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 Free Women collared in gor

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PostSubject: Free Women collared in gor    Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:08 am

Free Women collared & enslaved on Gor

Sometimes enslaved by men of their own city
Enslaves and privately auctioned sometimes a mere pasang from where they had lived
I was a bit sad as I looked at the block. I knew that in such places private auctions were sometimes conducted, discreetly, for favored clientele, many times slavers themselves. At such private auctions, conducted secretly, Gorean slavers sometimes find it convenient to dispose of important, High Caste women without trace, sometimes even from the city of Ar itself, perhaps women who have lived proudly, luxuriously, not more than a pasang or two from the rounded, wooden block from which they now find themselves, to their horror, being sold. Who knows what women, freshly branded, hooded and braceleted, chained in the slave wagons, pass to and from Ar?

Collared for smiling at being complimented
It is regarded as right to enslave a natural slave
Indeed, there is a Gorean saying to the effect that any woman who relishes a compliment is in her heart a slave girl. She wants to please. Most Gorean men would not think twice about collaring a girl who responds, smiling, to compliments. It is regarded as right to enslave a natural slave.

A Slaver contracted to obtain a certain Free Woman
"You were foolish to hire mercenaries to guard you," said Targo.
"Please!" she cried.
I recognized her then. She was the woman with the retinue.
I felt pleasure.
"Please!" wept the woman. I admitted to myself that she was beautiful.
"You have an admirer," Targo told her, "a Captain of Tyros, who glimpsed you in Lydius last fall. He has contracted to buy you privately in Ar, to be taken to his pleasure gardens on Tyros. He will pay one hundred pieces of gold."
Several of the girls gasped.
"Who?’ asked the captive, plaintively.
"You will learn when you are sold to him," said Targo. "Curiosity is not becoming in a Kajira," said Targo. "You might be beaten for it."

Enslaved on a ship when considered troublesome
Many Goreans regard the sight of a female slave as good luck. Certainly, at the very least, they are joys to look upon. The presence of a free woman on a ship, incidentally, causes some Gorean sailors uneasiness. Indeed, some, superstitiously, - and mistakenly, in my opinion, regard them as harbingers of ill fortune. This is probably, from the objective point of view, a function of the dissension such a woman may produce, particularly on long voyages, and of the alterations in seamanship and conduct which can be attendant upon her presence on shipboard. For example, knowing that a free woman is on board, and must be accommodated and protected, can adversely, whether it should or not, affect the decisions of a captain. He might put into shore when it would be best to remain at sea; he might run when he should fight; when he should be firm, he might vacillate; when he should be strong, he might be conciliatory and weak.
There have been occasions recorded when a free woman, usually one who has been haughty and troublesome, has been, by order of the captain, who is supreme on the vessel, simply stripped and enslaved on board.

Remanded to magistrate and enslaved when found to enjoy slave items
I had left some slaves beads in recompense, of course, pretty beads of cheap wood, such as are cast about in festivals and carnivals, sometimes even being seized up secretly by free women who put them on before their mirrors, in secret, as though they might be slaves. In many cities, incidentally, a woman who is discovered doing such a thing may be remanded to magistrates for impressment into bondage. There will then be nothing inappropriate, even from the legal point of view, in their wearing such ornaments, assuming that they have their master's permission.

Enslaved to become an actress
Captured by young men and sold out of the city
There are, incidentally, certain slavers who specialize, in the capture of free women for the stage. Too, it is a joke of young bucks to capture an arrogant free maiden and sell her to a theatrical producer out of the city. Then, later, they enjoy her performances, both on the stage and in the tents later.

Publicly enslaved when the woman is a particularly choice prize
I saw that the domed top of Verna’s cage was set with a ring, so that the cage might be, if one wished, hung from the branch of a tree, or suspended from a pole, for public viewing. Doubtless Marlenus had given orders that she be exhibited in various cities and villages on the route to Ar, his prize, that she might thus, this beautiful captive, an outlaw girl well known on Gor, considerably redound to his prestige and glory. I supposed that she would not be enslaved until she reached Ar. Then, I supposed, she would be publicly enslaved, and perhaps by the hand of Marlenus himself.

