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 raychel's Exams and Slavewine Schedule

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PostSubject: raychel's Exams and Slavewine Schedule   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:09 pm

post files here
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PostSubject: Slave wine and exam given by Master Physician, December 2nd 2012   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:26 pm

RaychelofGor: *she nods gently.* Yes, Master.
HyukiSun: he slips before the sink and washes his hands .the trays he had prepared set to the side of the table , with all needed items he gazes over to. he turns with a soft cloth rolling through his hands as he approaches -- hop up here -
RaychelofGor: *she nods again, moving to where the Master had indicated, placing her hands on the surface, and actually hopping onto the table.*
RaychelofGor: Yes, Master
HyukiSun: he began with the scroll and looked all he would ask of her first a marking stck he held bewtween his fingers readied to apply the answers-
HyukiSun: have you any complaints or ills presently I need to be aware of? belly - back, teeth?
RaychelofGor: *she shakes her head, thinking briefly, before noting the exact places he spoke of.* No, Master. This one feels well.
HyukiSun: his eyes sweep over her as he orders her to slip from her camisk - very well then , he responds as he waits for her to strip-
RaychelofGor: *She rises, only briefly, to swiftly slip the camisk from her curved frame, before sitting once more on the table.*
HyukiSun: turning to right just slight he removes the small light stick and steps before her - he gazes to her eyes , ears , and nose - open your mouth
RaychelofGor: *She parts her lips to open her mouth, blinking softly.*
HyukiSun: hed sweep the light around her mouth and look to her throat and tounge and teeth- he nods as he notes all once again -in the script of the physicians -
RaychelofGor: *She closes her mouth again as he writes, wetting her lips briefly, fighting the urge to swing her legs like a child
HyukiSun: taking up his stethascope he sets each ear piece to his ears and leans forward against the table , placing to her chest he commands her to breath in and out
RaychelofGor: *she does, so, her chest rising and falling with each clear breath.*
HyukiSun: slips it to her upper back ,then lower back -- once more and deeply girl - he says warmly-
RaychelofGor: *She pulls the breath into her lungs, the sound audible in the quiet of the room, her firm chest rising upward, then lowering soflty with the movement of her body.*
HyukiSun: standing before her - he slips his fingers to her throat , feeling her glands deeply then notes again the girls state to her papers -
RaychelofGor: *her face flushes a moment, and she shift on the table, but watches his notes, the writing dancing on the paper.*
HyukiSun: your doing well - he says soft in his normal tone - now -- have you suffered any illness or been bred ? if so how many times and were they alive at birth
RaychelofGor: *she nods to the first question.* This one had a period of sickness recently...*she continues into the second.*...where it was thought she was with child. It was disproven, Master. This one rarely grows ill, but she'd never before had slave wine...
HyukiSun: any scar - he asks as he pushes her forward and back looking with his own eyes and notes all- I see well you will this day - he chuckles~
HyukiSun: setting the scope aside he assits herto lie back -- lets check your belly and abdomen -
RaychelofGor: *she shakes her head.* No Master, no scars. *she shifts again, a soft smile gracing her lips.* Yes, Master. *she lays to her back, eyes firmly on the ceiling.*
HyukiSun: his huge hands roll deep as he palpates her belly -- carefully feeling for anything odd - then glides to her lower abdomen -his fingers pressing deeply to feel her ovaries -
HyukiSun: any pain as I do this -- he asks?
RaychelofGor: *It was not uncomfortable, as she'd expected, so she remains still, still staring upward.* No, Master.
HyukiSun: very well - then lets get this shot done
RaychelofGor: *Her face curves to a brief grimace, but she nods, sitting up once more, her hands closing over the edge of the table.* Yes, Master...
HyukiSun: he takes up a piece of gauze and wipes her upper mid back - taking up the syringe he he injects to the cleaned area the stabilization syrum -injecting it quickly -- removing swift the needle and rolling a clean dry gauze to it dobbing the bead of blood -
HyukiSun: massaging it soft for a brief moment - this will burn and swell
RaychelofGor: *she barely has time to wince, as it was done as swiftly as it had began. Grateful, she smiled again, a barely there curve of closed lips.* Thank you, Master...
HyukiSun: it may take a few days to settle and is only one of three you will receive over the weeks
RaychelofGor: *she nods.* Yes, Master.
HyukiSun: noting the day and time to her scroll he sets to small stool and takes her thin arm to his side , a small turnicate he wraps about her arm -he takes up a pair of rubber gloves and slips them to his hands as he then prepares for her blood draw -- make a fist
RaychelofGor: *Her face grows white, but she turns her gaze away, doing as asked. Her nails bite gently into the skin of her palm, and she stares at the wood panel beside her.* ...yes, Master...
HyukiSun: he tightens the trunicate as her veins protrude - as easy target - he settles the 2 piece vile and needle to his hand and slips it to her vein as the crimson blood flushes within the second closed vile - then loosening the tie -places swiftly a small cotton ball to it removing the needle quickly --- he bends her arm upward -- hold your up for a bit
HyukiSun: there almost done - he says with a quick wink 2 more tests and your off
HyukiSun: he hands her a cloth and a glass cup --- go wash and then pee for me in this -- leave it to the tray - then wash your hands
HyukiSun: Ill await you in this last exam room
RaychelofGor: *She squeeks at the contact, this being her absolute least favorite part of the exam, but she raises her arm as told.* Yes, Master...*She clenches her toes, before bounding from the table, grabbing the cup.* Yes, Master.
HyukiSun: he slips behind the partition snapping the gloves tight - he tugs down the thin wire a bulb held to the end as he sets his tray up with the speculum and some oils - a towel and bucket-
HyukiSun: having all her samples marked and noted to her scroll he sets back awaiting her -
RaychelofGor: *She steps to the wash area, slightly uncomfortable at this one. Leaning, she does as required, before raising up and stepping to the tray. Setting the cup down, she turns back to the wash area. Plunging her hands beneath cool water, she scrubs at them. Almost done, she thought to herself, but her face flushed at what was to come. Sighing, she dried her hands before walking to where the Master awaited. She steps to the chair quietly, her face aflame with embarrasment *
HyukiSun: watching as she asends the seat for her last check his gloved hands press her thighs wide - be still
RaychelofGor: *she nods, holding the arms of the chair firmly, eyes fixed on the ceiling once more, and she holds still.*
HyukiSun: he inserts the speculum to her heat the pushing t deep - he presses the latch to hold it open as he leans close and tugs the light before her -- he notes the girl is opened and signs a certificate saying so -- he takes a long swab and inserts it slow and takes a sample of her vaginal walls -setting it inside of a tube by his side -- his hands moving about her removes the speculum and tosses it to the bucket -
HyukiSun: then setting back her rises -- your all done girl -- he hands her a cloth -- you may wipe yourself clean again and proceed back to the hall
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PostSubject: yaychels slave wine file   Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:45 pm

slave was given her slavewine this night /1-6-13/next dose is 2-6-13
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PostSubject: Re: raychel's Exams and Slavewine Schedule   

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raychel's Exams and Slavewine Schedule
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