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 Sexuality of a FW

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PostSubject: Sexuality of a FW   Sexuality of a FW Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 9:01 am

"Sex in a woman is a very subtle and profound thing; she is capable of deep and sustained pleasures which might be the envy of any vital organism. These pleasures, of course, can be used by a man to make her a helpless prisoner and slave. Perhaps that is why free women guard themselves so sternly against them."
Beasts of Gor Page 10

"Whereas it commonly takes a third of an Ahn to arouse a free woman female slave is often responsive from almost the first touch of the master. (...) It is not unusual to give an entire day to sport with a female slave, something unthinkable with a free woman."
Marauders of Gor Page 292

"Women who have not been previously owned, like free women, for the most part, even if naked and collared, do not yet understand their sexuality. That can only be taught to them by a man, they helpless, in his power. An unowned girl, a free woman, thus, can never experience her full sexuality. A corollary to this, of course, is that a man who has never had an owned woman in his arms does not understand the full power of his manhood. Sexual heat, it might be mentioned, is looked upon in free women with mixed feelings; it is commanded, however, in a slave girl. Passion, it is thought, deprives the free woman to some extent of her freedom and important self-control; it is frowned upon because it makes her behave, to some extent, like a degraded female slave; free women, thus, to protect their honor and dignity, their freedom and personhood, their individuality, must fight passion; the slave girl, of course, is not entitled to this privilege; it is denied to her, both by her society and her master; while the free woman must remain cool and in control of herself, even in the arms of her companion, to avoid being truly “had,” the slave girl is permitted no such luxury; her control is in the hands of her master, and she must, upon the mere word of her master, surrender herself, writhing, to the humiliating heats of a degraded slave girl’s ecstasy. Only when a woman is owned can she be fully enjoyed."
Tribesmen of Gor Page 17

"The true slave girl knows that she is owned. This makes a difference in how she performs many tasks. Her body, in almost all of its movements, will betray her bondage. It is difficult for a free woman to imitate the actions of a slave girl. She does not know truly what it is to be slave. She has never been taught. She has not been slave. Similarly it is difficult for a slave girl to imitate the actions of a free woman. Knowing that she is, in actuality, owned, it is very difficult for her to act as though she were free. She is frightened to do so. Sometimes slavers use these differences to separate the two categories of Gorean females. Sometimes, when a city is being sacked, high-born free women, fearful of falling into the hands of chieftains of the enemy, have themselves branded and collared, and don slave tunics, and mix with their own slave girls, to prevent their identity from being known. Such high-born women may, by a practiced eye, be detected among true slave girls."
Hunters of Gor Page 155

"Free women view the platform with stern disapproval; on it, female beauty is displayed for the inspection of men; this, for some reason, outrages them; perhaps they are furious because they cannot display their own beauty, or that they are not themselves as beautiful as women found fit, by lusty men with discerning eyes, for slavery; it is difficult to know what the truth is in such matters; these matters are further complicated, particularly in the north, by the conviction among free women that free women are above such things as sex, and that only low and loose girls, and slaves, are interested in such matters; free women of the north regard themselves as superior to sex; many are frigid, at least until carried off and collared; they often insist that, even when they have faces and figures that drive men wild, that it is their mind on which he must concentrate his attentions; some free men, to their misery, and the perhaps surprising irritation of the female, attempt to comply with this imperative; they are fools enough to believe what such women claim is the truth about themselves; they should listen instead to the dreams and fantasies of women, and recall, for their instruction, the responses of a free woman, once collared, squirming in the chains of a bond-maid. These teach us truths which many women dare not speak and which, by others, are denied, interestingly, with a most psychologically revealing hysteria and vehemence. “No woman,” it is said, “knows truly what she is until she has worn the collar.” Some free women apparently fear sex because they feel it lowers the woman. This is quite correct. (...) "Shameful!” cried the free woman. (...) “I do not approve of the platform,” said the free woman, coldly. Forkbeard did not respond to her, but regarded her with great deference."
Marauders of Gor Page 155/6

"A familiar bit of advice given by bold Gorean physicians to free women who consult them about their frigidity is, to their scandal, "Learn slave dance." Another bit of advice, usually given to a free woman being ushered out of his office by a physician impatient with her imaginary ailments is, "Become a slave." Frigidity, of course, is not accepted in slaves. If nothing else, it will be beaten out of their beautiful hides by whips."
Guardsmen of Gor page 260

"Gorean FreeWoman is expected to keep her virtuous status or else choose the fate of an honorable death than accept eternal slavery. It is very rare that a FreeWoman would give up her freedom and is willing to suffer the cruel sentence of death than be humiliated and degraded into bondage. Many Gorean Freewomen would rarely visit, much less frequent, a public paga tavern, as such places are, in essence, a Gorean cross between a strip-joint and a brothel. The men who visit such places do so because they have come to have sex with the slaves for the price of a cup of paga, or because they wish to take their ease and comfort in such a den of disrepute. To the mind of the Gorean male, any FreeWoman showing true yearning desires of lust and submissive behavior that is openly displayed by a collared slave girl deserves to be one. It is said eventually the Free Woman will sooner or later have to prove such accusations as false. However, if the honor of a FreeWoman, after many offenses committed, can not be held She will be stripped and collared. In the mind of the Gorean male and that of the rules of Gorean society, if the slave-like behavior is continued, the FreeWoman is actively wanting enslavement and is considered to be "courting the collar". It is general practice to bestow upon the FreeWoman a brand and collar of her very own.
Whereas a free woman may often make a man angry with impunity, she being lofty and free, this latitude is seldom extended to the slave.
Blood Bro
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PostSubject: Re: Sexuality of a FW   Sexuality of a FW Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 5:18 am

read and acknowledge
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Sexuality of a FW
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