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 Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW

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PostSubject: Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW   Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 9:24 am

"I smelled the perfumes of the shop, many of which were being blended by hand from signature recipes in the back of the shop. Signature recipes are unique, and secret. They are the result of a perfumer's consultations and experiments, the outcome of an effort to devise the perfect perfume for a given woman, though perhaps relativized to a time of day and mood. A wealthy woman may have as many as ten or fifteen signature recipes, each different. They are called signature recipes not only because they are individualized to a given woman but because the recipe bears the perfumer's signature, indicating that he accepts it as a perfume worthy of his house. These recipes, interestingly, are kept on file in the perfumer's strong boxes. The ingredients and processing remain the secrets of the perfumer. There are also, of course, perfumes associated with a given house, which may be purchased by more than one woman. These recipes are sometimes, by an extension of usage, also called signature recipes. They are, at any rate, supposedly unique to given houses. Also, of course, there are hundreds of more standard perfumes."
Fighting Slave of Gor pages 212

"Her toenails were not painted, of course. Such is almost unheard of among Gorean free women and is rare even among slaves. The usual Gorean position on the matter is that toenails and fingernails are not, say, red by nature and thus should not be made to appear as if they were. They also tend to frown upon the dyeing of hair... the reservations about hair coloring are particularly acute in commercial situations. One would not wish to buy a girl thinking she was auburn, a rare and muchly prized hair color on Gor, for example, and then discover later that she was, say, blond. Against such fraud, needless to say, the law provides redress."
Vagabonds of Gor page 186

"The petals of veminium, the "Desert Verminium," purplish, as opposed to the "Thentis Veninium," bluish, which flower grows at the edge of the Tahari, gathered in shallow baskets and carried to a still, are boiled in water. The vapor which boils off is condensed into oil. This oil is used to perfume water. This water is not drunk but is used in middle and upper-class homes to rinse the eating hand, before and after the evening meal."
Tribesmen of Gor page 50

"Like many Gorean women, she did not use cosmetics. Free women in Ar commonly use cosmetics, but, outside of Ar, usually it is only the bolder women who resort to them. My Mistress, for example, did not use cosmetics either. Many free women regard cosmetics as only for slave girls. Slave girls, of course, use them often. The Lady Melpomene regarded me. Then she slipped the yellow gown from her body. She was extremely lovely, though, I think, not so lovely as my Mistress."
Fighting slave of Gor page 224
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Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW Empty
PostSubject: Re: Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW   Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 11:59 am

oo love this read I think I should set rya out to go shopping for some new perfumes lol especially one a dear friend gave me need to stock up on some.....Smile
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Perfumes and Cosmetics of the FW
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