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 Roles Of FW

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PostSubject: Roles Of FW   Roles Of FW Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 9:13 am

Many travel great distances to come to this great Planet full of beauty, they travel by disc, by tarn, by kailla, by Serpant Ship, to encounter this journey that becomes almost an imperative of discovery.

For those of Us that have been here awhile, Our transitional journey is circular and expansive.

For the Free Woman that has come to learn Our ways do not presume to think the books of Norman explore the perfect example of Free Woman behaviors and norms.

In fact, by the Books of Norman many unique things happen to Free Women and Trust Me they happen here as well.

Many of the Women displayed in Norman's prose are examples of what NOT to do in order to remain Free.

There are some very real facts about Gor an aspiring Free Woman should know:

The journey is hard your leather shoes, your bosk boots will ache, your sandles grow tired, for there is a pressing a demand from Gor that You be the "Perfect Free Woman".

Let Me dispell any ideas You may have that there is such a Free Woman, because afterall We are indeed coming as Ourselves. If You were Not perfect on earth or in Your beginning to Gor You won't be perfect here. None of Us here are. We journey to a place where We become better than We were. The journey is hard and difficult and along the way of Your journey, You will discover How little You know and moreso, How much You have to learn about Yourself.

Gor is Beautiful, but the People here can be harsh. You enter a Gorean Home and/or (chatroom) with expectations of discovery and meeting new Friends and You find People wary of Your prescence asking You "where Woman is Your escort?"

If You ever read the earth book Alice in Wonderland, You will indeed look to see if You drank a potion and You strank and someone forgot to inform You and now You have fallen down a rabbit hole.

Where You may be a Leader on earth, on Your job experience on earth, or in Your Home, trust Me those are are far distant memories by the time You learn Your 1st "Tal" greeting to Other Free Persons.

We are Goreans. We will not care that the baby in your real life behind the screen at Home has a fever for there are few diseases rarely here, as Goreans are blessed primarily with excellent health due to technological expanions.

We will not notice that on earth You had handicaps; most assume any Gorean has something to overcome. Even in Book 9 Bosk Himself is parlyzed on His left side. A good example of How We Goreans respond to weakness of Mind, body or spirit. After reading the books You will be assured that there is little coddling or Holding Your hand.

There are Truths and Perceptions of Truths.

You are only Free because the Men around You allow it.

Free Women be sure and read the pages folded and bent for in those pages of Norman's inspired science fiction works are the keys to Your very survival. I often contemplate the yellow rence paper folded on the corners I wonder was this a Woman like Luma, A Scribe once slave now finally Free, yet when I see a spot I wonder was it Her tear on the page of Marauders of Gor when Bosk did Not see Her depth of Love for Him, and in His Greater Need to find His Own Healing demanded She again be slave.

If Your path takes You on many curves and twists and broken places, all I will say is stay the course. If You are indeed Free in Mind, In Independant Thought and Have a will of Strength and determination. You have the opportunity to push Yourself to Know You are inside Stronger, still of course Weaker than The Great Gorean Man's will. He can bend You to it or will it or demand it.

The books will explore what not to do and the expectation levels of each culture.

As Free Women Our Clothes will not be the same from North to South but Our Personal trials, growths, sufferings and tears of survival will be inprinted on Our words faces and We have learned well what not to show publically; Our dissappointments, Our disillusions ~ Our pain.

Some have learned better than Others How to hide emotions.

(*Personally I am not One that has yet Mastered this feat but I will )

Oh yes, We Free Women are vastly similiar, yet different.

With Veils covering the tears or Leathers binding in Our insecurities; one way or another, sea sleen cape hood covering Our features with a braid or hair freely undone there is no escaping You will be Gorean and Free or You will find Yourself the brunt of a Gorean Man's displeasure.

Free Women of Gor step lightly for We know the exact things We have gone through to remain so. We have Loved and Lost, Loved and won, Loved and waited, Loved and Discovered Loving Ourselves inwardly makes Us more Beautiful Outwardly. Gor, Our planet is designed that We discover Our inner Strengths, Weaknesses and Celebrations.

The essence of A Free Woman is She is beauty moving with quiet grace birthing the future of Gor in spite of Her Own inner pains. She is a Survivor. She is Gorean, and Inwardly and Outwardly there is No Doubt She is Free.

She faces Herself and realizes Her Own imperfections and learns with each breath there is cleansing and hope. She is Free. She sees the Tarns flight and soars in Her spirit. She sees The Mountain and realizes She is Humble in its prescence. She sees The Gorean Man and for Some, They find Companions. For Others, She sees That Her completion is knowing She is fine whether She ever walks With a Male Companion in a Garden or takes that blistery snowy trail walk looking at the Gorean Torvaldsberg with awe or walking the Towns Cities of Camps of The North. We are opinionated, respectful, exhausted, full of vibrance.

She is Herself, Beautiful, Strong, Respectful, Gorean.
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PostSubject: Re: Roles Of FW   Roles Of FW Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 5:01 am

I am honored to be a FW and I do respect those before me what they have went through with experience of the role being a FW not an easy job but strength is what it takes......Smile
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Roles Of FW
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