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 Status of FW

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“I am a rich woman,” she said, angrily. “I have status and position. In Brundisium I hold high station, being a member of the household of Belnar, her Ubar. I am highly intelligent. I am educated and refined. I have exquisite taste. I am accustomed to the finest silks, the most expensive materials. I have my gowns, my robes, even my veils, especially made for me by high cloth workers!”
Players of Gor page 215

“Sometimes, metaphorically, in English, however,” I said, “a distinction is drawn between the virgin and the woman, a distinction which is almost Gorean in tone. Strictly, of course, in English, one might be both a woman and a virgin.” “Do Goreans speak freely of these things?” she asked.
“Free persons do not commonly speak freely of them,” I said. “For example, whether a free woman is glana or falarina is obviously her business, and no one else’s. Such intimate matters are well within the prerogatives of her privacy.”
Savages of Gor Page 204

"The unauthorized rape of slave girls, without the permission of their masters, is officially frowned on in most cities, but, too, it is as often winked at.
There are thought to be two major advantages to the custom of permitting, and, sometimes, of even encouraging, the practice. First, it provides a way of satisfying the sexual needs of young men who may not yet own their own girls, and, secondly, it is thought to provide a useful protection for free women. Free women, incidentally, are almost never raped on Gor, unless it be perhaps a preparatory lesson proceeding their total enslavement.
There seem to be two major reasons why free women are seldom raped on Gor. First, it is thought that they, being free, are to be accorded the highest respect, and, secondly, slave females are regarded as being much more desirable."
Guardsman of Gor Page 184

"She looked up at me in wonder, blood at her mouth. She had been cuffed.
"Did you strike me because I challenged your manhood?" she asked. "I did not really mean it. It is only that I was terribly angry. I did not think."
"You were not struck for such an absurd reason," I said. "You are, after all, a free woman, and free women are entitled to insult, and to attempt to demean and destroy men. It is one of their freedoms, unless men, of course, should decide to take it from them. You were struck, rather, because you were attempting to manipulate me."
Mercenaries of Gor Page 422

“It is a wonder that any man will follow you!” cried Talena. “You betrayed your codes! You are a coward! A fool! You are not worthy of me! That you dare ask me if I could care for such as you, is to me, a free woman an insult! You chose slavery to death!”
Marauders of Gor Page 14

"You speak English " cried the girl on the side block, the collar and chain on her throat, "what is this place and how did I come here!"
"This is the world called Gor," said Ginger, "and you were brought here by spacecraft."
"What manner of place is this," begged the girl, lifting the chain on her collar, "and is this how they treat all women?"
"I shall not expatiate on what manner of place this is" said Ginger, "for you, yourself, shall soon learn, and well. And this is not how they treat all women. Women on this world, most of them, enjoy a status and freedom of which you, from Earth, cannot even conceive. Their raiment is splendid, their station is lofty, their mien is noble, their prestige is boundless. Dread them, and fear them----."
The girl looked at her, frightened.
"For you are not such a woman," said Ginger.
The girl clutched the chain, kneeling on the block.
"No," said Ginger, "you are not such a woman. You are less than the dust beneath their feet."
Savages of Gor page 129

"The Gorean girl is literally educated, fortunately or not, to the notion that it is of great importance to know how to please men. This prepares a girl who will be a Free Companion, and never a slave, to learn that preparation and serving of food, the arts of walking, and standing, and being beautiful, the care of her man's equipment, the love dances of her city and so on."
Nomads of Gor page 63

"Goreans, in their simplistic fashion, often contend, categorically, that man is naturally free and woman is naturally slave. But even for them the issues are far more complex than these simple formulations would suggest. For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman. Even a slaver who has captured a free woman often treats her with great solicitude until she is branded.(...)Goreans do believe, however, that every woman has a natural master or set of masters, with respect to whom she could not help but be a complete and passionate slave girl."
Hunters of Gor Page 311
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read and acknowledge
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Status of FW
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