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 FW Freedoms and Restrictions

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PostSubject: FW Freedoms and Restrictions   Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:00 am

Free woman have a number of freedoms and restrictions within different cities, not all that reach the level of an actual law. They are much more based on tradition and Goreans are very supportive of tradition. The general freedom of a free woman is closely tied to each particular city. Ko-ro-ba may be the Gorean city that accords the most personal freedom to free women and Tharna, after its revolution, may be the most repressive. For example, in Tharna, free women who visit must temporarily wear a collar, slave tunic and leash. The other cities of Gor fall somewhere in between this spectrum.

In some cities, free women are not permitted to leave their homes without the permission of a male relative or their Free Companion. In addition, some cities permit their women only to speak to blood relatives.

Women commonly travel outside the cities only accompanied by a sufficient group of armed guards. They do not commonly travel with only a single guard. It can be very dangerous for women outside the cities. Even within the cities, some women will travel with guards though they are more apt to only travel with a single guard. This would apply more for women of High Caste or high station who can afford such protection. The average Peasant women would not walk around Ar protected by an armed rarius.

There are no known laws limiting the type of weapons that women may carry but practicality commonly limits their choices to daggers and/or poisoned needles. Poison is considered to be a woman's weapon, not a weapon of Warriors or Assassins. Women will carry their weapons concealed, hoping to rely on surprise if they ever need to actually defend themselves. Without the element of surprise, most men could easily disarm a woman.

Some free women engage in the sport of hunting and are skilled in the use of the crossbow or small bow. They may even dress in hunting leathers, ride a tharlarion and hunt on their own, though that is dangerous.

When sitting, free women kneel in what would be considered almost a tower slave position. Their hands though lie on their thighs, palms down. Free women maintain good posture while kneeling. Free women do not sit cross-legged as that is only for men. It is considered an insult to men for women to sit cross-legged.

Free women may enter a house first, rather than behind a man like a slave.

Free women commonly drink delicately and eat in small bites. A free woman might eat larger bites, though that is most often done to arouse a man she desires.

Free women are rarely permitted to observe slave dances that are erotic or especially sensuous. This is not because they might be offended but it is for their own protection. It is thought that such sights might inflame the slave desires within a free women.

Most free women dislike the theater, especially its more vulgar and ribald minor forms. If anything, they will attend performances incognito so others can not identify them. It is only the more serious and major forms of theater that free women feel comfortable attending.

The Twelfth Passage Hand, just before the solemn Waiting Hand, is often a time of great festivities, a Carnival. Carnival is also a time for people to don masks and bizarre costumes, allowing an opportunity for jokes and pranks. They also permit incognito assignations between free people. Some free women even go as far as to masquerade as slaves and run naked through the cities. Another common game during the Carnival is called Favors. In the basic version, free women are given ten scarves, each set unique to each woman. The free women then pass out the scarves to men and receive a kiss in return. The first woman who passes out all of her scarves and returns to the starting point wins. This gives free women a valid way to flirt during this specific time.
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PostSubject: Re: FW Freedoms and Restrictions   Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:19 am

read and acknowledge
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FW Freedoms and Restrictions
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