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 Gorean Free Women

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PostSubject: Gorean Free Women   Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:09 am

I found this intriguing and thought I would share it........

It occurs to me that many are inherently confused about how the Gorean Free Woman fits into the natural order of Gorean society. I have, in the past, taken a crack or two at attempting to explain that role, on several web pages dedicated to the subject. Still, and especially-on-line, confusion regarding the issue remains.

It seems to me that too many assume that Gorean Free Women, because they are free, occupy the same strata as Gorean Free Men. That is simply not the case. The Gorean Free Woman is separate from the males of her society; she is separated from him by the fact of her sex.

Does that mean that she is not his equal? Well, that depends upon the situation, doesn't it? She is certainly not his equal in such things as paga-swilling and girl-chasing, nor in the areas of arm-wrestling and weight-lifting. She is, however, his equal when she is in her own element. She is accorded equality in the areas of conversation and debate, perhaps at a dinner party. She has a voice in free discussion of matters, and as long as she does not attempt to impugn upon the rights normally accorded to the Gorean Free Man, she is tolerated and even respected for her wit, her wisdom, and her strength of character.

Too many who claim to be Free Women in our Gorean society seem to believe that, since they are Free Women, they are therefore supposed to behave as, and to actually be, "men." The net is full of tospit-chewing, quiva-throwing, leather clad examples of such. Not in the places where I and my comrades gather, I add; but there are indeed such odd creatures. And they are ridiculous, in my opinion.

I could expound upon this topic for Ahn, but I believe that this following bit might be most helpful in explaining how Free Women and slaves compare to one another in the social dynamic of their interaction with Gorean Males:

Both of them, slaves and Free Women, are first and foremost female. For them to act otherwise is to renounce everything that Norman ever wrote on the subject.

As such, they are each subject to the will of Gorean Men, if for no other reason than that Gorean Men run Gor, and make the rules of conduct which they, as females, are compelled to obey.

The slave is valued by a Man for her ability to be pleasing to him at all times. Through her service to him in this way, she gains an increased value in his eyes, and in the eyes of all Gorean Men.

The Free Woman, however, while still subject to the general rules and societal position which is applicable to all those of her sex, gains value in the eyes of a Man in a different way. What she is going for, rather than his unmitigated sexual desire, is his Respect. She is striving to be "a Lady" in the true sense of the word: wise, caring, compassionate, maternal, witty, and supportive. She is attempting, through her actions and her behavior, to place herself into an entirely different category than her enslaved sisters. The category of partner, help-mate, and the embodiment of female strength which serves to complement, and not to eclipse, the males whom she interacts with.

There ARE such women in the world. Women who, with a word or a gesture, can instantly inspire brave and independent men to leap to her aid, to further her cause, to protect her and support her. Those Free Women who can rise to the challenge and be such a female are typically loved, sought after and treasured as precisely what Goreans call them: Free COMPANIONS. Not comrades, not drinking buddies, not manly chums. Women who are WOMEN, and who earn respect for themselves by being the finest examples of women they can be. These are women whom Men wish as partners, as complement to their own maleness, and whom they can value and treasure.

However, in order for Gorean Males (who are rather stubborn and seem to put forth the challenge "Prove it to me" when approached by such females) to accept the Free Woman as such, the female must prove her worth and nobility through her actions. Robes and veils alone do not a Gorean Free Woman make. If the Gorean Free Woman can rise to the challenge and be the perfect manifestation of complementary femininity WITHOUT a collar and brand, then she is to be exalted and kept free.

If she cannot do so, then Gorean Males will collar and brand her and FORCE her to accept her femaleness. If she is selfish or petty or simply needs to be controlled in such a fashion, she will be. If she is bold and bright and noble and true, and understands and appreciates the inherent position of Men in her society, minus the state of slavery, then perhaps she is already in touch with her femaleness, and can remain free.

Some women need the collar to feel female. Others do not. But all are subject to the fact that, upon Gor, Men will take what they wish and make what rules they feel are good, and will compel others to obey them through force, if necessary.

I wish you well,

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PostSubject: Re: Gorean Free Women   Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:10 am

a great read very informative.....Smile
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Gorean Free Women
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