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 Quaters Of FW

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PostSubject: Quaters Of FW   Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:50 am

"The room was a large one, and extremely colorful. The floor was of glossy, scarlet tiles. The walls, too, were tiled, and glossy, and covered with bold, swirling designs, largely worked out in yellow and black tiles. At one point there was a large, scarlet pelt on the floor. Against some of the walls there were chests, heavy chests, which opened from the top. There were mirrors, too, here and there, and one was behind something like a low vanity. I also saw a small, low table. It was near the couch. There were also, mostly near the walls, some cushions about. To one side there was a large, sunken basin. This was, perhaps, I thought, a tub. There was no water in it, however, and no visible faucets."
Kajira of Gor page 37

"In the room, which now had no occupant, I saw an open wardrobe closet, some chests of silks, a silken divan of immense size, several choice rugs and cushions about, and a sunken bath to one side. It might have been the private compartment of a lady of High Caste."
Assassin of Gor page 117
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PostSubject: Re: Quaters Of FW   Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:05 am

need to add to my books for reference to buy things for the home
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Quaters Of FW
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