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 Examples od FW Warrior using Swords

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PostSubject: Examples od FW Warrior using Swords   Examples od FW Warrior using Swords Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 9:20 am

There is a single example of a woman wielding a sword, with any type of skill, in the novels. There are other examples of women using a sword but they are generally where a woman picks up a sword on the spur of the moment to aid someone in distress. In Tarnsman of Gor, Talena picks up a sword and cuts off a man's hand to protect Tarl Cabot. Though she was a member of the Warrior's Caste, she had no training in using a sword. In Raiders of Gor, a woman uses a sword during an attack on Port Kar though she has no training in the weapon. Any damage these women did was basically a lucky strike.

Our only skilled combatant was Tarna, a bandit chieftain of a Tahari band, depicted in Tribesmen of Gor. Tarna wielded a scimitar, the curved sword of the Tahari. S he was not a member of the Red Caste or actually any Caste. During a bandit raid on a well in the Tahari, the men note that the strangest thing about the raid was that it was led by a woman, Tarna. Tarna had not attained her position as bandit leader due to her combat skills. She was a tool of the Salt Ubar, himself an ally of the Kurii, and it was he who placed her at the head of her band. The men that followed her had little if any honor. They destroyed wells, a most grievous crime in the Tahari. No honorable bandit would ever have done so. Tarna's men follow her because of the Salt Ubar and not her own prowess. The Salt Ubar himself had little respect for her abilities and eventually relieved of her command. The plan had always been to use her and then enslave her once her usefulness was over.

Tarna claimed to be more skilled with her blade than any man but this was only empty boasting. No one else ever supported her allegation. When she first met Tarl Cabot, she begged to be his slave. Near the end of the novel, Tarna and Tarl fought a duel. Tarl claimed that she was not unskillful but that she was not a match for a Warrior and that there were many men who could have finished her easily and swiftly. It must be noted that he does not compare her to any other female warrior. He compares her only to male warriors. If other female warriors had existed, he would likely have rated her according to them and not men. Tarl toyed with her during the duel, trying not to tire her arm by defending with his full strength. He easily defeated Tarna.

The example of Tarna was given as an oddity. Tarna was not a member of the Red Caste and clearly was not a match for a male Warrior. She was nothing but a pawn in the game of the Kurii. In the cities, if she had a scimitar, it is likely that she would have been quickly enslaved. Tarna does not prove that women can wield swords effectively. It only shows that anyone can pick up a sword and try to fight. But, they would never be a challenge for a Warrior and they would not be accepted by men. "The insignia of men," become empty mockeries when permitted to women." (Mercenaries of Gor, p.56)

Thus, we do have an answer for our first prong of the inquiry. Women, due to their lesser strength, have trouble using some of the weapons of the Warriors, especially the sword. Some are capable of using such weapons as the bow and spear. In general, those weapons are often used for hunting. But, these women would not be a match for a male Warrior. In a sword fight, they could not compete on equal grounds. Overall though, it is technically possible that women could use some weapons of the Warriors.

For those who feel women Warriors are true to the books, what are your reasons? Where is the support in the novels? Most will only claim that there is no explicit prohibition. Others will point to Tarna, Panther girls and Talunas. Others will state they know plenty of strong women on Earth. Yet, these arguments are only considering the capabilities of women.
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PostSubject: Re: Examples od FW Warrior using Swords   Examples od FW Warrior using Swords Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 4:52 am

hmmm I think warrior women are miss understood....Smile they can to handle their swords....Smile like a great Ubara I know.....Very Happy
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Examples od FW Warrior using Swords
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