Captured and enslaved by tarnsmen
It is a favorite sport of tarnsmen to streak their tarns over an enemy city and, in such a fashion, capture an enemy girl from one of the city’s high bridges, carrying her off, while the citizens of the city scream in fury, shaking their fists at the bold one. In moments her garments flutter down among the towers and she is his, bound on her back across the saddle before him, his prize. If he is a young tarnsman, and she is his first girl, he will take her back to his own city, and display her for his family and friends, and she will dance for him, and serve him, at the Collaring Feast. If he is a brutal tarnsman, he may take her rudely, should he wish, above the clouds, above her own city, before even his tarn had left its walls. If he should be even more brutal, but more subtly so, more to be feared by a woman, he will, in the long flight back to his city, caress her into submission, until she has no choice but to yield herself to him, wholly, as a surrendered slave girl. When he then unbinds her from the saddle rings, she, so devastatingly subdued, well knows herself his.

Enslaved when ship is taken in battle
She agreed to participate in the group then being organized by the Initiates. The leather worker and his companion, reluctantly, yielding to her entreaties, accepted the piece of gold.
Ute did indeed get to see the Sardar.
But she saw it in the chains of a naked slave girl.
Her ship fell to those of the black slavers of Schendi. She, and the others, were sold to merchants, who met the slaves at a secret cove, buying from them their catch. They were then transported overland in slave wagons to the Sardar, where they were sold at he great spring fair of En’Kara. When she was sold, from the block, over the palisade, she could see the peaks of the Sardar.
For four years, Ute, then a beauty, passed from one master to another, taken from city to city.

Eslaved when city is conquered in battle
The war between Port Olni and Ti had ended in a truce. That between Harfax and Besnit had concluded, however, with a practical victory for Harfax. Besnit, her walls breached, had been forced to surrender her slaves, and a selection of her high-caste daughters, to be made slaves, and trained under the women who had formerly been slaves in their own houses. Besnit and Harfax, now, interestingly enough, years later, were allies. Harfax had desperately needed the assistance of such an ally, but Besnit, understandably, despite the advantages which she stood to reap from such a relationship, given the past, was reluctant to form an alliance. At this point the young high-caste women of Harfax had approached the high council of the city with a bold plan. It had been to permit the men of Besnit to make a selection from among them, in the number of a hundred, the same number which had been that of the high-caste daughters earlier taken by the men of Harfax, this hundred then to be impressed into slavery, trained by slaves in the houses of Besnit, and then to be kept, or sold, or distributed, as their masters chose. Although opposition to this plan was at first fierce the high council agreed at last. Accordingly, the high-caste young women of Harfax were privately stripped and examined. Those deemed the most beautiful were then entered on records and given a locked bracelet to wear. A month later they were taken to Besnit and reduced to bondage. After this they were trained in Besnit by the slaves of men of Besnit. After their training they were sold, some from the city, some within it, these decisions made by lottery.

Free women of conquered city put on pleasure racks for use of the victors
Then enslaved, collared, branded, sold
"How do these things work?" I asked, looking at the rack. "Jason, please!" she whispered. "I note that you are not yet branded," I said, "nor, I suppose are the others." "Jason!" she pleaded. "Speak," I said.
"We were put on the racks as free women," she said, "that we, the women of the enemy, be properly humiliated. Too is it not a rich joke for the men of Ar that more than a thousand of the free women of Vonda adorn their pleasure racks, fastened down like slave girls, their use available for a tarsk bit to the passers-by?"
"Yes," I smiled, "it is a rich joke." The men of Gor are fond of such jokes.
And only after this, our profound humiliation," she said, "will the men of Ar if it should please them see fit to permit us to be divided into lots, and be branded and collared and sold into slavery throughout the towns and cities of Gor."

