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 Piercings of FW

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PostSubject: Piercings of FW   Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:49 am

"The piercing of the ears is far more terrible," said Ute. "Nose rings are nothing. They are even pretty. In the south even the free women of the Wagon Peoples wear nose rings." She held me more closely. "Even free women in the south," she insisted, "the free women of the Wagons Peoples, wear nose rings." She kissed me. "Besides," she said, "it may be removed, and no one will ever know that you wore it. It will not show." Then Ute's eyes clouded with tears. I looked at the tiny steel rods holding open the wounds in her ears. "But only slave girls," she wept, "have their ears pierced." She wept. "How can I ever hope to become a Free Companion," she wept. "What man would want a woman with the pierced ears of a slave girl? And if I were not veiled, anyone might look upon me, and laugh, and scorn me, seeing that my ears have been pierced, as those of a slave girl!"

Captive of Gor pgs: 166

Afterwards, it might be mentioned, they are usually pleased with the piercing of their ears, and grow quite proud of this erotic dimension added to their beauty; not displeased are they either with the lovely adornments which their master may now order them to fix upon their body; free women, it is no secret, in many respects, envy their enslaved sisters, their beauty, their joy, their attractiveness to men; this may explain why free women are often quite cruel to slave girls; most imbonded girls fear greatly that they might be purchased by one of the dreaded free women. I have wondered sometimes if free women on Gor might not be happier if their culture permitted them to be somewhat more like the slave girls they so heartily despise. It seems a small enough thing that a free woman might be culturally permitted to have her ears pierced and, thus, be permitted earrings. Would it make so muck difference? But the bonds of culture are strong. On Earth a free woman would not think of having herself branded, though it might improve her beauty; similarly, on Gor, a free woman would not consider having her ears pierced.

Slave Girl of Gor pgs: 97

May I please have my ears pierce. Master", she begged. "Would you be so degraded a slave?" I asked. Ear piercing on Gor, is regarded in most cities as the most degrading thing that can be done to a girl. It is commonly done only to the lowest of pleasure slaves. Compared to it, fixing a ring in a girl's nose is regarded lightly. Indeed, among the Tuchuk's one of the Wagon Peoples of Gor, even free women wore nose rings. these matters are cultural, of course. "Yes, Master." she said. "Why?' I asked. "That I might be kept always a slave." she said. "I see," I said. A girl with pierced ears on Gor might well, for all practical purposes give up even the slimmest of hopes, should she entertain them, of freedom. What Gorean man, seeing a woman with pierced ears, could treat her as, or accept her as, anything but a slave? "Please, Master," she said "I will have it done in Schendi," I said. Usually a leather worker pierces ears. In Schendi there were many leather workers, usually engaged in the tooling of kailiauk hide, brought from the interior.

Explorers of Gor pgs: 92

"To Gorean eyes the piercing of the ears, this visible set of wounds, inflicted to facilitate the mounting of sensual and barbaric ornamentations, is customarily regarded as being tantamount, for most practical purposes, to a sentence of irrevocable bondage. Normally ear-piercing is done only to the lowest and most sensual of slaves. It is regarded, by most Goreans, as being far more humiliating and degrading to a woman than the piercing of a girl's septum and the consequent fastening on her of a nose ring."

Savages of Gor pgs: 10-11

"Have her ears pierced. This would, in effect, guarantee that she would remain always only a slave on Gor. Gorean men find pierced ears, as do many men of Earth, stimulatory. To the Gorean such ear-piercing speaks blatantly of bondage. Penetration of a woman's flesh is publicly symbolized, in her very body; the wounds inflicted on her were intended and deliberate; and her body has now been prepared to bear, fastened in its very flesh, barbaric ornamentation. These things all speak to the Gorean of the female slave. Slave girls of course, once they have begun to learn their collars, and once they have begun to learn that they are truly slaves, and what it might mean, become very vain and proud over the piercing of their ears. They know that it makes them more attractive to men, and significantly so, and, too, they relish being able, with earrings, to make themselves even more beautiful and exciting. Slave girls tend to be very proud and happy in their sexuality. "

Blood Brothers of Gor pgs: 48
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PostSubject: Re: Piercings of FW   Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:06 am

wow very informative read....Smile
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Piercings of FW
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