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 Basic FC Contract Form #1

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PostSubject: Basic FC Contract Form #1   Basic FC Contract Form #1 Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 4:58 am

FC Contract Form

Contract of Free Companionship

"There is no marriage as we know it on Gor, but there is the institution of free companionship, which is its nearest correspondent. More commendably, a free woman may herself, of her own free will, agree to be such a companion. Such relationships are not entered into lightly, and they are normally sundered only by death." ---Outlaw of Gor, p 54

The setting down of this legal document in written form by Scribe's Signature Here of the Caste of Scribes, on this, the (Enter Gorean Date here) serves as the Contract of Companionship between two Gorean Free Persons:

Free Man's Name, Home Stone, Rank, Caste, & House
Free Woman's Name, Home Stone, Rank, Caste, & House

This contract may only be severed in the following cases: Death, Slavery, Non-Renewal, or by the breaking of terms set down in the legal contract below. Any breaking of the written terms will result in the immediate dissolution of the Contract, and all written penalties shall immediately apply. Legal representation of the Caste of Scribes shall oversee and enforce the application of all terms if such event occurs. If the Free Man named in this contract is a Warrior, the enforcing of terms will be exercised by the Caste of Scribes in conjunction with the Caste of Warriors of the Free Man's Home Stone. Guilt incurred by either party of this Contract shall in all due fairness be investigated, testimony gathered and evidence studied, by the Caste of Scribes and the ruling Warrior presence of the Free Man's Home Stone in order to reach the fair and just ruling under Gorean Law.

I, (Scribe's Signature Here), of the Caste of Scribes do hereby attest that both parties are resolute in entering into this Free Companionship of their own free will.

I. Companionship Price. (The Scribe will verify one of the two cases indicated below)

The companionship price ('bride price') for the Lady (enter FW's SN here) in the amount of (list coin and/or properties demanded) has been paid by (enter Free Man's SN here ), to her Father/Legal Guardian (state that man's name, Home Stone, and rank here).
The Lady (place the FW's name here) has no living relatives to whom a companionship price would be paid; or her previous companionship(s) cancels/cancel the required companionship price. This is agreeable to the Free Man entering the Companionship (Free Man's signature here).
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Basic FC Contract Form #1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic FC Contract Form #1   Basic FC Contract Form #1 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 5:13 am

read and acknowledge
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Basic FC Contract Form #1
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