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 Misconceptions of the FW

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PostSubject: Misconceptions of the FW   Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:58 am

Misconceptions The Gorean Free Woman is likely the most misunderstood character within the books of Gor. This is likely due in part to the fact that John Norman did not focus on the character of a Free Woman unless he was intending for us to see her collared in the future. That not withstanding it was stated within the books is the fact that only three percent of the entire female population of Gor was enslaved. That leaves a great deal of ground not covered within the pages of the twenty six books of Gor.

Gor is a world of savage beauty. Part of that beauty is that it is a world where the woman is not expected to "wear the pants" or be dominant. In fact, it is not permitted for such things. Even the Free Woman of Gor was submissive, to a degreee to the men. The degree of submissiveness was not even close to that of the slave but it was a due fact. Perhaps we should consider for a moment the fact that while submissive Free women did have much in the way of latitude, we are not discussing mindless, meek, creatures. Often they were bold and vocal of their opinions. They were known to insult and flagrantly scream at the men of their Homestones. In fact, there is an instance in the books of a Free Woman hitting a man in the face with a fish. This does not mesh with the image portrayed on so many sites of a woman "barely above a slave". This is definitely not the case and such is stated many times within the books themselves. It is a matter of people choosing quotes to reflect the position they wish to take and not looking at the overall big picture.

That being said, Free Women remain Free at the discretion and will of Free Men. Make your choice wisely after watching, observing and learning. Never make quick snap judgments... but do remember a Free Woman can become a slave, either by choice or at the hand of a Gorean Male and once a slave there is no turning back.

Become the best that you can as a Free Woman, enjoy the position of Free Woman, learn the limits of playfulness and enjoy those limits dress appropriately in the attire of your home.

Learn to accept your position as Free Woman, for the slaves often come first in the Gorean males eyes and there are days you may feel quite alone, but the rewards are many a Free Woman can be looked up to by others and respected in her own right.

Always ask questions, form bonds with other Free Women; keep observing; learning and above all else, Respect the Gorean male. He rules Gor!

The First Misconception

The first misconception of the Gorean Free Woman is that she coddled slaves and treated them with respect. I have heard some try to say that if a free woman treats a slave harshly she is begging the collar herself. This is simply NOT the case. The free women of Gor hated slaves and took every chance they could find to be cruel and vicious to them. There are many ideas as to why only one of those being jealousy but for now I am dealing with the fact that this is simply how it was. We can see that clearly in the following quote.

"Slave girls fear free women muchly. It is almost as if there was some unspoken war between them, almost as if they might be mortal enemies. In such a war, or such an enmity, of course, the slave girl is completely at the mercy of the free person; she is only slave. One of the great fears of a slave girl is that she will be sold to a woman. Free women treat their female slaves with incredible hatred and cruelty. Why this is I do not know. Some say it is because they, the free women, envy the girls their collars and wish that they, too, were collared, and at the complete mercy of masters." Maruaders of Gor

The Second Misconception

The second misconception about the Gorean free woman is that she could not speak her mind to a man or risk offending him. Quite frankly this happened all the time and they did so often without impunity. Within their own Homestone the woman had a great deal of rights that she could exercise. Among those rights were the right to be rude, snippish, moody, and down right mean to men. Why? Because she was Free. This is proven in more than one book and by more than one quote.

"Free women, in being free, command attention when they speak. It is their due." Explorers of Gor

The Third Misconception

The third misconception about the free woman of Gor is that she was held below the slave. Again this is false. Perhaps men did wish slaves more but the respect accorded to the Free Woman was quite high. A Free Woman was the mother of all men. A Free Woman was the only that could bare free children. A Free Woman was exaulted in her own way for Her freedom. A slave being insolent and brattish to a Free Woman would be punished and harshly BY the Free Men. Slaves were not permitted or encouraged such behavior and as previously stated in these pages slaves feared free women.

"She wore white gloves. “This is an outrage!” she said. She wore tiny, golden slippers. Her robes of concealment, silken and flowing, shimmered in the torchlight. “What is the meaning of this?” she demanded. “I demand my immediate freedom!” One of the slave girls, one kneeling a few feet away, before us and to our right, at a table, one of those who was naked, save for her collar, laughed. Then she turned white with fear. She had laughed at a free woman. Samos turned to a guard and pointed at the offending slave. “Fifteen lashes,” he said. The girl shook her head in misery. She whimpered with terror. These would be lashes, she knew, with a Gorean slave whip. It is an efficient instrument for disciplining women." Players of Gor

The Fourth Misconception

The fourth misconception is often the most annoying. Many say that the collar does not instantly make a slave and while this is true it is not "entirely" true. The Gorean Free Woman is well acquainted with slavery and its conventions. She is also well acquainted with what is expected of a slave and at least the most basic responsibilities. So, should a woman fall to slavery she would have an idea known to her as to how she is to behave and what she is to do. She might fight it, but that is defiance, NOT lack of knowledge.

"The Gorean girl is, even if free, accustomed to slavery; she will perhaps own one or more slaves herself; she knows that she is weaker than men and what this can mean; she knows that cities fall and caravans are plundered; she knows she might even, by a sufficiently bold warrior, be captured in her own quarters and, bound and hooded, be carried on tarnback over the walls of her own city. Moreover, even if she is never enslaved, she is familiar with the duties of slaves and what is expected of them; if she should be enslaved she will know, on the whole, what is expected of her, what is permitted her and what is not; moreover, the Gorean girl is literally educated, fortunately or not, to the notion that it is of great importance to know how to please men; accordingly , even girls who will be free companions, and never slaves, learn the preparation and serving of exotic dishes, the arts of walking, and standing and being beautiful, the care of a man’s equipment, the love dances of their city, and so on." Nomads of Gor
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PostSubject: Re: Misconceptions of the FW   Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:34 am

wow what an informative piece of read
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Misconceptions of the FW
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