a few tears as to how romantic congrats Mistress from this girl
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PostSubject: Re: The Freeing of Syn   The Freeing of Syn Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 4:29 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers omg congrats Syn.......Smile congrats cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: The Freeing of Syn   The Freeing of Syn Icon_minitime

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The Freeing of Syn
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