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 Jewlery of the FW

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PostSubject: Jewlery of the FW   Jewlery of the FW Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 8:48 am

One of the reasons, too, why new girls, and sometimes free women, may be belled is that they may begin to understand what they are, or are likely to become. This is not hard to understand when one has bells locked on one’s limbs. What sort of girl or woman would be belled? Later, of course, bells are unnecessary for such a purpose. Later, obviously, there will be no doubt as to what one is, either in the minds of others or in one’s own mind.
Witness of Gor, p. 3

"The free woman was a tall woman, large. She wore a great cape of fur, of white sea-sleen, thrown back to reveal the whiteness of her arms. Her kirtle was of the finest wool of Ar, dyed scarlet, with black trimmings. She wore two broaches, both carved of the horn of a kailiauk, mounted in gold. At her waist she wore a jeweled scabbard, protruding from which I saw the ornamented, twisted blade of a Turian dagger; free women of Torvaldsland commonly carry a knife; at her belt too, hung her scissors, and a ring of many keys, indicating that her hall contained many chests or doors; her hair was worn high, wrapped about a comb, matching the broaches, of the horn of kailiauk ; the fact that her hair was worn dressed indicated that she stood in companionship; the number of her keys, together with the scissors, indicated that she was mistress of a great house."
Marauders of Gor page 156

"The piercing of the ears is far more terrible. Nose rings are nothing. They are even pretty. In the south even the free women of the Wagon Peoples wear nose rings."
Captive of Gor page 166

"The the rence girls, vital, eyes shining, breathing deeply, barefoot, bare-armed, many with beads worn for festival, and hammered copper bracelets and armlets, stood all within a circle."
Raiders of Gor page 49

"I took from the chest a string of pearls, then one of the pieces of gold, then one of the rubies. "Bina?" I asked, each time. Eta laughed. "Bana" she said, "Ki Bina. Bana." Then, from another box, Eta produced another necklace, one with cheap glass beads, and another with simple small wooden beads. She indicated the latter two necklaces. "Bina," she said, pointing to them. Bina, I then understood, were lesser beads, cheap beads."
Slave Girl of Gor page 82

"How beautiful she was, and proud and fierce, in the brief skins and golden ornaments. She was beautifully figured and she carried herself arrogantly before them, taunting them with her beauty, and spear. Verna, leader of the Panther Girls, speaking to the men she and her band have just captured in the Northern Forest."
Captive of Gor page 120

"About the robes and over the hood and veils of the garmenting were slung medallions and necklaces of wrought gold, pendant with gems. On her hands were white gloves, fastened with hooks of gold. Beneath the final hem of the innermost robe I saw the toes of golden slippers, jeweled, and scarlet-threaded, sparkling in the torchlight."
Slave Girl of Gor page 43/4
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PostSubject: Re: Jewlery of the FW   Jewlery of the FW Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 6:08 am

a nice informative piece of read
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Jewlery of the FW
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