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 zandua's Exams and Slavewine Schedule

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PostSubject: zandua's Exams and Slavewine Schedule   Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:53 pm

post files here
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PostSubject: Re: zandua's Exams and Slavewine Schedule   Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:55 am

slave wine given this day by my hand 1-11-13 No
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PostSubject: zan's health exam 12/1/2012   Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:29 pm

zans health exam 12 - 1 - 12

Post MasterHyukisun on Sat 1 Dec - 22:47
HyukiSun: ~he washes his hands and prepares the next tray for the next exam - syringes , gauze and cleansing fluid - a soft leather strap , 2 viles for a blood draw , a glass cup , and gloves - seeing it is well he washes his hands and dries them awaiting the slave
HyukiSun: ~finishing the tray and drying his hands he walks toward the exam table and pats it -- hop up here
Zandua: Yes Master
Zandua: Does girl keep on her camisk?
HyukiSun: he places the needed tools and light stick to his side easily accessable to his hand~
HyukiSun: remove it
Zandua: Yes Master *she carefully slips of her camisk and places it aside as she hops up on the table*
HyukiSun: he raises a scroll and write her name to it - a list of pre written questions he looks over till she strips~
HyukiSun: he places the gloves to his hands and examines her skin - checking for any marks or distinguishing marks-
HyukiSun: placing his hand about her throat he checks her glands -- swallow for me
Zandua: *she swallows*
HyukiSun: he takes up the lit tool and observes her eyes , then checks her nose and ears - making notes of all-- very good
HyukiSun: open yuor mouth zan
Zandua: AHHH *she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue*
HyukiSun: he flashes the light to her teeth and throat and notes the see of them -very nice -- any tooth aches ?
Zandua: No Master
HyukiSun: very good as I do detest bad teeth
HyukiSun: now I have some questions ---
Zandua: *smiles and giggles* Girl makes sure to take care of herself
HyukiSun: have you any illness or complaints as of this day , headaches, belly , ?
Zandua: No Master
HyukiSun: any bone broken or past injuries I need to note?
Zandua: No Master
HyukiSun: very good to know
HyukiSun: smiles-
HyukiSun: have you been bred?
Zandua: *twiddles her thumbs and smiles* Never Master
HyukiSun: if so how many times
HyukiSun: ok
HyukiSun: he assists her to lie back -
Zandua: *shivers as she lays back on the cold slab*
HyukiSun: his hands gloved - presses deeply to her belly -- any pain?
Zandua: *giggles* No Master
HyukiSun: he rolls down her abdomen - palpating her ovaries -- is yur menses normal ?
Zandua: Yes Master
HyukiSun: heavy / slow / regular?
Zandua: heavy at first Master, but then gets very light
HyukiSun: ok very normal then
HyukiSun: notes all his asks to the scroll in detail --
HyukiSun: shot next
Zandua: *eyes widen*
HyukiSun: this is the stabilization shot it is a series of 3
HyukiSun: one this day and the next few days as well , they are painful , may be reddish - but it is normal
Zandua: *stares at Master as he speaks and trembles*
HyukiSun: he turns to take up a gauze from the cleansing fluid = dobbing it off , then sweeps it to her mid back - her skin reacts to the chill as he pokes the readies syringe -to her back and injects it quickly , then removing the needle - he places a slight pressure to it and massages it a bit ~
HyukiSun: there done with that- he states warmly-
HyukiSun: now blood
Zandua: *she winced slightly then frowns again to getting poked for blood now* Yes...Master
HyukiSun: he turns again and removes the leather tie and slips it about her arm -- tucking her half arm to his side tightly - pump your fist for me- he asks -
Zandua: Yes Master *she squeezes her hand and releases it, performing a pumping motion*
HyukiSun: as she pumps and the veins appear he ties her upper arm tightly and fetches the 2 parts of the blood draw to his hand - then wiping her vein and tossing the gauze to the tray , slips quickly and genty to the vein , then pops the other vile inside as it quickly fills with blood~
Zandua: What is blood for Master?
HyukiSun: slippng past her arm he grabs a dry gauze and places pressure to it and removes the needle to remove the vile placing it next to mels - he scribbles her name to it and unties her arm
HyukiSun: folding her arm upward - hold it up for just few moments
Zandua: *she follows his orders and hold her arm up*
HyukiSun: he turns and grabs a glass cup --- pee in this and leave it to the tray - I will prepare for the last part of your exam -
Zandua: Yes Master *waiting for him to exit, she hops down and squats, only a tiny bit came out but it was enough, she leaves it on the tray and moves to where he went*
HyukiSun: walking to the side area , he with still gloved hands prepares the exam tube oils rubbed to it for easy insertion, he lowers to the stool and yanks again the bulb hanging from a thin line of wire before him-
HyukiSun: hop up
HyukiSun: legs open
HyukiSun: relax
Zandua: Should girl wash first?
HyukiSun: hands her a towel if ya wish as you will be after as well
HyukiSun: sinks out there
HyukiSun: just checking if your a certified opened or closed is all
Zandua: *she takes the towel and goes to the sink* Thank you Master
HyukiSun: aye
Zandua: *she dampens the towel and wipes down quickly then returns to Master, hopping up on the chair with her legs only slightly open, looking nervous*
HyukiSun: no need to be nervous is quik --
HyukiSun: he slips the tube to her vagina and open her thighs wider -he tugs the bulb down as he leans - and checks -- opened -- notes this and the color and appearence of her heat -
HyukiSun: see all done now
HyukiSun: he removes the tube- and tosses it to a bucket
Zandua: *blinks*
HyukiSun: he pulls off his gloves tossing them to the trash box-
Zandua: That was quick
HyukiSun: just need to certify if your opened or not
HyukiSun: he tosses her a towel
Zandua: Yes Master
HyukiSun: clean up and dress
HyukiSun: and you may return
Zandua: *catches the towel and hopes down*
HyukiSun: ill be sending the scroll to my files

slave wine given 12- 1 - 12 next jan 1 -13
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PostSubject: Re: zandua's Exams and Slavewine Schedule   Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:53 am

slave wine given - she entered the tent and was given this for feb-next is 3/13
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PostSubject: Re: zandua's Exams and Slavewine Schedule   

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zandua's Exams and Slavewine Schedule
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