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 Slave Papers Format

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PostSubject: Slave Papers Format   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:10 am

slave Papers - Master Template

All slaves should have their “slave papers” in order and recorded in the Hall of records and Schendi Vault.


INSTRUCTIONS: Find your name in this list and go in and edit your papers to add the necessary information. It is a very detailed form and may take some research on your part to complete. It may take you an ahn or more to complete. All slaves have been made a moderator for this thread so they can edit. (USE THE EXAMPLE OF tah’s PAPERS AS A TEMPLATE). Owners can assist their slaves fill these out.

NOTE: capri’s and tahmina’s slave papers were completed previously and in the Schendi Vault - (capri’s needs updating -below)

Please get with this girl if you have any questions.

Official slave Papers:

slave's Name: tahminaSchendi
Sex: Female
Age (Earth years): 25
Current status: Owned
Pedigree: Exotic classification – Bred passion slave – 7th generation
Stabilized: Earth date: March, 2009. Four shots administered and blood work completed by Bea of Hammersgaard
Homestone of Birth: Anango
Current Owner's Name: Ubara Juicy of Schendi
Date and age Purchased by Current Owner: Earth date: May 2010
Date & Age Originally Collared: Earth date: October 30, 2009
Previous Owners (in order of oldest to most recent): SiyahofAnango; SerenaSchendi
Previous Names(in order of oldest to most recent): kajiraelizabeth; BethSchendi; alikaSchendi
Current Station: Personal, bred passion slave to the Ubara Juicy of Schendi
Previous slave Stations: love slave; passion slave
Bills of Sale: None
Children: moonSchendi – born – Fathered by Captain of Ubar’s ram ship
Height: 5.28 Gorean Feet; - '5 "6 by Earth standards
Weight: 32 stone; 128 pounds by Earth standards
Body Type: slim/athletic
Eye Color: Blue
Vision: Excellent
Hair Color/Length: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Teeth: Excellent
Hearing: Excellent
Hand Print: On file
Feet Print: On File
Neck Ring/Collar Size: #6
Wrist Ring Size: #5 horts; inches by Earth standards
Ankle Ring Size: #6 horts; inches by Earth standards
Breasts Size: 27.2 horts; 34DD inches by Earth standards
Waist Size: 21.6 horts; 27” inches by Earth standards
Hip Size: 28.8 horts; 36” inches by Earth standards
Identifying Marks: Freckles
Brands: Kef; Schendi city brand, BBC brand, Ubara Juicy brand
Piercings: Ears - double
Skills: formally trained in all aspects of serving, dance and pleasure - has been a FW, FG and trainer - founded the Port City of Schendi – four years Gorean experience
Books read: ALL


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PostSubject: Re: Slave Papers Format   Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:10 am

read and acknowledge
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Slave Papers Format
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