Enslaved upon the wishes of a man
I turned and strode toward the door of the hall. Luma fell back before me, her hand before her mouth.
I saw that her eyes were deep, and very beautiful. She was frightened.
"Precede me to my couch," I said.
"I am free." She whispered.
"Collar her," I said to Thurnock, "and send her to my couch."
His hand closed on the arm of the thin blond scribe.
"Clitus," I said, "send Sandra, the dancer, to my couch as well."
"You freed her, Captain," smiled Clitus.
"Collar her," I told him.
"Yes, Captain," he said. I well remembered Sandra, with her black hair, brownish skin and high cheekbones. I wanted her.
It had been long since I had had a woman.
"Tab," said I.
"Yes, Captain," said he
"The two females," I told him, "have recently been free. Accordingly, as soon as they have been collared, force them to drink slave wine."
"Yes, Captain," grinned Tab.

Enslaved by one to whom a debt is owed
"Am I not your single and full creditor?" asked the Lady Florence.
"Yes," whispered the Lady Melpomene.
Then, grandly, loftily, the Lady Florence lifted up the loan note from the table before her.
"I demand payment," said the Lady Florence. "I demand that you now pay me the sum of one thousand, four hundred and twenty tarns of gold."
"I cannot pay you now," said the Lady Melpomene. "You know that."
The Lady Florence turned to look upon Brandon, who was a prefect in Vonda. He jotted down something on a paper before him.
"You cannot do this!" cried out the Lady Melpomene.
"Such notes as that I hold," said the Lady Florence, "are due, as you must know, upon the demand of the creditor."
"Yes, yes!" cried the Lady Melpomene, clenching her small fists. "But I did not dream you would desire to achieve so hasty a closure on your note."
"Such is my prerogative," said the Lady Florence, imperiously.
"You must give me time to recoup my fortunes!" cried the Lady Melpomene.
"I do not choose to do so," said the Lady Florence.
"Is it your intention to bring about my total ruin?" asked the Lady Melpomene.
"My intentions go far beyond your ruin," said the Lady Florence.
"I do not understand," said the Lady Melpomene.
"A demand for payment has been made, Lady Melpomene," said Brandon, a prefect of Vonda. "Can you pay?"
"You have lured me here," cried out the Lady Melpomene to the Lady Florence, "away from Vonda, beyond the shelter of her walls!"
"The walls of Vonda," said the prefect sternly, "would no longer afford you protection, for your debt, in its plenitude, is now owed to one who is a citizen of Vonda."
The Lady Melpomene shuddered. "I have been tricked," she said.
"Can you pay?" pressed the prefect.
"No," she cried in misery, "no!"
"Kneel, Lady Melpomene, free woman of Vonda," said the prefect.
"Please, no!" she wept.
"Would you rather this be done on the platform of public shame in the great square of Vonda, where you might bring shame upon the Home Stone?" inquired the prefect.
"No, no," sobbed the Lady Melpomene.
"Kneel," said the prefect.
"What is to be my sentence?" she cried.
"Kneel," said he.
She knelt, trembling, fearfully, before him.
"I pronounce you Slave," he said.
"No," she cried, "no!" But it had been done.
"Will you keep her as a personal serving slave?" asked the Lady Leta. "That might be amusing."
"She is too sexual to be a serving slave," said the Lady Florence.
Melpomene, head down, smiled.
"Will you keep her as one of your collared stable sluts?" asked the Lady Perimene.
"No," said the Lady Florence. "I will have her sold in Ar. That is why I have invited Tenalion to my house this evening. He has a cage for her waiting in his wagon." She looked to Tenalion. "You may take her, Tenalion," she said.
Fighting Slave
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PostSubject: Re: Free Women collared in gor    Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:12 am

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Free Women collared in gor
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