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 Gorean Talunas

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PostSubject: Gorean Talunas   Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:21 am

Talunas by the books

Taluna roleplay is tricky: Everyone compares us with Panthers, applies Panther rules, Panther roleplay to Sa Jerag Talunas in the jungles of Gor. I USE our full name frequently to remind us: Sa Jerag Talunas in the Jungles of Gor!

The books describe a brief interaction of Tarl with Talunas, and it is also briefly described that Talunas capture people by luring them to the river bank, that they enslaved the Pygmies.

However we know that not even Tarl was safe of the black Ubar and was enslaved by Bila Huruma, the mighty Ubar of tropical Gor. However even Bila Huruma does not have full control of the jungles.Bila Huruma allows the Ukungu region to remain free and not under his hegemony. His realm is not really governable and he may not have cared much about primitive Taluna, Mamba or Pygmie tribes. Even less is known about interactions of Mambas and Talunas.

The term 'by the books' therefore leaves plenty of room for interpretations and might for that reason be misleading. However Bila Huruma, Mambas, Pygmies and Talunas were all hostile towards the northern gorean raiding party. Any gorean entering the jungles would not be prey for all of them. Talunas would try to capture and sell them, Bila Huruma or the Mfalmes ((jungle tribe chiefs)) would capture and enslave them, Mambas would capture and eat them.

I took two pair of slave bracelets from the foot of the taluna camp. Girls such as talunas keep such things about in case slave girls should fall into their hands. They are extremely cruel to slave girls, whom they regard as having betrayed their sex by surrendering as slaves to men. Actually, of course, it seems likely that their hatred of slave girls, which tends to be unreasoning and vicious, is due less to lofty sentiments than to their own intense jealousy of the joy and fulfillment of their imbonded sisters. The joyful slave girl, obedient to her master's wishes, is an affront and, more frighteningly, an unanswerable and dreadful threat to their most cherished illusions. Perhaps they wish to be themselves slaves. Why else should they hate them so?
I slipped the straps on the wrists of the blond girl a bit higher on her wrists. I then, below the straps, snapped her wrists into one of the pairs of slave bracelets from the loot of the taluna camp. I then untied the straps which had, hitherto, confined her wrists. Her hands, then, were still fastened behind her, but now in slave bracelets. Explorers of Gor, page 407
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PostSubject: Re: Gorean Talunas   Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:38 pm

hehe Im so very happy Syn betrayed em -- smirks-good read
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PostSubject: Re: Gorean Talunas   Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:43 am

wow never knew but a great read I must say
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Gorean Talunas
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